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8 g rocks and weathering (whs)


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Published in: Education, Technology
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8 g rocks and weathering (whs)

  1. 1. 31/03/2014 Rocks and Weathering
  2. 2. 31/03/2014 What are rocks? Rocks are made from a combination of minerals and can be hard or soft depending on how the minerals are arranged. Rocks can be found here… …and here… …and here… …and here
  3. 3. 31/03/2014 Some examples of erosion…
  4. 4. 31/03/2014 The Needles, Isle of Wight
  5. 5. 31/03/2014
  6. 6. 31/03/2014
  7. 7. 31/03/2014 1890
  8. 8. 31/03/2014 1910
  9. 9. 31/03/2014 1940
  10. 10. 31/03/2014 1975
  11. 11. 31/03/2014 Present day
  12. 12. 31/03/2014 Rock fragments When rocks are transported by a river they are eroded: When rocks are broken off they can form “scree slopes” Rock shape up here Rock shape down here “Sediment”
  13. 13. 31/03/2014 Weathering by ice “Onion skin” weathering
  14. 14. 31/03/2014 Erosion and weathering… EROSION is when rocks are gradually worn down. WEATHERING is when rocks are broken up into smaller ones. The ultimate result of both of these processes is SOIL.
  15. 15. 31/03/2014 Examples of erosion… Erosion Physical, chemical or biological? Rocks bumping into each other while travelling down a stream Tree roots pushing against the rock Ice getting into cracks and expanding Acid rain Animals or plants digging into cracks “Onion skin weathering”
  16. 16. 31/03/2014 Erosion experiments… Experiment 1: Shaking rocks in a bottle In this experiment we… This showed what happened when rocks travel with a stream. Experiment 2: Acid on limestone In this experiment we… This showed the damage that can be caused by acid rain. Experiment 3: Heating and cooling a rock In this experiment we… This showed the damage that can be done when a rock is heated and cooled, like during the day and night. Describe what you did here…