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(Starlight) Oscar Night America 2010 Attendee Survey


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(Starlight) Oscar Night America 2010 Attendee Survey

  1. 1. Oscar Night America 2010 Audience Satisfaction Survey Starlight will use your anonymous responses only for refining its Oscar Night America planning and programming. If you need more space to answer any question, please circle its number and use the sheet back.1. Is this the first time you’ve attended Oscar Night America? (Circle one) Yes No2. If no, in which years have you attended? (Check all that apply) ___ 2009 ___ 2008 ___ 2007 ___ 2006 ___ 2005 ___ 20043. What other Starlight events have you attended?(Check any that apply) ___ Hospital Happenings ___ Great Escapes ___ Annual Luncheon Other(s): ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________4. Do you ever attend other nonprofits’ charity fundraisers? (Circle one) ___ Never; this is my first charity fundraiser ___ I’ve been to one only (but not Oscar Night America) ___ Sometimes, but not often ___ Often ___ I regularly attend particular charity fundraisers Which ones? _____________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________5. Have you ever attended other organizations’ Oscar Night parties? (Circle one) Yes No6. Which ones (and which years)?_____________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________7. How does Oscar Night America compare to them?(Check one) ___ This was the best Oscar Night party I’ve ever been to! ___ Much better ___ Better ___ Pretty much the same as the others I’ve attended ___ I enjoyed the other(s) more, because:__________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________8. If this was your first experience with Starlight Children’s Foundation,what is your overall impression of Starlight and what it does? ______________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________9. Did you arrive early to enjoy the Casino, or will you be staying to enjoy the Casino after our event? (Circle one) Yes No10. How many people accompanied you tonight? _________11. If you’re attending without a companion, are you: (Circle one) Male Female12. Are you married?(Circle one) Yes No13. If so, did your spouse accompany you tonight?(Circle one) Yes No14. Do you have children? (Circle one) Yes No
  2. 2. 15. What are the reasons you’re attending Oscar Night America?Please rank from 1 (most important) to 8 (least important): ___ I always come every year ___ To see the Oscars on a big screen ___ To dress up, socialize and be seen ___ To snag some great auction items ___ To see and meet celebrities ___ To get the official 82nd Academy Awards souvenir program ___ To support Starlight’s programs and families with my ticket and donation(s) ___ To introduce others to Starlight Children’s Foundation—Washington16. How did you hear about our event?(Check any that apply) ___Newspaper article (specify)_______________________________________________ ___Newspaper events listing _________________________________________________ ___Newspaper online events calendar: _________________________________________ ___Local magazine article (specify) ____________________________________________ ___Local magazine events listing: ____________________________________________ ___Local magazine online events calendar: ____________________________________ ___Radio announcement (which station?) _______________________________________ ___Received an e-mail alert from radio station ___Heard about it at a radio-station event ___Saw it on Star 101.5’s Web site ___Saw commercial on KOMO TV 4 ___Saw it mentioned on KOMO-TV newscast(s) ___Read about it on KOMO’s Web site ___Learned about it while at Casino ___Saw it on Casino’s online events calendar ___Received a Starlight invitation (first time) ___Received a Starlight invitation (since I attended before) ___Learned about it from Starlight’s Web site ___Received a Starlight e-mail alert ___Mentioned in Starlight newsletter ___Saw a Starlight flyer somewhere ___Mentioned elsewhere on the Web (specify):___________________________________ ___Word of mouth from an acquaintance ___Personal invitation from a friend or acquaintance ___Personally approached by someone with Starlight ___My employer bought a table ___Other (please specify): _______________________________________ ___I don’t remember17. Ticket sales are an important part of this charity fundraiser. What do you think about the ticket cost of this event?(Check one) ___ Not too much to pay to support a worthy charity ___ A great value for the experience ___ I might have paid a bit more since it’s for a good cause ___ Almost too much to pay; not sure I’ll attend again ___ Too expensive; I won’t attend another If you checked “Too expensive,” what would be a better price? $_______18. What did you think about the quality of tonight’s dinner?(Check one) ___ Very Good ___ Good ___ Unremarkable but OK ___ I didn’t care for it
