PresenceTech & Pelayo Case Study


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Grupo Pelayo’s Services and Contact Center area has increased its productivity on emission campaigns by 68.6%, thanks to the technological renovation that led to the implementation of Presence Technology solutions

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PresenceTech & Pelayo Case Study

  1. 1. presence technology Pelayo Asistencia Pelayo Asistencia: a client at the center of its strategy Grupo Pelayo’s Services and Contact Center area has increased its productivity on outbound campaigns by 68.6%, thanks to the technological renovation that led to the implementation of Presence Technology solutions. During 2007 the company processed nearly 4 million calls, setting a new corporate objective of continued growth in both service offerings and policyholder service.
  2. 2. presence technology Client profile Headquartered in Madrid, Pelayo Asistencia was clients. founded in 1999 with the goal of offering high- Pelayo Asistencia encompasses Grupo Pelayo’s quality travel assistance services to policyholders, Services and Contact Center area, employing all the while benefiting from the synergies Grupo more than 400 people in the Sales, Post-sale and Pelayos’ entire range of telephone services. Travel Assistance departments. With 286 agents Currently, the group’s contact center offers a in Madrid, 46 in Ávila and 68 in Argentina, agents wide range of services, such as: travel assistance, process 4% of all registrations and 30% of the technical and medical assistance, the sale of car write-offs performed by the Group. Additionally, and home insurance, the collection of car and over 261,000 Travel Assistance services were house parts, client loyalty, channel banking offered throughout 2006, providing support to assistance and other value-added services for more than 1 million policyholders. The contact center’s Although Grupo Pelayos’ contact center didn’t communications quality along with an management needs begin operations until 2000, as years went by infrastructure that would allow us to integrate the platform gained importance and a decision CRM software, which we plan to implement in was made to undergo a process of technological the future. We wanted to change the Contact renovation. The principle requirements included Center’s status as a cost center and, using the a virtual call center that would permit the appropriate tools, begin to provide added-value company to function as a sole platform and allow to both the organization and the client.” for the evolution of IP technology. Contrastingly, the Group’s previous infrastructure limited its Following an extremely detailed evaluation of future growth possibilities as well as the each of the offers proposed by several of the integration of other software applications. market’s principle providers, the insurance group decided to implement Presence Technology’s According to Miguel Ángel Lechuga, director of solution along with the Avaya proposal put forth the Pelayo Asistencia Contact Center, “The by integrator Datapoint. business’ growth demanded an improvement in Presence Technology With regards to Presence Technology’s solutions, out with Avaya 8720 as the new corporate and Avaya as the Pelayo chose the Presence Voice Inbound and switchboard. generators of change Outbound solutions for out-going and in-coming call management, Presence Scripting for the In the words of Miguel Ángel Lechuga, “Having creation of service scripts, Presence Custom Avaya as our switchboard permitted us to Report for the real-time creation of reports on increase the number of Call Center positions. the contact center’s operations and, finally, the Additionally, Presence supplied extra value to Presence Recording tool. Insofar as hardware, the organization through its perfect integration the essential implementation of IP technology with Avaya, as well as its status as a modular and throughout the entire organization was carried highly scaleable solution.”
  3. 3. presence technology Presence Technology The project’s installation was executed by a team traffic and the various service levels without and Avaya as the of both Datapoint and Presence employees, who losing a single piece of relevant information. generators of change completed the work just three weeks after “Custom Reports has proven to be an extremely receiving the switchboard. This period saw the valuable tool for Pelayo,” states Miguel Ángel switchboard’s installation, the installation and Lechuga. “It allows us to change processes and programming of Presence’s software, integration operations while offering added value at additional with the IVR and the training of both agents and organizational levels. For example, we can provide supervisors on the solution. “It’s noteworthy to information on the motives behind a supplier’s highlight that the tool’s implementation was refusal of services, thus facilitating the decision- carried out in defined periods and without any making process for negotiations in similar incidents. The involvement of internal personnel situations.” and the user-friendliness of Presence’s solutions enabled us to complete the project in record The Presence Scripting solution allowed for the time,” adds Miguel Ángel. unification of a number of satellite applications used by platform agents and which had not With the Presence Voice Inbound and Presence previously been integrated. “It has enabled us to Voice Outbound solutions, the Pelayo Asistencia insert direct access to each application within Contact Center improved earlier bookmark the agent’s Scripting, making it unnecessary for results and also reduced the ratio of abandoned agents to exit the system in order to search for calls, which the new system permits to be specific information,” says Miguel Ángel Lechuga. included within the outbound campaign. “We’ve achieved greater agility now that we are Furthermore, the back office tasks that could able to respond directly to any type of question not be effectively managed earlier became that a client may have.” included in the system’s contact line, converting Finally, with the Presence Recording solution, each task into a call that could be measured and supervisors can carry out call searches according coded. to certain characteristics, using the conversations In addition, equipped with Presence Custom found as training tools to improve specific Reports, supervisors were awarded real-time indicators. access to reports on outbound campaigns, call
  4. 4. presence technology Quantifiable Outbound campaigns Results Increase in productivity by 68.6% Increase in contacts by 30.6% Future plans “One of the greatest advantages of working with the same level of service that we receive with Presence is that we have become hugely this new channel. We want to change the independent from the Group’s IT team insofar mentality in Pelayo Asistencia, moving away from as specific matters that require immediate change. a policy concept towards a client concept and Presently we are working on the development centering our entire strategy on increasing clients’ of Scripting solution functions and call routing. perceived quality.” Miguel Ángel Lechuga, director We’d also like to incorporate other of the Pelayo Asistencia Contact Center. communications channels, offering our clients Barcelona (HeadQuarters) E-Mail address: Comte Urgell, 240 3-A General Information: 08036 Barcelona - Spain Marketing: Ph: (+34) 93 10 10 300 Fax: (+34) 93 10 10 333 Support: EE.UU. Contact: Kerry ODonnel Alliances: 400 Perimeter Center Terrace N 30346 Atlanta, Georgia Sales: United States Tel: +1.800.847.3309