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Arshad synopsys

  1. 1. PROJECT SYNOPSIS A Study on“ Comparative Analysis of HDFC Mutual Fund With Other Major Players”. Residency Road, Bangalore Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of AIMA for the Award of the Degree of PGDM By HARICHANDRA KUMAR Reg. No: 421010186 Under the Guidance of PROF. LAKSHMINARAYANA.S Acharya Institute of Management & Sciences 1st Cross, 1st Stage, Peenya Industrial Area Bangalore – 560058 2009 – 2011 2
  2. 2. WORKING TITLE “A Study on Comparative Analysis of HDFC Mutual Fund With Other Major Players”. Residency Road, Bangalore. .MUTUAL FUNDSAn investment vehicle that is made up of a pool of funds collected from many investors for the purposeof investing in securities such as stocks, bonds, money market instruments and similar assets. Mutualfunds are operated by money managers, who invest the funds capital and attempt to produce capitalgains and income for the funds investors. A mutual funds portfolio is structured and maintainedto match the investment objectives stated in its prospectusCOMPANY PROFILEHDFC Mutual Fund has been one of the best performing mutual funds in the last few years.HDFC Asset Management Company Limited (AMC) functions as an Asset ManagementCompany for the HDFC Mutual Fund.AMC is a joint venture between housing finance giant HDFC and British investment firmStandard Life Investments Limited. It conducts the operations of the Mutual Fund and managesassets of the schemes, including the schemes launched from time to time. As of Aug 2006, thefund has assets of Rs.25,892 crores under management.IN 2003, following a decision by the Zurich Insurance Company (ZIC), the Sponsor of ZurichIndia Mutual Fund, to divest its asset management business in India, AMC had entered into anagreement with ZIC to acquire the asset management business. Consequently, all the schemes ofZurich Mutual Fund in India had been transferred to HDFC Mutual Fund and renamed asHDFC schemes.Here is a list of mutual funds of HDFC which includes Equity Funds, Balanced Funds and DebtFunds.. 2
  3. 3. PURPOSE OF STUDYThe purpose of the study is to ascertain the A Study on Comparative Analysis of HDFC Mutual Fund With Other Major Players. {Residency Road, Bangalore.}AIMTo find out the best mutual fund for the investments.Objectives of the Study :- To study the structure of Mutual Funds in India.-To study the Mutual funds schemas of HDFC.-To study the performance of Mutual Funds in India.-To compare the various schemes of HDFC With other players such as ICICI,RELEINCE .- To Suggest the feasible scheme for the investor.RESEARCH METODOLOGY.  Market survey.  Case study analysis of HDFC  Fundamental analysis.SAMPLE SIZE:-  150 Investors in Bangalore South  Equity growth Funds (HDFC,ICICI and Reliance,), HDFC Top Up 200.  Three Years Data (2009.2010,2011). 2
  4. 4. DATA COLLECTION The data to be collected for the purpose of the study is divided into two bases.PRIMARY DATA:- The primary data comprises information collected directly from mutual fund company ,Financial advisers, Group discussion questionnaire.SECONDARY DATA:-The secondary data will be collected from Internet, Journal, Financial Magazine and FinancialNewspaper through Economics Times.  DATA ANALYSIS The data is analyzed on the basis of suitable tables by using mathematical technique.Quantitative Technique such as calculation of NAV of the Funds for this Study.  Area of study. The research will be carried on financial service sector.  Research period Research work will be carried out for 2-3 weeks 2
  5. 5. Proposed Contents:-CHAPTER 1:-Introduction/Summary.This Chapter includes the introduction to the topic chosen and the overview of the industryCHAPTER 2 :-Overview of the study. 1) This chapter would give the overview of the study. 2) Introduction. 3) Need of the study. 4) Scope of the study. 5) Objective of the study. CHAPTER 3 :- Research methodology. 1) Market survey. 2) Case study analysis. 3) Fundamental analysis. 2
  6. 6. CHAPTER 4 –Summary of Findings and recommendations. 1) Suggestion. 2) Recommendation. 3) Conclusion and limitation. CHAPTER 5 – References and Annexure. Work Plan S.No. Particulars Time in Weeks 1 Framing of objectives and preparation of 1 week Questionnaire 2 Conducting the survey 3 weeks 3 Organizing the data 1 week 4 Data analysis, suggestion and conclusion 2 weeks 5 Reporting and Binding 1 week 6 Total 8 weeksName of the guide: Prof. Lakshminarayana Name of the student : Harichandra kumarSignature: Signature : 2
  7. 7. Date: Place: QUESTIONNAIREDear Sir/Madam, As a part of my Post Graduation Management Program, I am conducting this survey for collecting the data for the A Study on Comparative Analysis of HDFC Mutual Fund With Others Major PlayerHence I request you to spare a few minutes of time to fill the Questionnaire. The response you give would form an important Data for my Project.Thanking you(Harichandra kumar)AnnexureName ________________________ Age _________Adress_____________________________________Sex _________ Phone _________ 2
  8. 8. 1. What kinds of investment you prefer most? Please tick (√ ). All applicable. a).Saving Account b). Fixed deposit c). insurance d). Mutual Fund e). Share/Debenture f). Gold/Silver g). Real Estate h). PF2. While investing your money, which factor you prefer most? Any one . a). Liquidity b). Low Risk c). High Return d). Company reputation3. Have you ever invested your money in Mutual Fund? a). Yes b). NoIf Yes, A. Where do you find yourself as s Mutual Fund investor? Totally ignorant [] Partial knowledge of mutual fund [] 2
  9. 9. Aware only of any specific scheme in which you invested [] Fully aware []B. In which kind of Mutual Find you would like to invest? Public [ ] Private [ ]C. How do you come to know about Mutual Fund? a). Advertisement b). Peer Group c). Bank d). Financial AdvisorsD. Which Mutual Fund scheme have you used? a). Open ended b). Close ended c). Liquid fund d). Mid-Cap e). Growth fund f). Long-Cap 2
  10. 10. If No, A. If not invested in Mutual Fund then why? a. Not aware of MF b. Higher risk c. Not any specific resion4. Which feature of the Mutual Fund allure you most? a). Diversification [ ] b). Better return and safety [ ] c). Regular Income [ ] d). Tax benefit [ ] 2
  11. 11. 5. In which Mutual Fund you have invested? a). HDFC MF b). ICICI Prudential fund c). Reliance MF d). UTI MF e). SBI MF f).TATA MF6. When you invest in Mutual Fund which mode of investment will you prefer? a).One Time Investment b). Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)7. Where from you purchase Mutual Fund? a). Direct from the AMCs [ ] b).Brokers only [ ] c).Brokers / Sub-brokers [ ] d). Others sources [ ] 2
  12. 12. 8. Which AMC will you prefer to invest? Asset Management Co.:- a). HDFC MF b). SBI MF C).UTI MF d). ICICI MF e). Kotak MF f). Reliance 2