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Following the success of our report looking at the digital presence of over 200 visitor attractions in the UK and Australia and subsequent seminar in London, we will again be discussing the world of visitor attractions (museums, zoos, parks, gardens, galleries and historical buildings) and the challenges faced by digital, marketing, communications and visitor experience teams and how they go about getting visitors through their doors.
Your visitors’ first impression of your attraction will be as a result of a digital experience not a physical one - they will plan their trip, purchase their tickets, share and reminisce through the digital channels of their choosing. So are you creating the right awareness? Is your digital presence exceeding expectations online? Is it providing a brilliant customer experience? How can you maintain digital engagement?

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Edinburgh destinations seminar 161013

  1. 1. Destinations Seminar The DREAM day out Digitally promoting and enhancing the attraction experience
  2. 2. Today 9.00 Start 1. Introducing the concept 2. Getting people to desire you more | Your success / challenges 3. Helping people’s research | Your success / challenges 10.15 – 10.30 Break 4. Engaging people | Your success / challenges 5. Enriching the experience | Your success / challenges 6. Keeping the memories 11.30 End (but feel free to button-hole me afterwards!)
  3. 3. Who am I? Rob van Tol – Senior Strategist Psychotherapist ex-Usability Consultant ex-Website Manager ex-Information Architect ex-User Experience Designer ex-User Interface Designer ex-Technical & Help Writer ex-Naval Historian
  4. 4. Who are You?
  5. 5. Who are Precedent? • Years • Offic Exper ests
  7. 7. Our research New Brand Universities Alumni Universities Third Sector Globalisation Financial Services NHS
  8. 8. Our research relevant to you Membership Organisations Visitor Attractions
  9. 9. The DREAM model – Two sides of the coin Customers Needs Your Needs
  10. 10. Your physical experience is limited in a specific spot at a particular time … your digital experience isn’t
  11. 11. The DREAM model Letting them find you. Making them want you. Making them want to come back.
  12. 12. The DREAM model Preparing them (for the good, the bad, the before, the after)
  13. 13. The DREAM model Make them love you before first sight. Prepare them for arrival.
  14. 14. The DREAM model Making it as easy and up-sold as possible.
  15. 15. The DREAM model Turning them into ambassadors who remind themselves to come back.
  16. 16. DREAM: Desire Attracting the good, sending away the bad
  17. 17. Aggregation: Bringing together everything
  18. 18. Aggregation: Bringing together everything
  19. 19. Enthusiasts: Aggregation by hand
  20. 20. Enthusiasts: Have a rollercoaster ? Are you talking to “Col”? (No 2 Google. No 1 Bing)
  21. 21. “Col” offers a pre-experience of every coaster. Is it correct? Is it showing you in the best light?
  22. 22. “Col” loves rollercoasters. He gets people excited about them. Show him some love back.
  23. 23. Have a castle? Do you know the Scottish Castle Association?
  24. 24. Have a castle? Do you know Castles on the Web?
  25. 25. Enthusiasts: Set up opportunities
  26. 26. Expand your stage: Access all areas Expand who shares you: Craft content aggregation Expand your site: Amplify your site content Expand the fun: Use topical piggybacks
  27. 27. Ways to create Desire 1. Seed and give away your content to relevant sites (eg, review sites, enthusiast bloggers, directory sites, affiliates, referrers, sites your users use) 2. Check how aggregators are putting you together in unexpected way 3. Piggybacks topical memes (outside destinations topics) 4. Setup opportunities for enthusiasts and their fans to come together
  28. 28. Networking discussions Share your successes and challenges
  29. 29. DREAM: Research Finding you, finding more.
  30. 30. Google: (April 2013) All knowing
  31. 31. Google: (October 2013) All changing
  32. 32. User Review: The monster grows – milk it Google Local
  33. 33. User Reviews: It’s not just tripadvisor
  34. 34. Expand your offer: Are you misunderstood - reach out to blockers and rejecters , show them the full you Royalty Glamour Style Naval
  35. 35. Too many choices: = Nothing highlighted
  36. 36. Too many choices: = Nothing highlighted
  37. 37. Too many choices: Form-filling is dull
  38. 38. Radical simplification: +Motivation or +Usability 2013 British Interactive Media Association Award nomination
  39. 39. Engage: Develop your own voice
  40. 40. Tempt during research: Show off your goodies
  41. 41. Tempt during research : Show off your goodies
  42. 42. Tempt during research : Know when to add detail
  43. 43. Engage: Develop your own voice
  44. 44. Radical simplification: +Motivation or +Usability
  45. 45. Expand your partnerships: Fill out the whole journey
  46. 46. Expand your partnerships: Fill out the whole journey
  47. 47. Ways to facilitate Research 1. Test your proposition: Unique / Emotional Selling Point 2. Challenge yourself to attract the “it’s not for me” audience 3. Monitor social channels (aka free market research) 4. Then match your marketing to your user’s reviews 5. Package your different customer experiences (not in silos) 6. Make recommendations (even if you’re not meant to)
  48. 48. Networking discussions Share your successes and challenges
  49. 49. DREAM: Engage Build excitement, prepare for arrival.
