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LEAP Agency Company Profile

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Short introduction on our newly launched agency.

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LEAP Agency Company Profile

  1. 1. Design | Publishing | Interactive
  2. 2. At LEAP we offer creative solutions to your brand and business through our strategic and effective approach in both print and online communication.
  3. 3. Based in Jakarta (Indonesia) and Hong Kong, our extensive experience will help you take a LEAP forward in your business. Our DESIGN PUBLISHING INTERACTIVE * Branding and * Full editorial * Website strategic corporate identity services planning Services * Marketing collaterals * Publication planning * Website domain and and concept hosting management * Sales collaterals * Publication design * Website design * Print and web and layout advertisements * Website development * Online publication * Information design * Website maintenance * Production and * Packaging distribution * Content Management System (CMS) website * Flash animation * Integrated email marketing platform OUR SERVICES
  4. 4. We focus on the ideas and passions of our clients to drive their brands forward. We understand the importance of budgets, adding value and generating a return-on- investment. We match our service to our clients’ budgets and time expectations. As a multi-disiplined agency, we work with a wide variety of clients that cover all walks of life. At our core we are graphic designers which permeates into every project we undertake. Our services include but are not limited to: Branding and corporate identity Advertisements Sales collaterals * Logo * PowerPoint presentation * Print advertisements for magazine, newspaper, billboards and other print media * Sales document design and layout * Stationery ranging from business card, letterhead to your email signature * Internal document design and layout * Web advertisements to be placed on websites and other electronic media * Corporate identity guide Marketing collaterals Information design Packaging design * Brochures & direct mail * Signage * Product packaging * Newsletters * Front office design * CD/DVD packaging * Mailers and leaflets * Exhibition concepts and stand design * Promotional gifts and branded clothing * Billboard OUR SERVICES
  5. 5. Custom publishing is a powerful tool to connect you with your stakeholders. It is one of the tools that enhance your company image, strengthen customer bonds and keeps your stakeholders updated with the latest company happenings. Be it a 10 page newsletter or a 100 page magazine we have the capabilities to provide custom publishing solutions that guarantee results. We integrate well written content with great design to ensure that you deliver communications that is relevant, eye catching, engaging and entertaining. Ready to take the LEAP with Custom Publishing? Our services include but are not limited to: Full editorial services Production and distribution Online publication * Managing editor * Preparing final artwork before printing * Online presence of your publication. This might include: * Writing and editing * Proof checking * Proofreading * Printing services - Website * Distribution of the printed magazine - E-Newsletter Publication design and layout Publication planning and concept * Creative and art direction * Content and structure planning of the publication * Article design and layout * Photography * Publication concept design * Illustration * Publication design guideline * Image research, retouch and editing OUR SERVICES
  6. 6. LEAP Interactive services facilitate cost effective and instantaneous interaction between you and your customers. Our comprehensive suite of e-marketing services are tailored to enhance the value of your brand and deepen customer relationships. LEAP interactively and gain a commanding tool that connects you to your customer in the most affordable manner. Our services include but are not limited to: Website domain and Website strategic planning Website design hosting management * Website structure planning * Website design and layout * Website domain management * Concept development * User interface design * Website hosting management * Prototyping * Image research, retouch and editing Content Management Website maintenance Flash animation System (CMS) website * CMS website platform to manage * Regular maintenance of your website * Flash banner your own content * Content maintenance to keep your * Flash intro * CMS development and programming website up-to-date * Flexible monthly plan package according * Interactive CD * CMS customization to your needs Integrated email marketing platform Website development * Website development and * Stylish, intuitive screens * Signup screens programming * Mac & PC friendly * Custom stationery * Database development * Create your own database * Proof before you send * Knowledge management * Easy import * Send whenever you want * Intranet and extranet * Search & segment * Real-time response tracking * Web 2.0 * Third party integration OUR SERVICES
  7. 7. Industry Clients Finance Fitness Our Health Clients Hedge Funds Insurance Lifestyle Retail Sports OUR CLIENTS
  8. 8. Portfolio
  9. 9. Australian Wine Centre Wine is a passion for many, and it’s a passion for us to help market it. In working with the Australian Wine Centre, which specialises in the sale and marketing of premium “boutique” wines, we developed fact sheets and accompanying literature in support of the company’s wine promotions. A minimal design with significant use of black depicted the elegant, chic and sophisticated feel of their products. DESIGN PORTFOLIO
  10. 10. PO Box 155 New cast le NSW 230 0 Aus tral ia Belhams Belhams is a company that acts as an agent, manufacturer representative and a distributor of home ware products. Our relationship started with developing their corporate identity. The logo is inspired from growing branches and fresh leaves. This concept brings out the idea of a perfect home, which is the vision of Belhams. The brown and lime green colours combination captures the warmth and the natural sense that Belhams’ products hold. DESIGN PORTFOLIO
