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Call for smart products Swiss made !


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Are you a #SwissTech company ? We want your product to be part (for free !) of our show at Vivatech 2019, the world's leading tech rendezvous!
Discover what Presence Switzerland has to offer in this presentation!

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Call for smart products Swiss made !

  1. 1. Paris, May 16-18, 2019 Be part of our #SwissTech Pavilion@VivaTech
  2. 2. Facts and figures • 100’500 attendees • 9’000 startups • 1’900 investors • 1’900 journalists • 125 countries Why participate? • 77% of visitors with a project are decision makers. • 50% of visitors looking for partnerships found them at VivaTech. • 50% of visitors hunting for new solutions found them at VivaTech. • 75% of companies boosted their digital transformation thanks to VivaTech. About VivaTech
  3. 3. About #SwissTech Pavilion • The Pavilion is located in a high visibility sector of the fair • The Pavilion has two areas • An area with 9 companies selected by Switzerland Global Enterprise • An area with a show featuring Swiss Innovation selected by Presence Switzerland
  4. 4. About #SwissTech Pavilion • The Pavilion is located in a high visibility sector of the fair • The Pavilion has two areas • An area with 9 companies selected by Switzerland Global Enterprise • An area with a show featuring Swiss Innovation selected by Presence Switzerland • In collaboration with Digital Switzerland, Innosuisse & swissnex network - SERI
  5. 5. Be part of the show! • Presence Switzerland is looking for Swiss products to incarnate the innovative capacity of Switzerland within the show (the script is explained below). • You think that your product can be part of the show? Great! Please contact Anita ( • Your benefits: Presence Switzerland will invite you to be part of the Swiss Pavilion, your product & company will get full exposure at the fair and within our off & on line #SwissTech communication campaign.
  6. 6. Key messages of the show • Digital transformation and technologies are everywhere, everyday life is connected and smart. • Smart technology means progress for individuals and society. • Switzerland is developing cutting edge smart technology.
  7. 7. Goals of the show • The show is fun and is keeping up with the latest tech trends, it generates the buzz that attracts the VivaTech public to the Swiss Pavilion. • The buzz generated by the show gives visibility to the companies present on the Swiss Pavilion and to the technologies embedded into the show and within the Pavilion. • The show profiles Switzerland as a leading tech nation and provides a positive image internationally.
  8. 8. Scenario of the show • The show features a young couple and its use of technology in its everyday life. • The show takes place during the course of a normal day, from morning till night time. • The show is structured in 4 acts: the bedroom, the kitchen, the office and the living room.
  9. 9. Casting of the show • A couple: in their thirties, active, funny, techy, influencer, would like to have kids. • A moderator: dynamic, funny, provocative, credible in what is tech. • The products developed by Swiss companies: they will be integrated into the set, they will also be showcased on the screens on display and commented by the moderator after having been used by the couple. The products are master pieces of Swiss technology and innovation.
  10. 10. The show scenography on a rotating carousel
  11. 11. The carousel • The carousel allows to alternate sets. • Each 180° rotation of the carousel allows to change set and act. • The show being structured in 4 acts will be composed by 4 rotations of 180°.
  12. 12. First Act • Location: a sleeping room with a bed, a mirror and a sink; posters in Swiss kitsch style and some humor set the atmosphere. • Action: an alarm sets off and makes a very loud and disturbing noise, Miss wakes up with some resistance, once awake swisstech is embedded into her bed. She stands up and goes to the sink, she is facing a mirror, the environment is smart.
  13. 13. First Act – Possible tech items • Connected bed • Techy alarm • Sleeping tracking system • Anti snoring system • Smart lamp • Technology integrated in garments • Connected interactive mirror • Techy toiletries or related (e.g. smart toothbrush)
  14. 14. Second Act • Location: a kitchen, a bar and an area where a pet can rest. Again, posters in Swiss kitsch style and some humor set the atmosphere. • Action: the coffee machine is working and makes a very loud noise. Once the coffee is ready, Mister looks dazed at the coffee machine. His breakfast is surrounded by swisstech. A weird noise catches his attention. His robot-dog-ANYmal wants his dose of morning cuddles. Miss enters the kitchen to say goodbye, she is leaving for work.
  15. 15. Second Act – Possible tech items • Connected fridge • Smart kitchen appliances (e.g. coffee machine) • Grocery managing apps • Kitchen waste management system • Futuristic, healthy, sustainable food (e.g 3D printed steak) • Smart key/door opening system • Smart vacuum cleaner • Pet related tech
  16. 16. Third Act • Location: Miss is in her office, she is CEO of a startup in the sport/health tech sector. The bed is now a fancy couch, a designer lamp and a plant complete the office space. Miss is in front of a big screen, a yoga mat is in a corner. A new series of posters depicting in an ironic way the Swiss work environment provides the right atmosphere. • Action: Miss works from the couch by remote controlling her computer, she starts her health management application (on the screen of the computer). She prepares the yoga mat, she crosses her legs and takes a yoga position. Sensors are placed on her body and track in real time different physiological parameters.
  17. 17. Third Act – Possible tech items • Smart Yoga mat • Smart computer related electronic devices (e.g. mouse, scanner) • Energy efficiency connected devices (smart heating, lightning) • Wearables sport/health tech • Connected plant
  18. 18. Fourth Act • Location: The kitchen/bar. On the bar some snacks and drinks. Mister is already there, fashionable with his connected watch in good display, he stares off. The robot-dog looks at him. • Action: A loud beep from the message appearing on Mister’s connected watch, makes him suddenly jump on his chair. Message from @my(swiss)love is displayed on the giant screen on the wall; «All set darling?» stress… Mister replies by speaking into his connected watch «waiting for you in the kitchen my love». Miss makes her entrance, Mister holds two craft beers in his hands «An amber or a lager my love?». «Your call my love». Mister grabs his smart bottle opener, opens the two beers, on the screen on the wall the brand of the beer appears. «Cheers !»
  19. 19. Fourth Act – Possible tech items • Smart bottle opener • Virtual assistant with voice recognition (Alexa type) • Connected fridge • Smart kitchen appliances • Fashionable wearable devices • Messaging App • Connected Watch
  20. 20. Interested? Great! Anita is waiting for you!