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BT Intranet Case Study with Richard Dennison


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BT Intranet Case Study presentation by Richard Dennison at the 2014 Intranet Global Forum Conference in NYC.

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BT Intranet Case Study with Richard Dennison

  1. 1. The changing role of internal communications in a social organisation BT case study Richard Dennison, BT intranet & channel strategy manager Global Intranet Forum, New York, 2014
  2. 2. BT who … ? BT is one of the world’s leading communications services companies with customers in more than 170 countries worldwide. Our main activities are the provision of fixed-line services, broadband, mobile and TV products and services as well as networked IT services. Globally, we supply managed networked IT services to multinational corporations, domestic businesses and national and local government organisations. Around 90,000 employees worldwide. © British Telecommunications plc
  3. 3. The stuff I’ll cover … • a healthy internal communications ecosystem • what is a social organisation? • understanding the dynamics of a social organisation • changing the way we think • competing for attention - BT internal comms channels • how are we doing? • what next? © British Telecommunications plc
  4. 4. The healthy internal comms ecosystem © British Telecommunications plc Store Content Create Shared understanding Publish (passive) Distribution Distribute (targeted) Pull (choice) Conversation Every employee believes they can make a difference and wants to make a difference. Interact Real-time Asynchronous Engagement Change Archive Co-contributeSearch
  5. 5. What is a social organisation? © British Telecommunications plc An organisation with internal systems which support commenting and conversation which are used widely by employees.
  6. 6. Going social … the dynamics of a social organisation Monopoly supplier De-regulated environment Managed comms Comms as a conversation One to many Many to many Centralised channels Channel fragmentation © British Telecommunications plc Internal communications in an age of … CONTROL INFLUENCE Intranet as a distribution channel • push • static • utilitarian/neutral Intranet as a community • interactive • informal/immersive • emotive Ordered and predictable Messy and opinionated
  7. 7. The changing dynamics of feedback directional omnidirectional © British Telecommunications plc Feedback in an age of … CONTROL INFLUENCE solicited unsolicited form based conversation based one to one many to many private/filtered public event related (managed) continuous (unmanaged) ordered and predictable messy and opinionated
  8. 8. The competition … © British Telecommunications plc
  9. 9. The ‘Amazon’ effect … © British Telecommunications plc
  10. 10. Changing the way we think From presentation to participation © British Telecommunications plc
  11. 11. How not to respond … © British Telecommunications plc Internal communications 1.0 direct e-mail intranet page(s) posters mug/mouse mat event Internal communications2.0 direct e-mail intranet page(s) posters mug/mouse mat event + blog
  12. 12. Not this either … © British Telecommunications plc
  13. 13. Social internal communications From journalist … © British Telecommunications plc Recording Publishing Hidden behind copy … to company spokesperson inside your company Relationships Conversations Influencing Profile … influence comes from being part of the conversation, not part of the establishment!
  14. 14. From presentation to participation © British Telecommunications plc
  15. 15. BT Today © British Telecommunications plc
  16. 16. © British Telecommunications plc
  17. 17. BT Today – the facts • 2,000 comments per month (90 comments per working day) • From 1,500 individuals • 6,000 individuals have commented on the site (7% of employees) • 30-40k unique visitors daily (40-45% of employees) • 275k page views per day (each person looking at about 8 pages). © British Telecommunications plc
  18. 18. Top comment … © British Telecommunications plc
  19. 19. Lines of business homepages © British Telecommunications plc
  20. 20. Newswire © British Telecommunications plc
  21. 21. Newswire – the clever bit! © British Telecommunications plc
  22. 22. How are we doing - according to 3,500 employees in Dec 2013? • 85% satisfied/very satisfied with internal communications (63% in 2011) • 4% dissatisfaction (21% in 2011) • 50% employees think BT Today ‘essential’ • 67% have taken part in on-line conversation (9% in 2011) • 87% use the intranet every day © British Telecommunications plc
  23. 23. Where next? Fixing the silo effect Brilliant thing! © British Telecommunications plc Another brilliant thing! Yet another One more brilliant thing! brilliant thing!
  24. 24. The ecosystem approach © British Telecommunications plc #hashtag3 #hashtag1 #hashtag2 #hashtag4 Videos Web content Contributions Conversations Colleagues Newsfeed Newsfeed
  25. 25. © British Telecommunications plc