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  • Migration is much easier with Centralpoint than it is with Sharepoint. Not only this but the entire system itself is much more user friendly. data migration made it easy for me to move the data. We can use Centralpoint as a CRM with our internal employees, and use the intelligrid to track calls, make dynamic contracts, and the gamification suite tells management who is doing what with whatever point system is defined. On top of that, we can make online forms that make sign-able pdf's right there to ship. It's a pretty cool workflow station. I've never seen an easier system to customize modules with. I can add a few lines of xml in the module designer and the module now has the fields & functions for me to call within the page. Then I use a CP script to reference the field for display, and it's there and functioning...display, search, syndication, forms management...all in a shot. Every moment I shave off my day in speed I can use to innovate the system vs. maintain the train.
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  • Our consulting arm has more than 12 years of rich consulting experience working with dozens of Fortune 500 and world-leading brands – and more than 200 engagements to-dateExperts in using and deploying Microsoft SharePoint, the worldwide leader in enterprise intranet and social business collaboration (more than two-thirds of our clients use SharePoint, and most of the rest use other .NET solutions)Highly experienced in planning, leading and managing development teams to design and implement effective and attainable solutions that address clients’ business objectivesOur technology team has been developing solutions on SharePoint for over 10 years starting with SharePoint 2003 and up-to-date with the most recent version – SharePoint 2013SBI’s team is highly experienced in following Microsoft’s best practices and techniques. SBI has also gained invaluable experience in developing cost-effective solutions: maximizing ROI and adoption, and minimizing TCO – by utilizing the right tool in the right place
  • Tamer4 min 9 mins
  • Cases studies:Volaris GroupAbout Volaris GroupVolaris Group acquires, strengthens and grows vertical market technology companies enabling them to be clear leaders within their focused industry.Volaris Group consists of 30 companies in 9+ industries across 40+ countriesIntranet Mission Statement and ChallengesCreate and implement one intranet that serves and supports current and future Volaris Group companies and employeesServes as one destination for all types of employees providing:Day-to-day tools and resourcesPersonalized experience and view of relevant informationIntelligent collaboration across the globe, companies and industriesSeamless accessibility to resources anywhere, anytimeIndefectible experience across different channels (desktop, mobile, tablets)Break the silosSharePoint 2013 for Middleburg BankClient BackgroundMiddleburg Financial Corporation was established in 1924 to serve the local banking needs of the Leesburg, Virginia community. While still based in Loudoun County, the bank has grown to provide service to 10 different counties in the state. By 2013, their existing information systems were no longer supporting their expanded operations and needs.ChallengesMiddleburg Bank had no true, central intranet. Lack of employee collaboration and centralized communications were principal drivers behind the need to launch a new, integrated enterprise intranet portal.Several challenges and requirements had to be addressed:Improve CollaborationFacilitate document and information sharing between employees, departments and locations, and to promote knowledge sharing, co-authoring and social interactionProcess ImprovementDevelop standards for employees to perform their tasks with a new intranet portal that allows employees to more easily accomplish their objectives, and thereby improve productivitySingle Access PointCreate a single integrated social intranet solution where employees can do their work, collaborate, and use applications and other enterprise systemsDiscoveryEmployee jobs were being made increasingly challenging because they could not quickly access the files they needed and considerable time was being spent searching for filesContent MigrationMigrate all the existing data to the new intranet and new information architecture (over 650,000s files)TimelineBuild and launch the new digital workplace intranet within a yearOutcomeUsing our proven methodology, Prescient and Social Business Interactive provided a complete social intranet solution for Middleburg Bank. A significant factor that contributed to the success of the project was the time we dedicated to listening and understanding the bank’s core business, and their business and user requirements. Prescient and Social Business Interactive’s SharePoint expertise and guidance, with both information and infrastructure architecture, were also key factors that made the project a success.
  • Content Migration for SharePoint 2013

    1. 1. View the full webinar: SharePoint 2013 Content Migration Chris Chambers, VP of Client Development & Tamer El Shazli, VP of Technology November 14, 2013 © Social Business Interactive Not for Distribution
    2. 2. Discussion Agenda • • • • • • About SBI Content Migration vs. Application Migration Content Migration Options for SharePoint 2013 Content Sources and Destinations Content Migration Costs Q&A
    3. 3. About Us
    4. 4. SharePoint Experts • More than two-thirds of our clients use SharePoint • Close ties with Microsoft (MS Partner, VTSP) • Our technology team have been SharePoint developers for over 10 years o SharePoint 2003 to SharePoint 2013 • Over 250 certified and highly experienced resources o Certified professionals (MCPD, MCTS, MCITP, ISO 9001:2008 certified (QMS), PMP, ITIL) o Microsoft’s best practices and techniques o Minimizing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    5. 5. Services
    6. 6. Fully-Managed Implementation Services • • Business Requirements Analysis • Expectations Management and • Alignment • Frequent inspection and adaptation • Cost-benefits analysis • Metrics and Measures • Acceptance and Communications Customer Frontline Managed Delivery Quality Control and Assurance Change Enablement Best Practices Methods and Processes • Project Planning and Roadmap Industrialization and Standardization • Delivery Tools and Infrastructure • Reusable Assets and Accelerators • Scope and Change Management • Transparency and Communications • Quality and Risk Management
    7. 7. Our SharePoint implementation approach TCO Distribution OOB Customization+ JQuery + Client Service Object Model+ Open platforms and Service OOB 3rd Party Config. VS Solutions MS Office Tools + 3rd Party Components LoC 19% Visual Office Tools 3% CSOM and CWP 78% Office Tools Visual Studio Studio
    8. 8. Content Migration vs. Applications Migration
    9. 9. Migration Paradox • Migration Tools o Will not solve your entire problem o Need to be managed properly • You can saw a tree with a hand saw or electric saw o The difference is: time and accuracy
    10. 10. Migration Paradox • Migration is as important as the intranet itself • An intranet without content is zero-functional • Improper migration would lead to disaster Invest in proper migration!
