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"Exploring Editorial Strategy"
Content Strategy Forum 2010 / STC France

Predicate | Exploring Editorial Strategy

  1. 1. Exploring Editorial Strategy Jeffrey MacIntyre Content Strategy Forum 2010 Predicate, LLC Paris
  2. 2. Hello, France; Hello, World. I’m an independent content strategist in New York City. In France. Credit: theirisnetwork, fffound!
  3. 3. Hello, France; Hello, World. But. How did I get here? How did you? Credit: HotVVheels Peter Nidzgorski, x818, fffound!
  4. 4. Hello, France; Hello, World. Most importantly, why are we here?
  5. 5. Hello, France; Hello, World. Most importantly, why are we here? Credit: 96dpi, flickr
  6. 6. Hello, France; Hello, World. Most importantly, why are we here?
  7. 7. Hello, France; Hello, World. Most importantly, why are we here?
  8. 8. I Can Only Speak for Myself.
  9. 9. I Can Only Speak for Myself.
  10. 10. I Can Only Speak for Myself. Credit:
  11. 11. Why I’m Really Here. +
  12. 12. Why I’m Really Here. = “Content strategy is about publishing.” Erin Kissane,
  13. 13. Why We’re Really Here.
  14. 14. Content Strategy Today
  15. 15. Introductions I’m an independent content strategist in NYC. My practice focuses on editorial product strategy. ‣ Jeff MacIntyre, Principal @jeffmacintyre
  16. 16. What is Editorial Strategy?
  17. 17. The Primacy of Content Strategy Simply put, editorial strategy begins with content strategy. The second explains the first. Credit: circa 1999
  18. 18. Content Strategy is a Lifecycle “Content Strategy plans for the creation, publication, and governance of useful, usable content.” --Kristina Halvorson “If information architecture is the spatial design of information, I see content strategy as the temporal side of that same coin.” --Louis Rosenfeld
  19. 19. The Content Strategy Gospel ‣ The web is a publishing medium. ‣ Content is integral (to experience). ‣ Content producers = de facto publishers. ‣ To users, the web is awash in content. Site owners feel the floodwaters, too. So, sink or swim. Filter or be flooded.
  20. 20. What’s a Content Strategist?
  21. 21. Editors + Editorial Strategy? “We don’t hire editors, we hire content strategists.” CEO Jack Griffin 21 February 2008
  22. 22. “As a Content Strategist Working with Editorial...” Credit: Adam Taplin, Content Strategy Google Group
  23. 23. Editorial is Ongoing Content What is it? A publishing asset. ‣ Repeatable and repeatedly published content in a recognizable form (article, podcast, etc.) and packaged (e.g., edited) for consumption; ‣ Made valuable to an audience by: being newsworthy or original; through subject matter expertise or authority; by voice or other brand attributes.
  24. 24. Example: Slate’s “Today’s Papers” 12 years ago, pioneered a daily form of content aggregation for news consumers. Now, everyone does “roundups.” It evolved from novel convenience to meta-digest to spin-offs to modular, near- realtime editorial.
  25. 25. Introducing Editorial Strategy ‣ What? Product development for content. ‣ Why? “The Day 2 Problem.” ‣ How? Content strategist, like product developers, work between “product” and “plumbing.”
  27. 27. “The Day 2 Problem” Postlaunch is a project phase. (It’s called operations.) Editorial content is ongoing content publishing. Editorial strategy is about caring for content after launch day. Credit: Flickr Commons
  28. 28. Your website isn’t a magazine.
  29. 29. “[G]etting better at publishing is the only way you’re going to get better at content.” Gerry McGovern Content Critical
  30. 30. Your website isn’t a magazine!
  31. 31. Publishing is Pivotal ‣ Everything I know about content strategy I learned from being a web editor.
  32. 32. Publishing is Pivotal ‣ Maybe you did, too?
  33. 33. Louis Rosenfeld: Kill Redesign ‣ “Redesign must die” ‣ “Every large website is a complex Credit: “Redesign Must Die “, adaptive system.”
  34. 34. Your website isn’t a magazine. But it should be.
  35. 35. Crafting an EDITORIAL STRATEGY
  36. 36. Do You Have One? Editorial strategy is ... ‣ a set editorial mix Credit: Jessica Hagy ‣ scheduled release of ongoing content ‣ packaged as a bundle of like content ‣ supported via masthead workflow ‣ guided by a product strategy
  37. 37. Key Debates in Editorial Strategy ‣ “Free v. paid” (rev. models: licensing, etc.) ‣ Editorial mix: stock & flow ‣ Production model: factory v. atelier ‣ Bundling: curation v. aggregation ‣ Original content: longform/shortform
  38. 38. Editorial as Product? ‣ More common than you think.
  39. 39. Designers on Editorial Credit: Jason Santa Maria, SVA presentation Credit: Luke Hayman, Credit: Dan Hill,
  40. 40. The Value of Curation Credit: Clinton Forry, Credit: Erin Scime, Credit: Robin Sloan, Credit: Jonathan Maziarz Credit: Prasanna Lal Das,
  41. 41. The Role of Analytics
  42. 42. Editorial Strategy Toolkit: Product, Platform, Process Credit: Muriel Vandermeulen, Credit: Erin Kissane,
  43. 43. Delivering an Editorial Strategy
  44. 44. A Simple Content Strategy Philosophy ‣ Product ‣ Platform ‣ Process
  45. 45. A Simple Content Strategy Philosophy ‣ Product (content) ‣ Platform (publishing) ‣ Process (organization)
  46. 46. Our Methodology 1. Audit 2. Plan 3. Build 4. Grow content content editorial content audit strategy specification calendar content migration plan copy deck style guide inventory metadata content gap analysis schema development
  47. 47. Our Editorial Strategy 1. Audit 2. Plan 3. Build 4. Grow content editorial strategy calendar style guide content development
  48. 48. Content Strategy ! ! !
  49. 49. Content Strategy Think product lifecycle: ‣ A plan for content publishing. ‣ Iterating distinctive content products, integrating with business and competitive analysis. (E.g., content revenue modelling.) ‣ Blueprint for each content type’s lifecycle. Programming framework for editorial calendar. ‣ Support technology recommendations and guidelines. ‣ Organizational design (process, workflow, roles and responsibilities).
  50. 50. Style Guide Editorial Calendar !
  51. 51. Style Guide Think postlaunch: ‣ Reboot the model. ‣ More show bible (TV) or functional specification (functional analysis). ‣ A training document, with publishing walkthroughs for each content module.
  52. 52. Editorial Calendar Think big, think small: ‣ The killer app of content strategy. ‣ An exhaustive programming resource. Credit: Rural Doctoring ‣ Macro: Swimlane visibility across sites and channels, enhancing collaboration and crosspromotion, increasing lead times. ‣ Micro: Asset-level tracking of all content production to reduce LOE, and increase content quality (streamlining “roundtrips”). ‣ The foundation for benchmarking production--and further optimization via analytics. Basis for proof points of CS ROI?
  53. 53. Content Development Credit: Webbmedia Group
  54. 54. Cui Bono?
  55. 55. The Big Idea: Ubiquitous Publishing Credit: Denis Pelli & Charles Bigelow,
  56. 56. Why We’re Really Here.
  57. 57. What Problems Will You Solve? Credit: laughingsquid, flickr
  58. 58. Because Your Rooftop is Ready. Further Reading: Credit: Joel Bedford, flickr ‣ Content Strategy, the Knol ‣ Content Strategy, the Google Group ‣ Notes on Content ( ‣ #contentstrategy on Twitter