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Premia Healthcare Hospital


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Premia Group operating its first pilot hospital project via acquisition of leading running hospital in Palwal, Haryana. The group plans to scale up its operation by having a similar network of hospitals in tier-2 and tier 3 cities soon. Spread over 5 acres of lush green surroundings, Premia Health Care, Palwal is a 115 Bedded State- of- the- Art Hospital. It is one of the centers’ having highly equipped medical facilities within a radius of 60 kilometers. Another USP of the hospital is that it would have a team of highly qualified super specialist doctors, para-medical staff who would provide comprehensive healthcare services to roughly one million people of the NCR region.Announcing the launch Mr. Tarun Shienh, Chairman and Managing Director, Premia Group said “With Premia Healthcare, we wish to take the ever- evolving Indian Healthcare Sector to the next level by giving the Indian masses access to world`s finest high quality integrated healthcare services. This endeavor is aimed at bringing the best quality healthcare services to the doorstep of those who need it the most and at a price that is quite within the reach of a common man. Indian healthcare services have long shown a maturity that is expected considering the tremendous growth trajectory India has embarked upon and this effort from Premia is just the next logical step in the continuing trail of developments.”

Mr. Shienh Chairman, Premia Healthcare added that “The reason we chose a city like Palwal for our healthcare foray over other metropolitan cities is because it suits our aggressive growth philosophy of serving ‘Servaya Janaya , Sarva Sukhaya’ i.e. Serving maximum people and for everyone’s benefit. Beside this, I feel it’s my social obligation to make quality healthcare services accessible to regions where there is a dire scarcity of quality healthcare”

The group also believes in sustainable growth through optimum resource utilization. Hence apart from tier 2 and 3 expansion, it is keen on expanding its footprints in other major cities in India where there is a dire need of high- quality and State of art healthcare facilities. After all, a nation built on a healthy foundation is one most likely to define its success path most effectively.

Premia Healthcare’s acquisition of a leading running hospital in a Tier -2 City like Palwal is a clear reflection of its future growth strategy keeping in lieu with the potential of Cities like Palwal where healthcare services are quite fragmented. This step is all set to revolutionize private health care services in India and most importantly it is sure to impact the life of the people of cities that are usually not on the radar of big corporate conglomerates. Effectively bringing an elusive quality of latest healthcare with quality diagnostic facilities at affordable price to the masses, Premia Healthcare is a step that will surely benefit scores of Indians as the ventur