    11. 11. Migration artifacts classification Exportable /importable content Templatebound content External content Classification Federated content Simple applications Integrated content and ECM November 14, 2013 © Social Business Interactive Not for Distribution Complex applications
    12. 12. Migration execution approach Exportable /importable content Templatebound content External content Scripts and migration tools Like-for-like application migration Federated content Classification Conversion Application refresh/update Application rewrite Integrated content and ECM November 14, 2013 Integration and Federation Complex applications Simple applications © Social Business Interactive Not for Distribution
    13. 13. Content Migration Approach and Methodology Assessment Publishing and Adoption Audit Validation Mapping Execution and Tools Governance Content Preparation November 14, 2013 © Social Business Interactive Not for Distribution
    14. 14. Application Migration • There are no shortcuts or tools that do everything automatically • Accept it, application migration is not trivial and requires a lot of work • Content migration is simpler and cheaper, so consider migrating content instead of migrating applications
    15. 15. Application Migration • When migrating applications, take advantage of the process to update and refresh old apps • Adoption is acquired and not forced: o Incentive o Simplicity o Empowering o Accessibility November 14, 2013 © Social Business Interactive Not for Distribution
    16. 16. Content Migration Options for SharePoint 2013
    17. 17. Where is the content migrating to? Content is migrated & stored here November 14, 2013 © Social Business Interactive Not for Distribution
    18. 18. How is content migrated to SharePoint 2013? • Server-side migration tools • PowerScripts November 14, 2013 © Social Business Interactive • Remote migration tools • WebDAV Not for Distribution
    19. 19. Ways of content migration Migration Tools November 14, 2013 PS Scripts © Social Business Interactive Not for Distribution File System via WebDAV Custom Code
    20. 20. Migration tools • • • • • Source Data File System SharePoint Lotus Notes Databases Exchange • • • • Data Transformation November 14, 2013 © Social Business Interactive Not for Distribution Custom Rules Engine Ready-made transformers Validation Metadata transformation
    21. 21. Content Sources & Destinations
    22. 22. Content Sources Content Files Documents File Systems Social Content Web Content Videos Media External News CMS Newsletters Databases Static content Blogs Enterprise Systems Conversations Email Systems Activities
    23. 23. Content Destinations Content Site Collections Websites Lists Document Library Site Assets
    24. 24. Content Migration Costs
    25. 25. Anatomy of Content Migration Costs - Where professional services are necessary Assessment Publishing and Adoption Audit • • • • Validation Professional Services No tools Lengthy and costly Necessary Execution and Tools Governance Content Preparation November 14, 2013 © Social Business Interactive Mapping Not for Distribution
    26. 26. Anatomy of Content Migration Costs - Where tools may be helpful Assessment Publishing and Adoption Audit • Validation • Tools for accuracy and time saving Must pick the right tool for the right scenario Execution and Tools Governance Content Preparation November 14, 2013 © Social Business Interactive Mapping Not for Distribution
    27. 27. Anatomy of Content Migration Costs - Types of tools for each area • Assessment Publishing and Adoption • • Content enumeration and extraction Classification Excel, tables, reports • • Audit Verify content is migrated successfully Manual Validation Mapping • • • • • • Execute transformation and mapping Migration tools, PS, custom Manual November 14, 2013 Execution and Tools © Social Business Interactive Governance Content Preparation Not for Distribution Information Architecture mapping Granular mapping Excel, tables
    28. 28. Migration Cost Distribution CONTENT MIGRATION COSTS – BEST PRACTICES Validation 13% Publishing and Adoption 3% Assessment 6% Execution and Tools 5% Audit 32% Content Preparation 13% Governance 14% Mapping 14%
    29. 29. Migration Strategy Summary • Plan the whole project before buying a migration tool  Work forward not backward • Do not take it lightly, content migration is mission critical • Hire the right resources • Do your research and be aware of marketing claims  Fully understand licensing options
    30. 30. Questions? November 14, 2013 © Social Business Interactive Not for Distribution
    31. 31.
    32. 32. Contact Information @SoBizIntranet +1-416-596-8808 Chris Chambers 416-926-8800 x 211 Tamer El Shazli 416-596-8808 x 214
    33. 33. View the full webinar: