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Precise 8 Common Types of Ants & Removal Tips


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Precise Pest Control takes a look into the different types of ants that are commonly found in and around your home's premise.

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Precise 8 Common Types of Ants & Removal Tips

  1. 1. 8 Common Types of Ants
  2. 2. Odorous House Ants • Although nests are in a variety of places, when inside buildings, they’re often found in the walls or beneath the floor • These ants are most likely to invade buildings when it rains • When outdoors, these ants feed on honeydew, but inside buildings, they prefer sweet foods, but will also feed on meats and grease.
  3. 3. Pavement Ants • As the name suggests, these ends have a habit for nesting under pavement • These ants do not pose a health threat, but can contaminate food by leaving waste behind • Pavement ants are not partial to certain foods and will eat almost anything including: insects, grease, seeds, honeydew, meats, cheese etc.
  4. 4. Fire Ants • Fire ants primarily feed on vegetation • These creatures will build their nests in mounds of soils outdoors, near building foundations and landscape areas • The painful sting of a fire ant can cause a raised welt, turning into a white blister after • Their mound-building process can damage plant roots leading to loss of crops
  5. 5. Carpenter Ants • The diet of a carpenter ant can include living and dead insects, meats, fats, and all kinds of sugary foods • These ants build nests anywhere they can spot water or mold, damp wood like tree stumps, plants around your home or firewood • Carpenter ants damage wood houses stand on by digging tunnels within the wood, weakening the structure
  6. 6. Pharaoh Ant • These ants feed on all food typed, but especially sweet foods • Nests are found in hidden, inconspicuous areas throughout a structure • They like to colonize near warm, humid places like drains and pipes • Pharaoh ants cannot survive the temperate climate of the U.S. while outdoors all year-round • To survive, Pharaoh ants will find comfort in artificially heated buildings to get through the winter
  7. 7. Argentine Ant • They nest in a variety of places, both dry and moist • Worker Argentine ants prefer sweet foods like: syrup, fruit juices, plant secretions • No sting, but they can still bite • They emit a musty order when stepped on, versus acidic like most ants
  8. 8. Field Ant • Field ants are the largest group of ants as there are many different kinds • These ants are not commonly found indoors • They nest mostly in outdoor, open areas of soil, greenery or dead wood • These creatures can impart harm through their stingers and the capacity to spray formic acid, which can be painful
  9. 9. Try and seal cracks and crevices that surround foundations. This will make entry from the outside difficult for ants. Seal and story any sugary food in tightly closed container, making sure to wipe the outside of the contain clean to rid any stickiness Stay on top of trash, grease and spills , making sure to clean up after each Be sure to inspect any potted plants you may have inside your home for signs of nesting and remove them at the first sign of infection Tips to Keep These Pesky Ants Away
  10. 10. Any of these pests on your hands? For NJ exterminators, contact Precise Pest & Termite Control at (866) 971-2847