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PG Vision, Mission and Positioning


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PG Vision, Mission and Positioning

  1. 1. Who is PG? Who are we? Who are you?
  2. 2. Precision Group is …
  3. 3. Outsourcing. Yes, you work for an outsourcing company with a diverse range of services.
  4. 4. Administration. We do financial services’ back office processing, fund administration and payroll processing.
  5. 5. Creative. Oh, don’t forget we also do creative. We will be an agency that does custom publishing, websites and many more. Exciting!
  6. 6. Language. We help our clients with our Precision Language services. Translation, editing, copy writing, you name it.
  7. 7. Application. We develop bespoke applications to meet our clients’ needs. Pipeline, Transaction database. Sound familiar?
  8. 8. Technology. On the inside, our techies are helping us to operate and do our business on a daily basis. Tickets please!
  9. 9. Our vision. To be in the Global Top 50 outsourcing vendors by the end of 2011.* *Based on the Black Book outsourcing and is measured by the type of projects being handled, the number of new clients acquired and the significance of contribution to the clients business and the amount of revenue generated by the firm on the year of audit.
  10. 10. Our mission. To provide integrated outsourcing solutions to help our clients achieve superior results, and be more agile and competitive in today’s complex market place.
  11. 11. How? To achieve our objectives we will focus on the most important things …
  12. 12. Innovation. We are striving to find new ways to do our work.
  13. 13. Improvement. We are continuously looking for ways to improve our service.
  14. 14. Partnership. To help bridge the gaps we look to partner with the best of breed service providers.
  15. 15. Expansion. We always look for ways to expand our range of services to meet the demand of our clients.
  16. 16. Development. We strongly believe in continuous professional development, and support our staff to undertake training whenever possible.
  17. 17. Responsible. To become more corporately responsible.
  18. 18. So now you know who you are.