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Premia Healthcare Hospital

  1. 1.  Premia Health Care Started Health Care Operations in the year 2009.  Premia Health Care is a part of India's leading diversified business conglomerate - Premia Group.  Premia Group is 3800 Cr.+ diversified group with presence in Real Estate, Hospitality, Construction, Entertainment Sectors etc.  Premia Group headed by Leading Entrepreneur & The Real Estate Guru - Mr. Tarun Shienh.  Premia Health Care has plans to open series of Multi Speciality Hospitals across India.  It has launched Super Speciality OM PREMIA HOSPITAL in Haryana, Palwal Region.
  2. 2.  Premia Health Care is headed by Mr. Tarun Shienh (Chairman & Managing Director Premia Group). He is recognized as the most Innovative and Dynamic Business Entrepreneur in the corproate arena. He has successfully established Premia Group footprints in Real Estate Sector.  Mr. Tarun Shienh has inspired millions of Indians with his extra ordinary vision and sound business acumen. He is honored as "The Real Estate Guru" by Prestigious Semi Government body PHD Chamber of Commerce, Journalist Association of India (JAI) & Builders Council of India. The Real Estate Guru is credited with establishment of 3 Real Estate Brands in 5 years, a remarkable achievement in itself.  Leading Hindi News Channel ZEE news has done exclusive coverage of The Real Estate Guru, Mr. Tarun Shienh in their program "Guru Mantra". Press Club of India has also facilitated Mr. Tarun Shienh on recent occassion. His name is also featured on the cover of Prestigious (Inc. 500 India's Fastest Growing Companies) Book.  Mr. Tarun Shienh is Chairman of Assocham National Council on Luxury. Recently he is featured in India Today's High and Mighty Power List 2013 with 8 Page Feature on him.
  3. 3. In pursuit of our mission we are completely dedicated and committed to care for humanity and improvement of human life. To honour this commitment, we will strive to deliver high quality, cost-effective healthcare in the communities we serve.
  4. 4.  Most of India’s population does not have access to Quality, Standardized, Affordable healthcare. The situation is very acute in rural areas as well as in Tier II and Tier III cities. India currently rates very low on many commonly used parameters like hospital bed ratio, and infant mortality.  To make a major impact on the millions of households, particularly those at the bottom of the economic pyramid, India will require billions of dollars in investment, mostly by the private sector, in hundreds of hospitals and thousands of beds. It can probably be accomplished by developing a business model that is standardized, replicable and scalable.  The model must be able to reconcile two very difficult challenges in a very demanding environment: i. Attract investment by providing reasonable returns, and ii. Deliver comprehensive, high quality, standardized, affordable healthcare in a timely manner for the millions who need it the most.  Premia Health Care promoter Mr. Tarun Sheinh is passionate about this issue and totally dedicated to leverage their combined experience to make a major impact to provide quality, standardized and affordable healthcare to all segments of society.
  5. 5. OUT PATIENT SERVICES  Morning and Evening multi specialty OPD  Dental Services  Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Medicine  Dialysis (24 hrs)  Blood Bank (24 hrs)  Pharmacy (24 hrs) IN PATIENT SERVICES  Operation Theatres Block  Labour Room  Wards : Private; Semi-Private; General  Dedicated Gynae. Ward  Nursery EMERGENCY & CRITICAL CARE SERVICES  24 hours Emergency & Accidenal Services  Ambulance Services  ICU (Intensive Care Unit)  NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) Emergency OT DIAGNOSTIC SERVICES  Laboratory Medicine ( Pathology,Microbiology & Biochemistry) (24 hrs)  Radiology & Imaging Sciences (24 hrs)  Non Invasive Cardiology
  6. 6. Morning Evening OPD : The centre provides morning and evening Poly clinic OPD services in Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, Gynecology, Orthopedics and Ophthalmology. Consultants of these specialties are available in the morning & evening OPDs ( Timings : 10AM-1.30 PM; 3PM-5PM). Physiotherapy Clinic : A fully equipped physiotherapy clinic manned by a highly competent and qualified physiotherapist who provides physiotherapy services to patients of the area. Digital X-Ray : Equipped with a 500mA Digital X-Ray , the centre provides instant reporting of X Rays by our radiologist. Laboratory Services : The centre is equipped to provide laboratory services for the entire range of hematology, pathology, biochemistry, microbiology and specialized tests. These are provided by a team of highly qualified technicians under direct supervision of our qualified pathologist.
  7. 7. Eye OPD : A fully equipped Eye OPD manned by our qualified ophthalmologist who provides an opportunity to patients of the area for comprehensive ophthalmology services. Free Round the clock Ambulance Services : The centre provides Free Ambulance services round the clock for patients requiring to be shifted to Premia Health Care Hospital for tertiary level care or critical care services. Free to & fro transportation Services to Premia Health Care Hospital : Even to those patients requiring CT Scan or Ultrasound services on OPD basis, free to & fro transportation services to Premia Health Care Hospital are available round the clock. Day Care Admission Facilities : The centre has admission facilities presently for non critical patients requiring day care admission. These include facilities for Neonates requiring specialized neonatal facilities PREMIA HEALTH CARE MEDICAL CENTRE (PHMC) FACILITIES
