Toletum our olive oil by @premevalexport


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Corporate presentation of our line of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, TOLETVM

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Toletum our olive oil by @premevalexport

  1. 1. TOLETVM Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra Extra Virgin Olive Oil ®
  2. 2. OUR COMPANY Since 1940 and for the last three generations this Almazara has been owned and named as a family business. Olives trees grow in a 750 acres extension located in “Montes de Toledo” when you can find different varieties such as “Cornicabra”, “Picual” and “Arbequina”, among which produces the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil you can find all over Spain. We have a wide range of presentations: pets, cans and glass of differents capacities, sizes and formats, as well as minipets and gifts in order to allow us to meet at any time our customers’ demand.
  3. 3. OUR OLIVE TREES Olives farming and harvesting are carried out with special care. All through the different phases till the final process in the Almazara, where selection, washing and manufacturing takes place. Oil selection is performed by the highest TOLETVM standards.
  4. 4. HARVEST Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted in cold, obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means, so the olive’s flavour and aroma remain full intact. Timing between harvest and milling is reduced to minimum to avoid losing its oranoleptic qualities.
  5. 5. STORAGE Storage of our oil is made in stainless steel tanks which maintain a constant temperature in the throne at 15ºC, for optimum storage. At this stage we hand our oil with care for no losing any of its great characteristics and arrive to packaging stage in the most optimal conditions.
  6. 6. OUR VARIETIES CORNICABRA It is a greenish yellow oil. Presents sense of density, highlighting notes of almond, apple, and fresh fruits in season. Have sour and spicy medium intensity, can be used for crude oil on toast, salads, fish, vegetable, grill, both for meat and for roasts, stews etc. The oil of this variety are also perfect for making sauces such mayonnaise.
  7. 7. OUR VARIETIES PICUAL Oil balanced fruity with hints of deep green leaves, green tomatoes, figs and bananas, sour and spicy mediumintensity. This variety of oil is ideal for stews, seafood, garlic shrimp, sauteed vegetables, soups and all kinds of sauces. This oil is also best used in frying, although it is eqully good for salads and gazpachos.
  8. 8. OUR VARIETIES ARBEQUINA Fresh and delicate, fruity notes of bright green with pureed fruit, tomato, banana and apple, sour and spicy medium intensity, unique flavour. This oil is best used uncooked, since its aromatic substances are very volatile. It is a fresh oil that combines perfectly with vegetables, fresh or cooked, grilled fish and sweets.
  9. 9. PRODUCTS
  10. 10. 200 ml 1 litro 200 ml 500 ml 200 ml 1 litro
  11. 11. 500 ml 500 ml 500 ml 250 ml
  16. 16. CONTACT Sales Office Plaza Brigada Paracaidista nº5 30007 Murcia (ESPAÑA) Francisco Ruiz Espinosa Commercial Director +34 659 601 145 E-mail: Maria Elena Valcárcel Cruz Export Director +34 696 797 650