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Personal concierge


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Personal concierge makes it easier for individuals to lead a peaceful life. When one doesn’t get the time to do personal errands, then concierge accomplishes all tasks from bank to laundry.

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Personal concierge

  1. 1. Personal Concierge Services for Old
  2. 2. OVERVIEW • Personal Concierge Services • Types of Personal Concierge Services • Role of Personal Concierge in the life of Old Parents • Benefits of Personal Concierge to Old Couple • •
  3. 3. PersonalConciergeServices Personal Concierge Services enable an individual to delegate all her/his personal tasks to a concierge in order to focus better on more important things and get some quality time to spend with family, friends & relatives. Especially when an individual does not have much time to look after her/his personal tasks, she/he outsources personal concierge services. •
  4. 4. TypesofPersonalConciergeServices • Travel Management Services • Pick & Drop Taxi Services • Laundry & Cleaning Services • Housekeeping & Babysitting • Event Planning Services • Doctor Appointment Services • Alarm Services • Grocery Shopping Services • Pet Services • Repair & Maintenance Services • Event Tickets (Golf, Concert, etc.) • Dinning Services • Basic Errand Running •
  5. 5. RoleofPersonalConciergeinthelifeofOldParents “Spectacles of an old father got cracked under the sofa seat; he called his son to get it repaired. The son was busy in office and forgot it in his busy stressful schedules. After a week, he visited his father’s place & saw his father wearing broken spectacles wrapped with cello tape.” Tears rolled down his cheeks & he decided to hire personal concierge for his aged parents. We all love our parents, but we don’t get time to serve them when they need us the most. Personal Concierge is an alternative to help them run basic errands smoothly. It’s also an expression to show our love to parents. •
  6. 6. RoleofPersonalConciergeinthelifeofOldParents • Mentor Personal Concierge becomes a friend to old parents as he’s there to share all their chit- chats over numerous cups of coffee. He completes the family with his overwhelming presence at home. • Manager Personal Concierge organizes the lifestyle of parents & ensures medicines, food, clinic- visits, etc. in time. He helps them to lead a disciplined life. • Helper Personal Concierge helps oldies to buy groceries, clean house, repair fixtures and many other things. “Personal Concierge becomes the Life support system of elderly people.” •
  7. 7. BenefitsofPersonalConciergetoOldCouple • • • Happiness • Long life • Disciplined Lifestyle • Freedom • Healthy Habits • 100% Assistance in all tasks “Old Couple spends more quality time with each other”
  8. 8. “Make your parents feel special as they made you feel, When You were a kid” “Personal Concierge is the key for the long life of Old Parents”
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