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Annex 13 Highlights Portugal


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Annex 13 Highlights Portugal

  1. 1. National Highlights – Portugal PREPARE CORE GROUP MEETING Lund, 7/8 April 2011
  2. 2. National Highlights – Portugal• ECO.AP – Programme of Energy Efficiency in the Public Administration (9 December 2010): – 20% increase of energy efficiency in PA services till 2020 – Savings of 50 Mio € and less 1 Mio t CO2 eq/year – Local energy manager – Energy efficiency barometer – Public lighting programme – “White certificates” market – Energy efficiency contracts with ESCO’s – Certification of energy efficiency in buildings: LNEG – 2011: interventions in buildings (> 20% of energy consumption in each ministry)
  3. 3. National Highlights – PortugalCentro Habitat Platform• 3 structuring projects – Knowledge Centre on Sustainable Construction Materials – Knowledge Hub on Sustainable Construction Technologies – Competence Centre for the Habitat Sustainability• Complementary projects – Solar Tiles (Revigrés) – GreenWave – …• DAP HABITAT Environmental Product Declaration System for building materials, led by CTCV
  4. 4. National Highlights – Portugal• MOBI.E – Smart network to charge electric vehicles • Pilot network: 1300 points in 25 municipalities (normal recharge), 50 points (fast recharge) – Pre-paid MOBI.E card – The technology developed will display the charge level of vehicles, charging locations and other information on the Internet, PDA, mobile phones or other support media. – MOBI.E has been designed to offer additional features in the future, such as selling available power back to the network. – Chosen as the partner to implement electric mobility in Shanghai Mobicar: production will start in 2012
  5. 5. National Highlights – Portugal• Launch of EnerBuiLCA - Life Cycle Assessment for Energy Efficiency in Buildings project• Project coordinator: CIRCE/Zaragoza University• Computer tool targeting non-experts – Self-evaluation of the life cycle of a building – Selection of most appropriate materials and equipments – Information on the primary energy consumption and GEE emissions• LCA database for buildings: environmental and technical data of the main building materials• Adapted to SUDOE countries• Thematic network on LCA for buildings in SUDOE countries
  6. 6. Peneda-Gerês National Park Mira d’Aire Caves Portinho da ArrábidaVolcanic landscape, Pico, Azores Laurissilva forest, MadeiraSete Cidades Lake, S. Miguel, Azores Ria Formosa
  7. 7. Thank you.Contributions from Ana Paula Duarte, David Camocho, Paulo Partidário