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ANC statement on Gavin Watson's passing


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ANC statement on Gavin Watson's passing

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ANC statement on Gavin Watson's passing

  1. 1. For immediate release 26 August2019 ANCMOURNS THE PASSINGOFANTI-APARTHEIDACTIVIST,GAVIN WATSON The AfricanNational Congresshasreceivedwithshockthe sadnewsonthe passingof Cde GavinWatson ina tragic car accidentthismorning. Cde. GavinWatson togetherwithhisbrothers,Ronnie,CheekyandValence associatedthemselveswith the struggle forliberationatanearlyage and foughtside byside withmanycompatriotsagainst apartheid. It was inhishome province of the EasternCape, where Cde GavinWatsonmade the admirable and brave choice of disassociatinghimselfwiththe privilege thatcame withbeingawhite male inapartheid SouthAfricaand choosingtoparticipate activelyinpursuingthe idealsof afree,democraticandnon- racial South Africa. The Watson brotherswere well knownactivistsinthe UnitedDemocraticFront(UDF) andwithinthe AfricanNational Congressundergroundstructuresatthe time. To a large extent,theirrole inthe fightfornon-racial sports,especiallyRugby,resultedinone of the mostsymbolicactsof oppositionanddiscontentagainstdiscriminationinsport. Cde Gavinin particular,alsoplayedasignificantrole inprovidingsupport,throughthe familybusinesses, to manyactivistsandoperativesof uMkhontoweSizwe whowere beingpursuedbythe police and fleeingPortElizabethandthe EasternCape as a whole, atthe time. He extendedthisrole bymobilizingotherwhite businesspersonstosupportandjointhe effortof creatinga democraticand free SouthAfricaforall.
  2. 2. In the democraticera,Cde Gavincontinuedhisactivismandwasunwaveringinhissupportforthe ANC. His charityworkin supportforyouthand communitiesindistressinthe WestRandwasadmirable and hisdeathhas surelyrobbedthose communitiesof aphilanthropistwhogave hope andinspiredmany youngpeople withinthose communitiesthroughskillstraininganddevelopment. The ANC extendsitsheartfeltcondolencestothe family,friends,colleaguesandComradesof Cde Gavin Watson. May hissoul restinpeace. END ISSUED BY THE AFRICAN NATIONALCONGRESS Enquiries: Pule Mabe National Spokesperson