Precise social media research into UK supermarket category


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These two slides are from our in-depth social media research into the UK supermarket brands.

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Precise social media research into UK supermarket category

  1. 1. What are the Key Topics of Conversation about Grocery Retailers? Themes of Conversation by Percentage of All Social Media Content  With a high proportion of conversations about grocery retailers happening on social media, and a tendency for consumers toShopping experience 24% report their experiences, we analysed content to understand the key topics of conversation for the top 4 grocery retailers plus Prices and offers 21% Waitrose. Marketing & PR  Shopping experiences remain a prominent topic and an 12% activity overall indicator of the quality of the experience. Online shopping 6% experiences  Prices are the second most important topic, and customers Balanced Negative have a strong focus on special deals which are expected in Quality of goods in Positive addition to offering EDLP. Deals are a key way to increase share 5% store Neutral of voice within social media and also play a role to reinforce customer perceptions of being the cheapest, with Asda currently Range of goods 5% leading on this. Loyalty cards 5%  Experiences of both online and offline service are absolutely key to monitor and address. Negative experiences of service Customer service are the main source of frustration for customers. It seems that by 4% experiences raising their complaints through social media, customers hope that their voice will be heard by retailers and that they will work to Other conversations 18% address these issues. * Grocery retailers = based on all mentions of Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Waitrose within social media.1 ** The colour of each bar reflects the broad sentiment of conversations within each theme Data to 11th March 2012 *** Including discussions about Petrol prices
  2. 2. Are Asda’s customer pledges delivered through store experiences? Customer Pledges in All Social Media Conversations About Asda by  With a high proportion of conversations about Sentiment grocery retailers happening on Twitter content, and a tendency for consumers to report their Every Day Low Prices experiences as they shop, or immediately afterwards via social media, we analysed content to see whether Asda’s pledges were reflected. Always Available  What we found by looking at conversation content around these pledges is that not only they were discussed in almost half of all the conversations mentioning Asda but also attracted positive Quality You Can Trust sentiment. It therefore appears that Asda’s pledges are being delivered effectively through the in-store experience. Happy To Help  Happy to help is the one with the lowest positive sentiment but the other pledges are positively demonstrated through social media conversations. Best For New  Being able to track whether the key elements of the customer experience are delivered in real time, can 0% 2% 4% 6% 8% 10% 12% 14% 16% 18% 20% help gain early warnings of any changes in Percentage of All Social Media Conversations performance, and indicate opportunities for improvement. Positive Negative Neutral2