  11. 11. Financial Partners Macau Convention The Macau Convention 2008 was held by Financial Partners to reward those who most contributed to the company’s success, and it was a pleasure for us to be among so many talented and forward-thinking people. We helped organise the event, which itself proved a huge success. In addition to designing and developing the event’s concept and designing event invitations pack, we also produced sponsor packs, a welcome book, gifts, PowerPoint presentations and many other convention materials and supplies. DESIGN PORTFOLIO
  12. 12. Quadros International We assisted in the development of thier logo and company profile. The sophisticated and distinctive ‘Q’ design of the company’s logo identifies Quadros International, a Dubai-based company providing services to the hospitality, construction and institutional-project industries DESIGN PORTFOLIO
  13. 13. Apus Investments Apus Investment Ltd. is a start-up hedge fund company based in Hong Kong. We worked together with them to develop and design their company logo and stationery. DESIGN PORTFOLIO
  14. 14. Primafit We worked hand in hand with Indonesia’s largest supplier of world- class fitness equipment to re-brand its corporate identity and develop marketing material. Now, PrimaFit’s marketing materials are distinguished by vibrant colours that exude the dynamic and energetic feel of the brand. DESIGN PORTFOLIO
  15. 15. MoneyMatters LEAP undertakes the full managing editorial, design and production of MoneyMatters, a financial services magazine. This publication is distributed throughout the Asia Pacific region and has print run of 10,000 copies produced on a bi-monthly cycle. It is also published in an e-magazine format that is distributed to 10,000+ recipients via email. The finished product is clean, sophisticated and professional. PUBLISHING PORTFOLIO
  16. 16. TimETo lEArn ThE ulTimATE LESSONS frOM ChinEsE? ChECk HISTOrYTo 48 HOUrS IN dUBAI, our ULTIMATE ProTECT your ThE luxury PArAdisE fuTurE inThE sAnd Q&A ON CHINA InvestorInsight QuArTEr i 2009 deVere & Partners ThE World’s lArgEsT indEPEndEnT offshorE AdVisory firm Why thEWorld thE top 10 cars WeatHerinG tHe is fACing thAt sAy you’vE sUB-priMe storM, A mAssivE ArrivEd invEsting in SOfT LANdINgS volAtilE timEs pension crisis IN HArd MArkETS investorinsight invest during hard times without losing sleep! dEvErE & PArtnErs thE World’s lArgEst indEPEndEnt offshorE Advisory firm QuArtEr iv 2008 Investor Insight LEAP undertakes the full managing editorial, design and production of Investor Insight, a financial services magazine of deVere & Partners. This publication is distributed throughout the Asia Pacific and European regions and has a print run of 5,000+ copies. The look of the magazine is simple, smart and professional yet eye catching and has strong colours and images. The articles range from around-the-world and in-house news, investment to lifestyle. proFit WitH principLes Ethical investing goes mainstream as a profitable investment strategy PUBLISHING PORTFOLIO
  17. 17. PULSE PULSE is an internal publication of Adventist Health, a private, not-for-profit hospital that has been providing high quality healthcare to the local community and expatriates residing in Hong Kong, and to patients coming from overseas who demand a higher standard of medical care. The publication is distributed bi-monthly in English. PUBLISHING PORTFOLIO
  18. 18. Simpson Marine Working for an exclusive dealer for many of the world’s leading yacht brands in Asia with award- winning after-sales service and yacht management was a pleasure for LEAP. Over the last 2 years we have continued to produce the company’s regular custom internal publications in English, Chinese and recently in Russian. PUBLISHING PORTFOLIO
  19. 19. Up.Date Up.Date is a monthly publication of British Chambers of Commerce (BritCham) in Indonesia. They came to us with a mission to freshen up the look of Up.Date – shifts the image from an internal publication to commercial to maximize adverts. It’s proven after three editions, BritCham acquires more advertisements than ever! Located in the same office complex, we managed to work closely with BritCham team to ensure deadlines are met and quality of work is sustained. Every month Britcham provides text articles and we work on layout and image representations to fill the pages – having trusted with our creativity, LEAP and BritCham have a comfortable working relationship. PUBLISHING PORTFOLIO
  20. 20. climate change beware of black holes! PUBLISHING PORTFOLIO
  21. 21. Financial Partners We have continued to provide top notch services to Financial Partners and as a result they continue to reward us with new projects. We were asked to handle their internal e-newsletter and their website which was used as a medium to communicate to both their investors and advisers. >> INTERACTIVE PORTFOLIO
  23. 23. Cricket Indonesia Cricket Indonesia is developed to promote the development of cricket in Indonesia. The overall objective is to increase the number of people playing cricket in Indonesia and gain interest among people who have never played cricket before. We worked on their corporate website with the goal of creating one that is image oriented and simple – user friendly navigation. The completed website showcased to the world the cricket developments in Indonesia. >> INTERACTIVE PORTFOLIO
  24. 24. Investor Insight Online Beside the printed magazine, we are also designing and developing the online version for Investor Insight. The website provides full articles from the magazine to those who have been registered. >> INTERACTIVE PORTFOLIO
  25. 25. PrimaFit Having being satisfied on our work, PrimaFit requested that we handle their Corporate website, one that was used to showcase all the company’s fitness equipments and products from variuous global brands. >> INTERACTIVE PORTFOLIO
  26. 26. Apus Investments After working together with Apus Investment Ltd., a start-up hedge fund company based in Hong Kong to develop their corporate logo and stationery, we also engaged to design and develop their company website. >> INTERACTIVE PORTFOLIO
  27. 27. Want to take the LEAP? Email us at or contact one of our offices: Contact Jakarta Office Hong Kong Office World Trade Center, 7th Floor 25/F, 46 Lyndhurst Terrace Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 29 - 31 Central, Hong Kong Phone +852 3575 9611 Jakarta 12920 - Indonesia Us Phone +62 21 2557 4588 (ext. 5568) Fax +852 3753 5223 Fax +62 21 2557 4589 LEAP Agency is part of the Precision Group CONTACT US
  28. 28.

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Short introduction on our newly launched agency.


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