  50. 50. Expand ambassadors’ role: Their influence adds impact
  51. 51. Backstage pass: We all love a look behind the scenes
  52. 52. Backstage pass: The more real the better
  53. 53. Beyond the ticket barrier: Set a wider context
  54. 54. Beyond the ticket barrier: Set a wider context
  55. 55. Beyond the ticket barrier: Set a wider context
  56. 56. Expand the context: And be gorgeous 2013 British Interactive Media Association Award nomination
  57. 57. Expand the context: Across all channels 2013 British Interactive Media Association Award nomination
  58. 58. Engage but keep it real: Or be mocked
  59. 59. Engage but keep it real: Or be mocked
  60. 60. Engage but keep it real: Or be mocked
  61. 61. Ways to Engage 1. Test and experiment with your conversion funnel checking the language, form design, leakage and referrals 2. Use analytics to see your customer footprints through your content and do something where there is trouble 3. Provide a pre-experience, exciting them about what they are going to get (eg show-stopping visuals) 4. Let people find others who have been or are about to go (eg suggested hashtags pre-attending) 5. Offer itineraries and timesavers (before, during & after) 6. Promote campaigns of what they can do on the day
  62. 62. Networking discussions Share your successes and challenges
  63. 63. DREAM: Attend Bridge virtual and real, enhance both.
  64. 64. Support Viral Marketers: Every photo is an ad
  65. 65. Rewarding enthusiasts: The semi-pro blogger
  66. 66. Support Viral Marketers: Reserved seats for bloggers
  67. 67. Physical ≠ Digital Cannibalisation is a fact
  68. 68. Don’t limit depth: You know stuff, share it Admirals of the First World War William Goodenough Robert Arbuthnot (died at Jutland) Montague Browning Christopher Craddock (died at Cornell) Horace Hood (died at Jutland) John de Robeck William Packenham Reginald Tyrwhitt Roger Keyes Cecil Burney David Beatty Trevelyan Napier Louis Mountbatten Hugh Evan-Thomas Frederick Sturdee Arthur Leveson Charles Madden John Jellicoe Rosslyn Wemyss
  69. 69. Don’t limit interaction: Turn viewers into doers 2013 British Interactive Media Association Award nomination
  70. 70. Set up photo opps: Get them to share
  71. 71. Expand to be the destination: Digital doesn’t need to be an add-on 2013 British Interactive Media Association Award nomination
  72. 72. Ways to enhance Attending 1. Offer free WiFi 2. Encourage ‘BYOD’ usage – e.g. set-up cool photo opportunities, nominate staff photographers, badges saying ‘I can take your picture’ 3. Digital tickets (do paperwork before arriving) with sign-ups 4. Make it clear you encourage photos and sharing! 5. Give away the guide but build in the up-sells 6. Incentivise reviews, posts and sharing with in-attraction perks, VIP treatment, discounts for future visits
  73. 73. Networking discussions Share your successes and challenges
  74. 74. DREAM: Memories Make them last, make them shared.
  75. 75. Don’t try to sell sharing: Physical ≠ Digital
  76. 76. Harvest visitors’ info: View visitors as long-term customers Don’t try to sell sharing: Physical ≠ Digital
  77. 77. Harvest visitors’ memories: Turn viewers into sharers
  78. 78. Digital visitor books: Get them to share
  79. 79. Ways to build Memories 1. Capture, house and enable sharing of memories for them 2. Link your customer to your CRM & re-engage on key dates 3. Leverage sign-ups with gifting, benefits and ‘memories’ for fans who couldn’t come 4. Create platforms for fan content 5. Seek out and connect to recent visitors on social media 6. Replace visitor book with tablets and membership sign-ups
  80. 80. Networking discussions Share your successes and challenges
  81. 81. Wrapping up Where’s this all going …
  82. 82. Ye Olde Customer Journey: The Great British Bank Holiday
  83. 83. Desiring friend’s Facebook Playing on phone in queue Researching Google info mine ‘Selfie’ on your phone DREAM Customer Journey: The Digital British Bank Holiday Look at site (tablet, PC, phone) Lookup what next on phone Directions on phone Memories to Facebook
  84. 84. Where is this all going: Some trends for you 1. Team capacity “you‘re going to need a bigger boat” content creation + content curation + community management + customer relations + affiliate relations 2. Mobile 1st digital channel (not your desktop website) 3. Maps 2nd digital channel (not your desktop website) 4. Social 3rd digital channel and an intimate part of what you do (not a best-endeavours piece of work) 5. Foreigners the 3rd World is becoming the 1st World (give them 1st World treatment)
  85. 85. Where is this all going: Some trends for you 6. Fees we‘re becoming accustomed to ancillary fees 7. Bookings differentiate between early-bird | peak | last minute 8. Reviews more sites to watch (trip advisor, virtual tourist, yelp, google+ et.al. and watch out for the rise of expert review sites) 9. Digital destination increasingly echo the physical one, be a destination in its own right 10.Digital experience more integral part of whole the experience (less an add-on or online leaflet)
  86. 86. If you remember nothing else: Digital lets you connect longer and wider, whatever your physical limitations