WorkKeys, Dream it Do it, and Manufacturing Workforce Training Center


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Preble County Development Partnership joins efforts with local Advanved Manufacturing companies, Chamber of Commerce, and Sinclair Community College to implement the WorkKeys program, the Dream It - Do It program, and development of a Manufacturing Workforce Training Center in Preble County Ohio.

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WorkKeys, Dream it Do it, and Manufacturing Workforce Training Center

  1. 1. Preble County Development Partnership, Inc.Advance, Encourage, Promote theIndustrial, Commercial, and Civic Development of Preble County
  2. 2. Agenda Manufacturing Employer Breakfast• How We Got Here• Dream It; Do It: Building a Pipeline of New Workers• Creating a WorkKeys Community• Developing a Manufacturing Training Center
  3. 3. National Issue•More than 80% of employers report “moderate to serious” shortage of qualifiedapplicants.  3 major trends are driving the shortage • Manufacturing employment is rising after years of productivity-driven decline • A significant number of skilled workers are retiring • Our schools do not produce sufficient numbers of future workers with adequate math and science skills to meet the needs of manufacturers Source: The Manufacturing Institute / Deloitte & Touche, “Roadmap to Education Reform for Manufacturing” and The Wall Street Journal, “Help Wanted on the Factory Floor”• People who influence young people do not encourage interest in manufacturing as a vocation. Source: The Manufacturing Institute, Deloitte and Touche, “Public View on Manufacturing”
  4. 4. …and Local Issue• Preble County Schools: Most recent scorecards-- 2 excellent; 2 effective, and yet….• Educational attainment in county lags behind state and national average• Manufacturing employers lamenting lack of skilled workers who are ready to work• Many states implementing Work Ready programs for competitive advantage
  5. 5. Dream It; Do It Grant Mike Snell General Manager, Silfex
  6. 6. Dream It; Do It Grant• The National Association of Manufacturers has created a national marketing campaign, “Dream!tDo!t” designed to: – Increase interest in manufacturing careers – Explain the options to acquire the skills that are needed – Directly engage school systems, counselors and students in the campaign• The “Dream!tDo!t” campaign is designed to deliver professional content with localized implementation – National branding and content creation – Local links, tie-in to partners – Support for best practices – Support for localization and campaign launch
  7. 7. Dream It; Do It Grant• Focus on Preble County high school students and educators with experiences designed to educate about manufacturing careers• The initial membership fee varies from $20-35,000 based upon the geographical size of the campaign• NAM supplies: – National visibility – Membership in the DIDI Executive Leadership Counsel – Creative materials – Technical assistance – Website presence – Campaign toolkit• Silfex and Sinclair Community College partnering on grant request and additional support• Grant decision expected late 2011
  8. 8. WorkKeys A Work Ready Community Jack GrubbExecutive Director Preble Promise
  9. 9. WorkKeys: A Work Ready Community• Assessment system created by ACT: o Makes hiring more efficient and effective o Boosts current workforce productivity through targeted training o Decreases downtime, defects and employee turnover• Does not take a long time or large expense to implement
  10. 10. WorkKeys: How it Works• Looks at the three skills identified for success o Applied mathematics o Reading for information o Locating information• The assessment awards scores of mastery• Match candidates with profiled positions• Train for missing skill levels
  11. 11. WorkKeys: How it Works
  12. 12. WorkKeys: Benefits• Take the guesswork out of selection decisions – Lower performance-based turnover • Companies have seen a reduction from 30%-100% within 1 year• Targeted training – Only train employees in missing skills• Lower product defects and line slow-downs
  13. 13. Dave FultonPresident, Hohman Plating &Coating
  14. 14. Work Keys: Preble County GoalUsing the Oklahoma model as a standardo a minimum of 3% of the existing workforce must be credentialed with Career Readiness Certificateso a minimum of 25% of the available workforce must be credentialed CRCo minimum of 85% high school graduation rate for an emerging workforce
  15. 15. Work Keys: Next Steps• Test workforce with assessment – 3 hour assessment • can be broken up into three 1-hour sessions – Assessment compensated if taken online• Employees can take assessment at: – Job Center – Miami Valley CTC – Possible “mobile lab”• Job center already using assessment
  16. 16. Sinclair/Ohio Board of Regents Grant Creation of a Manufacturing Training Center Rebecca Butler Sinclair Community College
  17. 17. Sinclair/Ohio Board of Regents Job Training Capital Funds Grant• PURPOSE: purchase equipment and/or facilities that will prepare workers for growing industries• AWARD: up to $250,000• REQUIREMENTS: o Demonstrated public/private partnership o Ability to attract/retain workers through grant o Preference given for equipment housed at current business
  18. 18. Sinclair/Ohio Board of Regents Job Training Capital Funds Grant• Work to Date: o Identification of county, chamber, and PCDP partnership o Planning session held with Sinclair, county, PCDP, and business reps o Identification of Training/Skills Development needs o Grant Submission Target Date: Sept 30
  19. 19. Training/Skills Development Needs Engineering, Engineering Technology (Sinclair Community College, area universities) Advanced CNC, Metrology, CNC, Metrology, Basic Machining (Sinclair Community College) Manufacturing Skill Standards Council skills (IVY Tech Community College, Miami Valley Career Technology Center, Sinclair Community College) Basic Skills (literacy, mathematics, job search, employability) (Job Centers)
  20. 20. Grant: Financial Components• Capital Equipment• Site Modifications/Utilities• Ongoing operations beyond grant• Miscellaneous: materials, maintenance, etc…• Estimated Need: $350,000• Maximum grant award: $250,000• GAP: $100,000
  21. 21. Grant: Match Components• Need $250,000 minimum• Match components in final stages or already in place o Facility o Sinclair• NEED: Minimum $150,000 private sector commitment
  22. 22. Employer Commitment Options• Training Commitment o Pay employee wages during training o Possible Co-op option o Invest in training o 4+ training cohorts/year with 15 students o Precision Machining, CNC Machining, Metrology, etc… NEED: 100 employees trained MINIMUM in 2 years
  23. 23. Call to Action• Dream It; Do It • Be available for partnering with Silfex, Sinclair, and K12• Work Keys • Consider assessments for your employees; using Work Keys for incoming worker placement• Sinclair/OBOR Grant • Commit in writing to invest in employee training
  24. 24. Work Keys Community OBOR Dream It, Do ItManufacturing High SchoolCenter Grant Pipeline Manufacturing in PrebleCounty: Partnerships at Work!
  25. 25. Contact InformationMatt Appenzeller Mike SnellExecutive Director General Manager, SilfexPreble County Chamber of 937-456-7550Commerce Rebecca Butler Dean, Sinclair Community CollegeJack Grubb rebecca.butler@sinclair.eduExecutive Director Mike FreedPreble Promise Project Manager, Sinclair College 937-512-5012