Usability fail - PSMG March 2012


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Mark Russell's usability talk given at PSMG on 6 March 2012

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  • This is about as primitive as it gets – we prefer things that are familiar – probably because it makes us comfortable.There is nothing we’re more familiar with than people, especially people’s faces.
  • This eye tracking chart shows how people fixate on the face…
  • And interestingly, how we fixate on what the eyes are looking at.
  • Research conducted in 2007 showed that a testimonial for a travel destination can increase conversion by 10%…
  • Add a photograph of the person leaving the testimonial, and you can make that a 20% conversion.
  • But not always – we have detuned our brains from generic stock photography, so use sparingly.
  • Virgin money are taking a different approach to their website by showing a number of things we’re familiar with.A range of agesCountry and city
  • Here’s a typical banker. He needs more cash to bolster his balance sheet.His outcome is a very simple one…
  • A visitor to our banker’s website might be thinking this…It’s a completely rational requirement – perhaps she’s already done the research she needs, and she now wants to get it sorted out.If this is your user’s need, fantastic. You’ve got yourself a sale.
  • But the reality is often more emotional…Our user isn’t thinking specifically of a savings account – he’s thinking about what he’s saving for, and why.His motivation is more emotional than rational (at this stage)
  • Here’s how HSBS are framing their consumer products – not by their features, but by framing it around the user’s possible motivation
  • Brett King
  • Brett King
  • Brett King
  • Brett King
  • Usability fail - PSMG March 2012