  3. 3. 19. What can we do to improve the dinner next year? ______________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________20. Did you use the VIP Room to meet any celebrities?(Circle one) Yes No21. Is meeting local and national celebrities an important part of your decision to attend Oscar Night America? (Circle one) Yes No22. Please list any celebrities you would be willing to introduce us to for next year’s event (and fill out the response card at the bottom of this survey): ________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________23. Did you participate in the Raise the Paddle?(Circle one) Yes No24. Did you bid on anything from the Silent Auction?(Circle one) Yes No25. Which Silent Auction item(s) did you find particularly interesting? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________26. Did you bid on anything in the Live Auction?(Circle one) Yes No27. Which Live Auction items did you find particularly interesting? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________28. Do you feel the starting bids of any of the auction items were too high? (Circle one) Yes No If so, which one(s)? _______________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________29. Do you feel you had sufficient time during the commercial breaks to bid on what you wanted? (Circle one) Yes No30. What sort of auction items or experiences would you like to see offered at Oscar Night America next year? __________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________31. What did you most enjoy about this year’s event? (Check one) ___ The Oscars telecast ___ The food and drink ___ Socializing ___ Bidding on or winning an auction item ___ The official 82nd Academy Awards souvenir program ___ Winning a door prize ___ The gift bag contents Other: ___________________________________________________________32. Will you join us again for next year’s event? (Check one) ___Yes; please send me an invitation (Use attached mailer card) ___No Why not?_______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________33. Please tell us a little about yourself:How old are you? (Check one) ___ High-school age ___ 41-50 ___ College age ___ 51-60 ___ 22-30 ___ 61-70 ___ 31-40 ___ 71+34. Are you a home owner? (Circle one) Yes No
  4. 4. 35. Are you looking to purchase a home in the next year? (Circle one) Yes No36. Where do you live? (Check one) ___ Seattle ___ Eastside ___ North of Seattle ___ South King County ___ Vashon or Kitsap Peninsula ___ Other: _______________________________________37. What is your annual income range?(Check one) ___ Below $35,000 ___ $35,000-$50,000 ___ $51,000-$75,000 ___ $76,000-$100,000 ___ $101,000-$150,000 ___ $151,000-$200,000 ___ Let’s just say I’m well off38. How often do you travel out-of-state (including foreign destinations) for vacations? ___ Hardly ever ___ Once or twice a year ___ Frequently ___ Almost always39. Have you bought any fine jewelry in the last year? (Circle one) Yes No40. How many cars do you own? (Check one) ___ One ___ Two ___ More than two41. How often do you dine out?(Check one) ___ Hardly ever ___ Once a week ___ Twice a week ___ More than 8 times in a month42. Have you donated to a nonprofit (other than Starlight) since Jan. 2009? (Circle one) Yes No43. Are you involved with any charity as a volunteer, board member or staffer? (Circle one) Yes No44. Are you a member of any nonprofit organization?(Circle one) Yes No If so, which one(s)?________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________45. Are you a member of a family supported by Starlight?(Circle one) Yes No46. Do you know any Starlight families? (Circle one) Yes No47. Do you know anyone connected with Starlight Children’s Foundation—Washington? (Circle one) Yes No48. Which local radio stations do you listen to the most? ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________________49. Which local magazines do you read the most? ________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________50. Which local and community newspapers do you read the most? _________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________51. Which Web sites and/or blogs do you use most for local news? _________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________
  5. 5. 52. Please share with us anyone whom you feel would enjoy Oscar Night America 2011: May we mention your name? (Circle one) Yes No Name Mr./Mrs./Ms._______________________________________ Title _________________________________________________ Company _________________________________________________ Street Address _________________________________________________ City/ZIP _________________________________________________ Telephone(s) _________________________________________________ E-mail _________________________________________________ 53. Please list anything you’d like to contribute to next year’s Oscar Night America silent or live auctions(and fill out the response card below):__________________________________________________________________ __________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 54. Please list anyone you think might be willing to donate something to next year’s auctions: _______________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 55. What specific things would you like to see us do to improve Oscar Night America? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 56. Anything else you’d like to share about your Oscar Night Americaexperience? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Thank you very much for your valuable feedback, and for supporting Starlight Children’s Foundation Washington.================================================================== OSCAR NIGHT AMERICA RESPONSE CARD:___ I don’t want to miss next year’s Oscar Night America; please be sure to send me an invitation.___ I won’t be attending next year. Please take me off your mailing list for this event.___ I know a local or national celebrity to whom I will recommend Starlight. Pleasecontact me for his/her information___ I have something I’d like to donate for next year’s auction. Please contact me. Name: _______________________________ Company: _______________________________ Title: _______________________________ Street Address: _______________________________ City/ZIP: _______________________________
  6. 6. Telephone: _______________________________E-mail: _______________________________