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eDM is a highly valuable & effective direct marketing tool

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eDM Strategy

  1. 1. EDM strategy from theEDM strategy from the“Digital Marketing Gurus”“Digital Marketing Gurus”1Authored by Preetha Prasad , SEO Expert @ TobocBizAuthored by Preetha Prasad , SEO Expert @ TobocBiz
  2. 2. Contents:Contents: What is an EDM? EDM Strategy EDM Best Practices DB Quality Anti-Spam,Assured Landing in Inbox EDM Process Flow Creating a Campaign Strategies for landing page design EDM Benefits Branding,Target Marketing Email deliverabilityTechnology Importance of eDM Testing checklist Email Marketing Glossary Reporting andTracking Email Marketing Facts Email Marketing Strategy Checklist for 2013Tobocbiz.com Act Alleviate Accelerate 2
  3. 3. What is an EDM?What is an EDM?Electronic Direct Marketing or Email Direct Marketing, another term used is E-mailmarketing.EDM is a highly valuable & effective direct marketing toolTypes of E-Mail marketing:Newsletter EmailCatalog andVideo EmailPress Release EmailInvitation and Survey EmailThank-You Email3Tobocbiz.com Act Alleviate Accelerate
  4. 4. EDM StrategyEDM Strategy GiveYour Subscribers valuable Content Create a Clear Call to Action Be Aware of When and How Often to Send your Email Use a Consistent Format forYour Email Newsletter Offer Both HTML and Plain Text Email Formats MakeYour Email Readable with Images Disabled Address Recipients by Name Use appropriate, relevant landing pages Domain/IP Backlisting DB (Email) Segmentation Testing4Tobocbiz.com Act Alleviate Accelerate
  5. 5. EDM Best PracticesEDM Best Practices Keep the Main Message and Call-to-Action Above the Fold KeepYour Email 500-650 Pixels Wide Targeted Devices:They are mainly Desktops,Tablets and Mobiles Resolutions: Desktops: 500-650 pixels wide;Tablets: 500-650 pixels wide;Mobiles: Portrait mode 320 pixelsLandscape mode 480 pixels PutYour Logo in the Upper Left-Hand Side of the Email5Tobocbiz.com Act Alleviate Accelerate
  6. 6. EDM Best PracticesEDM Best Practices Write Compelling Subject Lines: not more 30-50 characters Set Expectations right Make your Subject Line count Appropriate, relevant landing pages Prominent opt-out links Email Footer – clear unsubscribe link , Privacy Policy Conduct a 5-SecondTest Words to Avoid – Free,Act Now,All New, 50% Off, Call Now, Subscribe Now,Discount, DoubleYour Income6Tobocbiz.com Act Alleviate Accelerate
  7. 7. DB QualityDB Quality How to Build a quality email marketing DB(database) list: Identify the value of an email address Set objectives for building an email marketing list Never miss a chance to ask for permission to email a customer Always ensure the Subscribe form on your home page is easy to find Ask for the minimum of information at the time of sign up State your privacy policy clearly Avoid third party data Keeping your database clean Using your database to improve profitability DB - Email List Segmentations7Tobocbiz.com Act Alleviate Accelerate
  8. 8. DB Quality(cont…)DB Quality(cont…) Reasons WhyYour Domain/IP Got Blacklisted Your company didn’t respond to spam complaints lodged against it. Your domain is hosting malware or a compromised website You bought a bad mailing list You spammed! If you use a third-party company to send mailers for you Your IP falls in the range of addresses that are suspected of spamming and alreadyblacklisted. If your subject line or senders address does not give the impression of beinglegitimate. Your content is all crammed with nothingsubstantial to talk about.8Tobocbiz.com Act Alleviate Accelerate
  9. 9. Anti-spam,Assured Landing in InboxAnti-spam,Assured Landing in Inbox The Spam Act: By sending out emails to potentially hundreds of people you run the risk of being reportedas a spammer Key to the Spam Act is that you must have the persons permission to send them an email To avoid being mistaken for spam when sending email: Don’t use money patterns in the subject line Don’t include advertising words: best selling, cash, free, guaranteed, money, satisfied and so on Don’t leave the subject field blank Don’t send unsolicited attachments Don’t use all capitals Don’t use words/phrases that have adult meaning Do use a repeated pattern in the subject line Do use a familiar name/email address9Tobocbiz.com Act Alleviate Accelerate
  10. 10. EDM Simple Process FlowEDM Simple Process Flow10Tobocbiz.com Act Alleviate Accelerate
  11. 11. Creating a CampaignCreating a Campaign There are a million ways to make your newsletter look sharp and effective withimages, fonts, layouts and color schemes but the overall makeup needs to have thefollowing: “From” Address: Ex- reply@company.com Subject Line: should be clear and prompt so readers open the email IncludeWebVersion: include a web link where the entire email or newsletter can beviewed online. Header: Always try to include a company logo at the top of your email Call to Action: Every good email has a strong call to action in which you clearly state whatit is you want the reader to do The design of your email sets the tone for your entire project. It is the heart ofthe newsletter. Content : that is relevant to your business but, more important, content that willbe relevant to the recipients11Tobocbiz.com Act Alleviate Accelerate
  12. 12. Creating a CampaignCreating a Campaign Links: some point you will need to offer some kindof escape, whether it is to your website, blog or alogin page if you offer a service. Pictures: Reading plain text with no images is justboring. Even one picture can jazz up an email to thepoint of making it readable. Composing: Your newsletter can have the bestdesign, snazzy images, and killer navigation but ifyour copy is boring, it wont matter. Engage andinfluence your readers. Testing: Test your template first to make sure it’llwork in all the different email applications out there.Once you’ve found all the little bugs and yourtemplate is fully optimized, then you can startsending.12Tobocbiz.com Act Alleviate Accelerate
