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Precipio<br />®<br />Finance Management<br />Schema onderwerpen Business Plan<br />Next page<br />“Markt & Trends”<br />
Precipio<br />®<br />Finance Management<br />Marktanalyse – Markt & Trends<br />Mar 4<br /><ul><li> Doe uitgebreid onderzo...
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Business Plan: Market & Trends


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Published in: Business, Art & Photos
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Business Plan: Market & Trends

  1. 1. Precipio<br />®<br />Finance Management<br />Schema onderwerpen Business Plan<br />Next page<br />“Markt & Trends”<br />
  2. 2. Precipio<br />®<br />Finance Management<br />Marktanalyse – Markt & Trends<br />Mar 4<br /><ul><li> Doe uitgebreid onderzoek naar/in de markt
  3. 3. Verschillende bronnen
  4. 4. Overheid (Ministeries, steden, …)
  5. 5. Internet
  6. 6. Bibliotheek
  7. 7. Scholen/Universiteiten
  8. 8. Wat is de evolutie in de markt
  9. 9. Aantal concurrenten
  10. 10. Prijs stijging/daling
  11. 11. Kosten stijging/daling
  12. 12. Snelheid
  13. 13. Wat zijn de factoren die de markt beïnvloeden
  14. 14. Prijs
  15. 15. Kost
  16. 16. Technologie
  17. 17. Service
  18. 18. Status</li></ul>Tip: - Verzamelzoveelmogelijkinformatie (spreekmensenaan, doe eenenquête, …) <br />- Toets je conclusie en analyse met experten, collega’s, concurrenten, …<br />Next page<br />“Markt & Trends”<br />
  19. 19. Precipio<br />®<br />Finance Management<br />Marktanalyse – Markt & Trends<br />Mar 4<br />Slecht Voorbeeld - Kodak<br />How Kodak Missed the Big Picture- And Lost its Competitive Advantage <br />In 1888, George Eastman, just in his mid-twenties, established Eastman Kodak Company and introduced roll film, his own invention, which later paved the way for the development of the motion picture. Kodak later introduced the 35mm film, catapulting the company to the forefront in American industry, and made photography a newly accessible hobby for all American households.<br />Today, George Eastman is credited for being a game changer who overcame incredible financial adversity, had a gift for organization and management, and possessed an incredible talent for creativity and innovation. <br />By the 1960s, Kodak was a household name and the gold standard for all things photography and film related.<br />In the 1970’s, however, something incredible happened: Kodak invented the digital camera. Let me say that again: Kodak, inventor of the 35mm film, invented the digitalcamera. And because this new innovation posed a potential threat to its film sales, Kodak responded in an interesting way: they suppressed their new technology.<br />They essentially prioritized preserving the status quo to maintain sales of one piece of intellectual property. <br />Today, Kodak is no longer a technology innovator. Aside from the massive loss of money, Kodak was been forced to lay off thousands of workers to stay in business.<br />Tip: - Blijf op de hoogte van de nieuwste trends<br />- Kijknaar je concurrenten<br />- Investeer in technologie<br />