Overview of chef ( Infrastructure as a Code )


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- Chef is a system and cloud infrastructure automation framework.
- It easy to deploy servers and applications to any physical, virtual, or cloud location, no matter the size of the infrastructure.

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  • Kickstart: a file for installation questions
    Libvert: The virtualization API, XEN, VMWare, Vitural Box, KVM…
    Amazon Web Services/Elastic Computer Cloud
    Fog: Ruby cloud services library
  • Recipes: written in ruby using DSL. A Recipe describes a series of resources that should be in a particular state on a particular part of a server (such as Apache, MySQL, or Hadoop).
    Resource: A resource is usually a cross platform abstraction of the thing you're configuring on the host.
    A role sets a list of recipes and attributes to apply to a node
    A cookbook is a collection of recipes.
    Knife is the command line interface to the Chef server
  • Chef ensures that actions are not performed if the resources have not changed
    The Chef Server is built to handle the easy distribution of data to the clients - the recipes to build, templates to render, files to transfer - along with storing the state of each Node.
    given the same set of Cookbooks, Chef will always execute your resources in the same order.
  • Overview of chef ( Infrastructure as a Code )

    1. 1. Chef Infrastructure as a Code
    2. 2. Agenda l Agenda l Why chef ? l Basics of Chef l Demo l Question?
    3. 3. Why chef ? • Manual system administration • Non-repeatable • No version control • Takes too long
    4. 4. Install, configure & control ... servers in your sleep
    5. 5. Chef Chef is a system and cloud infrastructure automation framework. You define recipes of how you want your system to look and then chef makes it so.
    6. 6. Chef • Client-server architecture • Embraces modern web technologies • Best ideas from cfengine and Puppet • Targeted to Linux, Solaris, Window, Mac OS • Written in Ruby, recipes in Ruby
    7. 7. Chef - IaaC - Programmatically provision and configure - Treat like any other code base - Reconstruct business from code repository, data backup, and bare metal resources.
    8. 8. Chef - IaaC
    9. 9. Knife
    10. 10. Cookbook - Fundamental unit of configuration - Cookbooks contain recipes, templates, files, custom resources, etc - Code re-use and modularity - Hundreds already on Community.opscode.com
    11. 11. Cookbook l recipes - list of instructions l attributes - variables l definitions - macros of resources l files - files used by resources l libraries - Ruby to extend Chef DSL l metadata.rb l templates - ERB templates
    12. 12. Node • Chef-Client generates configuration Directly on nodes from their run list • Reduce management complexity through abstraction • Store the configuration of your programs in version control
    13. 13. DEMO
    14. 14. Hosted Chef - Sign up for Opscode Hosted Chef - https://community.opscode.com/ - Create an Organization
    15. 15. thanks~