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Posting Prayer Product Reviews on


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Published in: Spiritual, Education
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Posting Prayer Product Reviews on

  1. 1. Adding Reviews
  2. 2. Reviews Why Post a Review To change lives. Telling about great prayer resources and places can turn around someone’s life by helping them get closer to God through prayer. To help our outreach. As a user-generated website we need your help in offering a wide variety of resources so everyone can find something as unique as they are.
  3. 3. Become a Reviewer Who: Everyone! What: Resource Listings, Reviews, List Places of Prayer When: Right now! You’re online, so sign up or sign in and post. Where: Go to Resource Reviews or Places of Prayer where you want to add a listing or a review.
  4. 4. Reviews Get Started!Take this quiz to see what you have to offer.
  5. 5. Quiz•Do you have a favorite book on prayer? Write areview.•Do you use any prayer phone apps? Tell aboutthem!•Do you have favorite songs you use for prayer ormeditation? Do a prayer music review.•Ever done a great prayer study? Write arecommendation.
  6. 6. Quiz Have any prayer DVDs or videos? Review them! Use any kind of prayer products – beads, artwork, journals? Tell us about them. Ever been to a prayer chapel, garden or labyrinth anywhere in the world? Help others find them. And download your photos, too!
  7. 7. Resource Reviews have two parts Do a listing first. The listing that tells the facts about a resource – author/artist, title/name, features/contents and where to get it. Do a review second. After the listing appears, add a review that tells what you liked about the product, what you learned or gained, how you used it and make recommendations about who would like it. Each item is only listed once but may have an unlimited number of reviews.
  8. 8. Writing Tips Stay positive. Recommend don’t critique. We’re looking for good things you want to recommend. We’re not looking for critiques. Tell about a book that helped you and why. We only list products on Christian prayer. Please do not list any books that deal with prayer methods of other religions. Focus on prayer content. We include books that may be: a) on another subject, such as grief, but they have a chapter or two relevant to prayer b) a personal life story where prayer played some role c) a devotional book that can be used for prayerful meditation d) a book on some part of prayer such as spiritual warfare, confession, praise and thanksgiving.
  9. 9. List and review classics, old favorites from yourbookshelf as well as new books and products.Prayer books stay relevant. We have much to learnfrom books written in ages past by saints andtheologians, books written by previous generationsas well as the latest books dealing with prayer inmodern life.
  10. 10. Posting a Listing Sign in online or sign up as a member if you’re not already one.
  11. 11.  On the orange navigation bar click on Resource reviews On the landing page that appears click on the type of product review you wish to post, such as book, music, etc.
  12. 12.  On the resource listing page click on the word “Add” in the phrase “add new prayer resource.”
  13. 13.  The Add new Prayer Resource form will appear. Simply fill in the blanks with the requested information and click the blue “submit” button at the bottom of the form.
  14. 14. Approval All listings are screened by the Webmaster before they appear online to prevent spam and inappropriate content. It may take a day or two for the listing to appear online. Once a listing appears, you or anyone may add reviews telling more about the content or features of the product, how they used it, who they think would benefit from this product and how it impacted their own life.
  15. 15. Adding a Review to a Listing To add a prayer product review, go to the listing page under Prayer Resources and click on the name of the item on the listing. Products not yet reviewed will not have any yellow stars under them.
  16. 16.  On the book listing page, click on “Add Reviews” in the left hand column. You will also find the “add photos” function here to add a photo of the book cover, a photo of the author, etc.
  17. 17.  The Add Reviews format will appear. Under rating, choose 1-5 stars with 5 being the highest rating. Under review, write your thoughts, impressions and recommendations of the product.
  18. 18.  After writing your review, click “Submit.” Your user name will automatically appear on the review you have written. The review will appear online after the webmaster has screened it to make sure it isn’t spam and the content is appropriate for a Christian prayer website.
  19. 19. Earn Points and Make Friends Every time you post a listing, a review, a place of prayer or a forum comment, points are automatically added to your credit. To see your points click on “Members” at the bottom of the screen.
  20. 20.  On the member page you’ll see our members, when they joined us and the number of points they’ve earned.
  21. 21.  Click on the name of the member and it will give you a list of the reviews and listings they have written. This allows users to read everything you, their favorite reviewer, have written!
  22. 22. May God bless you for yourcontributions! Thank you so much for helping us add new resources and ideas on prayer that will be available 24/7 worldwide for those looking for encouragement and support in their prayer lives.