    1. 1. #UsabilityFailStop wasting your marketingbudget on bad usability#PrecSemMark Russell
    2. 2. 80+ experts Hearty Home Cooking Cookbook strategy & research branding & communications user centred design development & hosting content & publishing
    3. 3. 22 years experience quality stability loyalty results
    4. 4. 5 locations London Edinburgh Cardiff Perth, Australia Melbourne, Australia
    5. 5. 5 sectors finance education membership organisations health third sector
    6. 6. Find our Precedent group and follow us onon LinkedIn for a chance find out more about for Precedent news, seminarour info and general observationsseminars, network, shareideas and quiz thePrecedent team on #PrecSemseminar issues and more! #usabilityfail
    7. 7. Usability and userexperience
    8. 8. User experienceIt starts by being useful... DesirabilityFunctionally people must Usabilitybe able to use it... UtilityThe way it looks must bepleasing... “Is the product useful to me” “I can easily use it”The overall experience “I like the way it looks and feels” “I like the product”Executing well on all of these areas creates a positive user experience.Research and testing is needed for each.
    9. 9. More than two thirds of companies(68%) recognise a strong link betweenlong-term business performance andcustomer experience.Econsultancy Multichannel Customer Experience Report, 2010
    10. 10. Quick straw poll:Hands up if you have a digitalmarketing budget
    11. 11. Quick straw poll:Keep your hands up if you alsohave a usability or user experiencebudget
    12. 12. Quick straw poll:Keep your hands up if yourusability budget is the same ormore than your digital marketingbudget
    13. 13. ― Pay per click advertising― Referrals from groomed sites― Engaging social media― Mobile sites & mobile apps
    14. 14. ...and it’s a utterwaste if they failto convert
    15. 15. “Online ad spending set to hit $50Bin 2015” – eMarketer, 2011
    16. 16. But it can still all visitors to your site inherently more Is attracting be ruined by poor usability and experience valuable than making sure they have a good experience when they are there?
    17. 17. ConversionsThe funnel isgetting fed but thewastage is high
    18. 18. Doubling conversions = 3,455 extra visitors ---- or ----53 extra conversions
    19. 19. Put another way, do you want to:Increase non-converting (bad?) experience to 6,804 ---- or ---- Decrease the bad experiences?
    20. 20. Measuring the value ofusability
    21. 21. Spend 10% = improve 83%Jakob Nielsen
    22. 22. Why usability fails 1. Lack of consistency 2. Lack of clear navigation to common goals 3. Lack of orientation in the process 4. Lack of error handling 5. A lack of clear closure 6. No easy reversal of actions 7. Lack of control 8. Content is unclear and hard to read 9. Too much information/memory required to perform an actionJakob Nielsen
    23. 23. Measuring the cost of badusability
    24. 24. 1. Use your analytics – check exits and bounces
    25. 25. 2. Use DIY usability methods― Brainstorm analytic findings― Heuristic evaluation (“rules of thumb”)― Conduct a (short) user survey― Ask your customer services team/front line staff― Track customer complaints (inc. on social media)― Ask a (non-technical) colleague to do a task― Assess site against your market/competitors― Check how your site works without CSS― Check what the experience is like on a mobile phone― REMEMBER: You are not “normal” – you know too much
    26. 26. 3. Commission a professional study
    27. 27. What does it cost?
    28. 28. Examples
    29. 29. The University of Texas at AustinHow NOT to present a campus map Sheesh! #UsabilityFAIL
    30. 30. Testing would have found this out
    31. 31. Mental modelfail
    32. 32. Common sense failure
    33. 33. Your examples?
    34. 34. Some usability questions:1. Nothing should be more than three clicks away2. Your home page is seen the most; it deserves more usability attention than others3. Written instructions simplify any online process4. People don’t scroll; anything “below the fold” is missed5. Every process must be simple
    35. 35. The golden rules
    36. 36. 1. Users
    37. 37. You are not the user. Neither is yourboss• What do they want to do?• What do you want them to do?• What barriers do they face?
    38. 38. The bad
    39. 39. What you can do
    40. 40. Persona 4: Alumni “I keep an eye on upcoming events and research my old friends at the University are doing. News feeds are important as I’m a busy man” Dr Alan Mackintosh, GP, 40 Key tasks Web usage • Alan is a busy man with little free time between work and family life. He subscribes to updates from alumni relations Access to other information platforms and the events section of the site to keep up to date with new information Use of your website • He keeps an eye on upcoming events and lectures, trying to find time to attend one or two a year Strength of relationship with you • He finds and keeps in touch with other alumni though the website and especially enjoys reunions when they are arranged Alan is a GP, living in Hertford, Herts, with his wife Alana and • Research is another important area , keeping him up to their two small children; Isla 9, and Hamish 7. Alana is date in his own area of expertise. Some old friends from his pregnant, so there will soon be yet another addition to the student days are now work at the University, and he is family. After Alan graduated his first job was in Scotland, always interested in reading work they publish after which he moved to Cambridge for his GP training. His main interests are art history and photography, but he also You would like to promote enjoys bird watching, playing golf, art galleries, theatre, music • Alumni benefits and networking events/opportunities and the pub - Alan is a big fan of real ale. He is not politically • Upcoming events and seminars particularly alumni events active, but he supports the coalition government. and those related to medicine He accesses the internet both from his PC at work and at home using his laptop and his new iPad. Websites he visits are • New research that’s being carried out Flickr, the Independent, Amazon, eBay, Waitrose, Expedia, • News feeds, so that Alan can subscribe Wikipedia and Art. His parents live in Edinburgh so he is still • How, when and where alumni can donate to the University in touch with the area and the local community. He has an interest in distance learning.
    41. 41. The good
    42. 42. 1. You are not the user. Neither is your boss 2. Interactions
    43. 43. The bad
    44. 44. What you can do
    45. 45. Interactions checklist• Labelling with explanations where required• Mark mandatory fields clearly• Let the computer handle errors• Validate inline• Informative error messages• Clear calls to action• Surrounding visual elements can support or impair different aspects of user behaviour.• If it’s not required, why ask for it?
    46. 46. The $300m button
    47. 47. The good
    48. 48. 3. Accessibility
    49. 49. It’s more than just disabled users• Always remember users with physicaland cognitive disabilities• Also consider technological andcultural differences
    50. 50. What you can do
    51. 51. Culture, language and UX ! The Arabic Palestinian Abu Karim Muhammad al-Jamil ibn Nidal ibn Abdulaziz al- Filistini Son of Abdulaziz Father of Muhammad The beautiful Son of Nidal Karim (Given name)
    52. 52. Culture, language and UX !
    53. 53. Culture, language and UX !
    54. 54. 4. Consistency
    55. 55. Gently hold your user’s hand• Users learn from other sites• Don’t make them think• Visual and linguistic cues make a huge difference
    56. 56. The bad
    57. 57. What you can do
    58. 58. The good
    59. 59. 5. Familiarity
    60. 60. We prefer thingsthat are familiarto us.
    61. 61. Increase conversions by 10%
    62. 62. Increase conversions by 20%
    63. 63. We need to sellmore savingsaccounts
    64. 64. I need a savingsaccount
    65. 65. Decisions arerational andemotional
    66. 66. As a new parent, I want to savemoney, so that I can have enoughput aside for when my son goes touniversity.
    67. 67. 6. Strategy
    68. 68. How does your websitealign to your corebusiness objectives?
    69. 69. Define your keyperformance indictorsbased on your goals andmeasure them
    70. 70. Business objective Goal KPI1 2 3
    71. 71. Business objective Goal KPI1 2 3 Increase customers Monthly sales/revenue Sell subscription packages for entertainment and Increase interest in Monthly unique visits communications products and services we Build good will with Provide news and be an Number of returning existing customers information resource visit Effective marketing Build a CRM Number of registrations
    72. 72. So We’ve measured the problem We understand the range of techniques that could be used We get what the trade off is between effort and resultsNow, who is going to own this?
    73. 73. Attracting people to the site MarketingMaking the IT Web Team Manage sitesite work Services / Products Delivering what people do on the site
    74. 74. Attracting people to the site MarketingMaking the IT Usability Web Team Manage sitesite work Services / Products Delivering what people do on the site
    75. 75. Spend 10% = improve 83%
    76. 76. Remember the golden rules!1. Users2. Interactions3. Accessibility4. Consistency5. Familiarity6. Strategy
    77. 77. @PrecedentComms#PrecSem#UsabilityFail