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Luxury Concierges


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Want reservations/ tickets for your favorite restaurant/ music band? Leave all your worries behind – a luxury concierge will fulfill all your needs to give you an ultimate experience. 184

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Luxury Concierges

  2. 2. There has been a rising demand of luxury concierge services nowadays as professionals, businessmen are having hectic schedules to deal with. Tight schedules and priorities leave people with almost no time for themselves and they also get too tired to do anything at the end of the day. This is where premier concierge comes in picture – they know how to keep guests happy and satisfied.
  3. 3. Traditionally, luxury concierge was considered as someone who works only in hotels ensuring each and every demand of the guests is fulfilled. But now, personal concierge has a more elevated profile which comes in various forms. Concierge services can take many forms such as hotel concierge, luxury concierge, nightlife concierge, fitness concierge, business concierge, residential concierge and so on.
  4. 4. Over the years, the concept of personal concierge has expanded a lot from hotels and has turned into a full-fledged business now and it’s often called lifestyle management services. Various industries have noticed this trend, which is why concierge services are a part of every industry now. It is a personalized way to meet each-others needs and these services not only cover handling meetings, but there are much more personalized tasks involved such as -
  5. 5. • Entertainment services such as finding nice places to relax yourself • Making bookings such as spa services • Reservations for family/ friends - dinners at selected restaurants • Gift shopping for birthdays, anniversaries etc,.
  6. 6. For successful concierge services, it is important to be professional, but personal touch goes beyond the professional. For a premier concierge, it is vital to understand their clients and let them enjoy some of the luxurious they deserve. These services aim to improve lifestyle of individuals working in organizations both at personal and professional front.
  7. 7. Luxury concierge adds value to their lives and helps them to meet challenges in competitive market. Adding these services will help you build a long-term relationship with your clients. As lavish as it may sound, luxury concierge services are easily affordable and also it is not important to hire a full-time concierge, you can use their services whenever you need them. Create work-life balance with personal concierge services and add more time and value to your life.
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