  8. 8.  Emergency Services  OPD Services  Radiology  Pharmacy Services  Dental Services  Intensive Care Unit  Accidental Services  Blood Bank  Cardiology  Luxury Wards  Diagnostic Services  Dialysis Services  Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Medicine  Operation Theatre Block
  9. 9. Pharmacy: Premia Health Care Hospital has an in house chemist shop providing 24 hour services for all patients of the area. Standard medicines of reputed companies and essential surgical and disposables are available at the Chemist shop. Ambulance Services: A fleet of 3 ambulances fitted with ambulance ventilator, defibrillator and all emergency gadgetry provide facilities of medically supervised transportation to critically ill patients.
  10. 10.  Morning and Evening multi speciality OPD  Dental Services  Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Medicine  Dialysis (24 hrs)  Blood Bank (24 hrs)  Pharmacy (24 hrs)
  11. 11.  Premia Health Care Hospital is equipped with the latest laboratory equipments to provide quality services in the arena of pathology, biochemistry, microbiology, and histopathology. A full time qualified pathologist supported by over a dozen qualified technicians man the laboratory.  The Laboratory is equipped with the latest Elisa Plate Reader, Biochemistry Analyser, Electrolyte Analyser, ABG, Haematology, Analyser, Automated Coagulometer etc.Laboratory services are available round the clock
  12. 12.  Premia Health Care Hospital provides 24 hours Emergency, Accident and Trauma care services. The 12 bedded Casualty is equipped with ventilators, cardiac monitors, pulse oxymeters, defibrillators etc.  In campus consultants of all specialities, back up team of resident doctors, nursing and technician staff. The Casualty has an attached fully equipped minor OT.
  13. 13.  Operation Theatres Block  Labour Room  Private; Semi-Private; General  Dedicated Gynae. Ward  Nursery
  14. 14. Premia Health Care Hospital provides fully air-conditioned OPD services from 9AM- 1PM and from 4PM -6PM, six days in a week..The highly subsidised OPD consultation is provided by a team of highly qualified consultants in the following specialties :  Medicine  Cardiology  Paediatrics  General & Laparoscopic Surgery  Orthopaedics  Obstetrics & Gynaecology  Eye  ENT (By appointment only)  Neurosurgery (By appointment only)  Nephrology (By appointment only)
  15. 15.  Dental Services are provided by a qualified Dental Surgeon both during OPD hours and during emergencies. A State of Art Dental set up including facilities for Dental X- Rays and major dental surgeries exists in the hospital. Amongst others the following dental services are available in the Hospital.  Tooth Extraction (Simple),Tooth Extraction (Impacted), Pericoronectomy Abcess Incision, Apicoectomy (Under L.A.), Root Canal Treatment (Anterior), Root Canal Treatment (Posterior), Jaw Fracture,Amalgam Restoration (Class-I), Amalgam Restoration (Class-II), GIC Restoration, Miracle Mix, Temporary Restoration Oral Prophylaxis (Full Mouth), Splinting, Full Mouth Desensitization, IOPA X-Ray Gingivectomy (Under L.A.) - Per Segment, Gingivectomy (Under L.A.) - Full Mouth Flap Operation - Per Segment, Flap Operation - Full Mouth.
  16. 16.  Premia Group is 3800 Cr. + Diversified Business Conglomerate with interest in Real Estate, HealthCare, Energy, Infrastructure, Hospitality etc. The Group is headed by Leading Business Entrepreneur - Mr. Tarun Shienh who is acting as CMD of Premia Group.  Mr. Tarun Shienh who is also the co-chairman of Assocham National Council on Luxury has been honored with title of "The Real Estate Guru" from PHD Chamber of Commerce & Builder's Council of India. He has also featured in Leading Channels, Newspaper, Magazines.  Premia Group is headquartered in Delhi NCR with Corporate Office in Noida has strong presence in North India. The Group's flagship business in Real Estate is known by the name of “Premia Projects Ltd” . Premia Projects has established new frontiers in success with award winning Real Estate Projects like India's 1st Corporate City, Crown Of Noida and many more.  The Group has forayed in Health Care under the brand name "Premia Health Care" which aims to revolutionize the Health Care Sector and plans to open up series of Super Specialty Hospitals/Medical Centers in India with Mission to provide High Quality integrated services. Premia Group similarly is working on other business initiatives across other promising sectors like Power / Energy, Infrastructure, Hospitality, Entertainment etc
  17. 17.  Real Estate  Hospitality  Power  Infrastructure  Entertainment  Retail  Technology
  18. 18.  Premia Corporate City: "Best Location in City" and "Premium Project of the Year" Premia Project's Corporate City at Greater Noida (West) has won critically acclaimed from prestigious award for Best Location in City and Premium Project of Year award at 27th Builders Council of India Awards.  Mr. Tarun Shienh honored as "The Real Estate Guru" by Prestigious Semi Government body PHD Chamber of Commerce.  Builders Council Of India (BCI) honors Mr. Tarun Shienh (CMD, Premia Group) as "The Real Estate Guru" by Shri P.A. Sangma (Honorable Former Lok Sabha Speaker) In Presence of Mr. Bijander Aggarwal (Chairman of BCI) & Other Dignitaries.  Press Club of India facilitated Mr. Tarun Shienh on recent occassion.  Mr. Tarun Shienh is featured on the cover of Prestigious (Inc. 500 India's Fastest Growing Companies) Book.  Mr. Tarun Shienh is Chairman of Assocham National Council on Luxury.  Mr. Tarun Shienh is featured in India Today's High and Mighty Power List 2013 with 8 Page Feature on him.
  19. 19. Current Operational: Haryana ( Palwal) Premia has plans to launch Multi Speciality Hospital across Major Cities of India.  Delhi NCR  Rurkee  Lucknow  Dehradun  Patna  Ranchi
  20. 20. Address: 56 KM Stone, NH-2, Delhi-Mathura Road, Palwal- 121102, Haryana Phone: 01275-240240/241241/242607/08 Email: Website: Facebook: