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8 b respiration (whs)


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8 b respiration (whs)

  1. 1. 31/03/2014 Respiration Please note – the animation effects used in the “Circulation” slide only work in PowerPoint XP
  2. 2. 31/03/2014 Respiration Words – breathing, energy, Mrs Gren, respiration, food A while ago we learnt about ___ ______. Each of these life processes needs ENERGY. ___________ is the process our bodies use to produce this energy: Glucose + oxygen water + carbon dioxide + ENERGY The glucose we need comes from ______ and the oxygen from _________. Water and carbon dioxide are breathed out. The MAIN product of this equation is _________.
  3. 3. 31/03/2014 Gas Exchange Oxygen Nitrogen Carbon dioxide Air breathed in Air breathed out 79% 79% 21% 18% 0.03% 3%
  4. 4. 31/03/2014 Breathing
  5. 5. 31/03/2014 The Respiratory System Ribs – to protect the chest Bronchioles Bronchi Trachea – has stiff rings of cartilage to prevent it collapsing Rib muscles – to raise and lower the ribs Lung Diaphragm – muscular sheet Alveoli (“air sacs”) – gas exchange takes place here
  6. 6. 31/03/2014 Gas exchange Alveoli are very good at exchanging gases because… 1) They have a LARGE surface area 2) They have a good blood supply 3) They are moist
  7. 7. 31/03/2014 Circulation 1) Blood gets pumped from the heart to the lungs and picks up oxygen 2) The blood is then taken back to the heart… 3) The heart pumps the blood to the intestine (where oxygen and glucose are removed)… 4) … and to the rest of the body (where oxygen is removed) 5) After the oxygen and glucose have been removed for respiration the blood is sent back to the heart and starts again