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Monte Construction Limited


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Monte Construction Limited

  1. 1. Monte Construction Limited Always the highest standards Tel/Fax: 02083 166 205 Mobile: 07825 212 006 Email: Facebook: Monte Construction Limited London, UK
  2. 2. Dear Customer, The Monte Construction Limited is a family business with extensive Eastern European and United Kingdom experience in general construction and refurbishment. Flexibility and 35 years experience in construction industry are the core values that enabled to lead and accomplish successfully construction projects those budgets exceeded £1.25 million. We can assist in the implementation of new construction projects, reconstruction works and property maintenance to private, commercial and public sectors and have goals to extend our business to architecture and structural engineering services. The management team treats each project as unique and works to satisfy specific customers’ needs. We possess BSc Civil Engineering and Technology, BSc Industrial Engineering, PGDip Management, PGDip Financial Strategy, MSc Management and Business Administration certificates and strive to keep high standards in every job we do. Thus, whether you need qualified services, we would be pleased to assist you. We wish you good luck and look forward to working with you. Yours sincerely, Vladislovas Pravilonis Asta Pravilonyte Mantas Pravilonis Director Commercial Advisor Director 2
  3. 3. Our services Foundations Based on the information contained within the ground investigation report and depending on the type of structure being built, we are able to lay shallow concrete foundations, such as strip footings and pad foundations, set up foundation blocks, build reinforced concrete raft foundation and pile type deep foundations. External engineering and communications  We may also assemble ground drainage, sewage and rainwater systems, gas pipe, electricity supply and communication systems along with the installation of the foundations. Frame and upper Floors According to the solutions proposed by structural engineers, we are capable of building steel, reinforced concrete, timber or masonry frame and construct the staircase of the building. Roof We may construct a frame of pitched and flat roofs, assemble a roof decking, incorporate thermal and acoustic insulations, and set up water proofing and ventilation systems. Our services involve timber-and-tile, flexible metal, wooden, slate, rolled roof covering works and assembling other types of roof systems. 3
  4. 4. External Walls Depending on the project requirements, we may build external walls from different types of bricks, blocks, concrete, wood, metal, install acoustic and thermal insulations along with ventilation systems. We are also capable of constructing walls by using sandwich blocks. Based on customers’ preferences we may finish external walls with ceramics tiles, stucco coating and painting or assemble wooden, plastic, metal or glazing panels. Sandwich panels that contain thermal, acoustic and fire-rating characteristics are available to set up as well. Windows and Doors We may assemble windows and doors those possess manual or automatically controlled opening mechanism. We mount hinged, pivot swing, sliding, sliding/folding and revolving doors as well as sash and casement windows. Internal Walls and Partitions Based on project requirements, we can build load bearing walls from bricks, blocks, concrete, wood or metal incorporating thermal and acoustic insulations and capable of setting up internal partition walls from a timber or aluminium framework and screwed plasterboard sheets. Moreover, we mount moveable partitions constructed from plastic panels or glass windows. 4
  5. 5. Space and Water Heating Based on the purpose of the building and availability of the energetic resources we may install electric and gas heating systems for space and water heating. Moreover, installation of electric or water under floor heating is also available. Air Treatment and Ventilation Mainly, we install mechanical kitchen extract fans and bathroom extractors as well as extractors with incorporated humidity sensors. We may also assemble ventilation ducts, mount air conditioners and dehumidifiers. Electrical and Gas Installation We install complex electrical distribution equipments and electrical cables to enable the supply of electricity for lights, electric sockets and various electrical applications. Our services also involve assembling gas pipes and pipes’ attachment to gas applications. Water and Sewerage Installations We may install cold and hot water pipelines and assemble sewerage systems according to the project requirements. Sanitary Fitting Depending on customer’s request we may also fit sinks, baths, toilet bowls, shower cabins and bide. 5
  6. 6. Wall, Ceiling and Floor Finishes We prepare wall, ceiling and floor surfaces for decoration and depending on the customer’s needs we may offer wide range wall, ceiling and floor finishes. Our services involve painting and tiling walls, hanging wallpaper and fitting wooden or plastic panels on walls. We can paint ceilings and assemble wooden or plastic panel ceilings. We may paint, tile floors as well as fit laminate, vinyl, hardwood or carpet flooring. Stair Finishes and Internal Doors Where staircases need to be finished, we can assemble metal or wooden balustrades and handrails, and offer tiling, carpeting or laying woodblocks for stair treads. Depending on customer’s request we can mount internal doors as well. General Home Fitting We may assist you in general home fittings such as shelves, cupboards, wardrobes, curtain rails, mirrors, taps, mixers, showers, lights or other. Cleaning Our works are accomplished with cleaning work space. 6