  13. 13. Strategies for landing page designStrategies for landing page design Design Promotion - Specific Landing Pages MakeYour Headlines Connect Keep the Copy As Short & Simple As Possible Create Credibility Focus on “Eye -Tracking”13Tobocbiz.com Act Alleviate Accelerate
  14. 14. EDM BenefitsEDM Benefits Highly Targeted Immediate Test and Refine Measurable Reach Better conversion rates Cost effective14Tobocbiz.com Act Alleviate Accelerate
  15. 15. Branding,Target MarketingBranding,Target Marketing Think of a branded email marketing campaign as a virtual billboard Personality andVoice A ConsistentTemplate A Branded Preview Pane Branded Landing Pages A Consistent Style of Imagery Branding email marketing campaigns are all about reaping long-term rewards. Target marketing is most effective when used to market the same product orservice to different target markets. For instance, a restaurant can pursue different target markets by tailoring its message: For senior citizens - the marketing messages can focus on early-bird specials andmenus for special dietary needs. For families - the messages can highlight what makes the restaurant the ideal kid-friendly destination.15Tobocbiz.com Act Alleviate Accelerate
  16. 16. Email deliverability TechnologyEmail deliverability Technology An ESP’s MTA (mail transfer agent) may not be able to support some essential featuresthat are required for enhancing deliverability. Static/Dedicated IP address (Dedicated for higher volumes) Multi-part emails (text & HTML) Throttling Sign outgoing messages with DKIM Retry feature for temporary failures/greylisting IPWarming16Tobocbiz.com Act Alleviate Accelerate
  17. 17. Importance of eDM Testing checklistImportance of eDM Testing checklist Testing is essential for an email campaign, no matter how experienced you are. Email deliverability testing goes further than just seeing if the email has a good inboxplacement.You also want to stimulate good email marketing results. Design: Customers will see across all devices and email clients is very important foryour emails results Content: Email providers check content of emails as another step in fighting the waragainst SPAM. Data: It is all about keeping the list clean.This involves some process, reporting and ESPservices at every stage of a campaign.17Tobocbiz.com Act Alleviate Accelerate
  18. 18. Email Marketing GlossaryEmail Marketing Glossary Open Rate: In the simplest form, open rates tell you how many people opened your email. CTR :The percentage (the number of unique clicks divided by the number that wereopened) of recipients that click on a given URL in your email message. Landing Pages: A web page that is linked to an email for the purpose of providingadditional information directly . It is best to send online users to a landing page to sign up orfollow your call to action. Hard Bounce/Soft Bounce: A hard bounce is the failed delivery of an email due to apermanent reason like a non-existent address.A soft bounce is the failed delivery of an emaildue to a temporary issue, like a full mailbox or an unavailable server.18Tobocbiz.com Act Alleviate Accelerate
  19. 19. Email Marketing GlossaryEmail Marketing Glossary Call-to-Action: What you’re asking your subscribers to do in your email: click a link,forward to a friend, watch a video or cash in a promotion. Conversion Rate: The number or percentage of recipients who respond to your call-to-action in a given email marketing campaign or promotion.This is the measure of your emailcampaigns success. Bounce Rate: In email marketing bounce rate refers to the percentage of email addresses inyour subscriber list that didn’t receive your message because it was returned by a recipientmail server. A/B testing: Also known as split testing.This is when the list is divided into two parts, eachof which is tested with a variation of the message.19Tobocbiz.com Act Alleviate Accelerate
  20. 20. Reporting and TrackingReporting and Tracking The only way you will ever truly know how your email marketing campaigns aredoing is by tracking results, analyzing statistics and comparing the numbers aftereach sent campaign. There are several areas of your email message that you can adjust to help improveopen rates. Monitor overall website traffic so you can determine what percentage is comingfrom your email marketing efforts. There are two kinds of bounce rates, soft and hard.You want to avoid as manyhard bounces as possible as it hurts overall deliverability rates.20Tobocbiz.com Act Alleviate Accelerate
  21. 21. Email Marketing FactsEmail Marketing Facts 92% : of all marketers employ email marketing campaigns 58% : of people start their online day by reading emails 83%: Used the Report Spam button 80%: Use it without opening the message 73%: Base decision on the "from" line 69%: Base decision on subject line 20%: Use the spam button to unsubscribe In just one-twentieth of a second, less time than it takes to blink, people makejudgments that will influence their experience of your landing page.21Tobocbiz.com Act Alleviate Accelerate
  22. 22. Email Marketing Strategy Checklist for 2013Email Marketing Strategy Checklist for 2013 Segment your email lists Optimize your emails for mobile Integrate your email marketing with social media Write copy that converts Pay attention to your confirmation emails and thank you emails Use A/B split testing to improve your email campaigns Optimize your landing pages Be sure your email design drives conversions Do NOT Neglect Reporting and Testing Measure your email ROI22Tobocbiz.com Act Alleviate Accelerate
  23. 23. To know more, feel free to write to usTo know more, feel free to write to usinteract@tobocbiz.cominteract@tobocbiz.com orVisitorVisitwww.tobocbiz.comwww.tobocbiz.com23Tobocbiz.com Act Alleviate Accelerate