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Not sleeping well creativity course tina seeling


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Not sleeping well creativity course tina seeling

  1. 1. Not Sleeping Well!Statutory Warning: Reading this presentation may make you sleepy!
  2. 2. Do you findyourself here?
  3. 3. Or here?Do not worry if you belong here.80% people in the world havesome issues with sleep.
  4. 4. But do we need to bother toaddress the sleep issue at all?Aren’t we all OK with our fast moving, fun filled, high profile lives as it is?
  5. 5. Yes we need to….We Do not need to wait for a catastropheto happen because of our sleep debt…..
  6. 6. Only when we are aware of our condition we can rise above our shortcomings and be more efficient and kind.• Sleeping disorder is the root cause of many ailments• Irregular sleeping pattern leads to unhealthy living• Sleep deprivation deprives your heart much needed restTiredness Depression Irritability effects relationships Errors Weight Gain
  7. 7. Most common reason for sleep deprivation is nothaving a routine for bed time and wake up time!Having a sleep routine in sync with our circadian rhythm is the perfect answer for a good sleep.SELF DISCIPLINE IS THE ONLY KEY!! But self discipline is easier said than done…
  8. 8. So is there any tool that can come to our help Yes there is…… ?
  9. 9. MeditationWe tried it ourselves And it works!
  10. 10. Our Experiment• There are many meditation techniques in the world that can be done any time of the day. Morning is best though. • We tried a simple do it yourself method• Mantra • Focus on breath • It’s that simple
  11. 11. 7 Easy Steps to Good Sleep through Meditation1. Lie on the bed2. Place your hands on your belly3. Close your eyes4. Breathe from abdomen5. Watch your hands going up and down – with your mind open and eyes closed6. Acknowledge thoughts as they pass by and let them glide away7. Slowly the train of thoughts will reduce and you’ll enter the wonderful experience of sleep
  12. 12. How does Mediation help you sleep better and set your routine?• It initiates the sleep response.• Teaches you to relax instantly so you can go off to sleep easily.• Improves depression and anxiety, reduces stress -helps sleep through the night.• It makes your mind sharp and focused, i.e., no indulgent wandering and you fall asleep when you go to bed.• Can improve your circadian rhythm.• It is better than a nap. If you sleep during day you will confuse your body’s ability to differentiate between day and night sleeping.• It makes people more self-observant and they notice what activities help or hinder their sleep.• If you deliberately relax during day it helps you sleep better in night.
  13. 13. Does the word ‘Meditation’seams heavy and religious?Don’t worry, call it by any othername like – FOCUS!MusicPaintingGardeningAre all forms of meditation.
  14. 14. Each day of your better and regular sleep will set your routine and will help you achieve your goal of natural sleep.“Fixed Sleep and Wake up Routine makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.”
  15. 15. Happy Sleeping! Submitted by: Shalini Chauhan Prerna Raghava For A crash course in creativity by Tina SeelingFor other solutions for having a routine see below link: