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Annex 10 InEDIC


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Annex 10 InEDIC

  1. 1. InEDICInnovation and ecodesign in the ceramic industryPREPARE CGM – Lund 7-8 April 2011
  2. 2. Ponto de situação nas empresas:
  3. 3. •Ecodesign project planning Chapters1. Introduction •Get top management commitment Tools2. Ecodesign project step-by-step •Setup the project team3. Motivating factors 1. Motivation factors for ecodesign •Investigate motivation factors4. Innovation 2. Product selection/ecodesign potential •Select the target product11. Env. man. systems and ecodesign •Define the design brief •Establish the ecodesign plan 2. Ecodesign project 2. Product analysis 5. Market analysis •Definition of the functional unit 3. Market analysis 6. Environmental analysis •Market analysis 4. Environmental inputs and outputs 7. Economic analysis •Environmental analysis worksheet 9. Ecobenchmarking •Economic analysis 5. MET matrix 12. Green marketing and •Legal and other requirements analysis 6. Economic profile communication •Ecobenchmarking 8. Product analysis worksheet (synthesis) •Review of the design brief 2. Ecodesign project step-by-step 3. Ecodesign strategies 7. Economic assessment of ecodesign 8. Ecodesign strategies •Analysis of the ecodesign strategies measures 10. Creative thinking •Selection of the most adequate strategies to 9. Ecodesign strategies for ceramics. implement in the product 12. Improvement option evaluation matrix 4. New product concept 10. Brainstorming 2. Ecodesign project step-by-step •Concepts development 11.Morphological box 10. Creative thinking •Analysis and evaluation of concepts 12.Improvement option evaluation matrix •Definition of the final concept(s) InEDIC Materials and Technologies databases 2. Ecodesign project step-by-step 5. Product detailing •Definition of product specifications InEDIC Materials and Technologies databases •Prototyping 6. Production and market launch2. Ecodesign project step-by-step12. Green marketing and communication •Production •Internal promotion •Market launch and supply 7. Evaluation of project and product •Evaluation of the ecodesign project2. Ecodesign project step-by-step •Evaluation of the final ecodesigned product 14. Ecodesign evaluation questionnaire •Report2. Ecodesign project step-by-step 8. Follow-up activities4. Innovation •Integration of ecodesign in company’s processes 13 – Environmental management systems11. Env. man. systems and ecodesign and management systems and ecodesign checklist13. Ecodesign and design for sustainability •Expand the ecodesign methodology to other products and projects
  4. 4. Portugal• Floor-tile 100% in-house recycled material, reduced packaging, eco-font• Multifunctional sets for cooking, refrigerating and serving food, elimination of the final firing step• No toxics in glazing or pigments• High performance bricks
  5. 5. Greece• Recycled raw materials in the paste• Non-toxic pigments and glazing• Lower firing temperature• Porcelain water sink with filtering system for soap• Ceramic lamp with LED light
  6. 6. SpainCERACASA developed a ceramic tile called “Ecom4tile”• With ECOM4Tile ® pavement you can save over 16% in electricity bills.• The second property of ECOM4Tile ® is the comfort that achieved in interiors. The ceramic surface with this new invention, achieves nearly equal to its temperature with the temperature conditioned• he third characteristic is the easy cleaning thanks to a treatment that reduces maintenance and destroys stains that are deposited on the surface for easy cleaning• Finally, ceramics ECOM4Tile ® has a biocidal treatment that kills bacteria and reduces odor-causing. A real advantage for any home with animals, public buildings, bathrooms, kitchens, hotels ...CARTONAJES LA PLANA: packaging – problems with large pieces and complicated formats´
  7. 7. Next stepsImproving and editing chapters and tools,interactive on line version + pdfConcluding trainiing sessions in PT and GRFinalizing demo projectsFinalizing materials database and technologiesdatabaseAll contents on lineFinal conference in Portugal – October 2011?
  8. 8.