Analysis on water partnerships 10112012


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Global Economy Trends,
Cooperation on Sustainable Development,
Climate Change,
Partnerships on Water

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Analysis on water partnerships 10112012

  1. 1. November, 2012 Global Economy Trends,Cooperation on Sustainable Development, Climate Change, Partnerships on Water ECO TRADE AND INVESTMENT LTD Contact person: Ms Asta Pravilonyte
  2. 2. Global Economy Trends, Cooperation on Sustainable Development, Climate Change, November, 2012 Partnerships on WaterContentsGlobal Economy Trends ..................................................................................................................................... 3Cooperation on Sustainable Development ........................................................................................................ 4Climate Change .................................................................................................................................................. 6Partnerships on Water ....................................................................................................................................... 7 2|Page ECO TRADE AND INVESTMENT LTD Contact person: Ms Asta Pravilonyte
  3. 3. Global Economy Trends, Cooperation on Sustainable Development, Climate Change, November, 2012 Partnerships on WaterGlobal Economy TrendsFinancial crisis which was caused by the credit crunch in2007 due to inaccurate assessment of risks and recklesscapital allocations into the mortgage backed securities had ahuge economic distortion in the advanced countries with welldeveloped financial markets. Systemic risks those arousedue to high integrity of financial institutions and deepfinancial markets increased countries’ vulnerability. Liquidfinancial markets created favorable circumstances to emergeasset bubbles, to increase volatility of capital flows andexchange rates. These conditions caused distortions ofdomestic markets and financial stability of financialinstitutions, deepened sovereign debts and threatenedeconomic growth.According to the World Economic Outlook revealed by theIMF at the IMF-World Bank 2012 Annual Meeting in Tokyoon 9 October, 2012, the global economy growth wasdowngraded to 3.3 percentages in 2012 and projected assluggish in 2013 with the 3.6 percentage growth. Theforecast of the economy growth was made according to the The Worldassumptions that European policymakers get the euro area Economiccrisis under control and that the United States take action to Outlook, Octobertackle the “fiscal cliff” without drastic budget deficit cuts those 2012involve automatic tax increases and spending cuts. The The Globalgrowth in the advanced economies was projected to increase Financialby 1.3 percentage this year compared with 1.6 percentage Stability Report,last year and the growth in emerging and developing October 2012countries was marked down to 5.3 percentages, against 6.2percentage last year. The growth in the leading emerging The IMF-Worldmarkets such as China, India, Russia, and Brazil has been Bank 2012seen as slowing down and the volume of world trade was Annual Meeting,reduced to 3.2 percentages this year compared to 5.8 9 October 2012,percentages last year. TokyoThe Global Financial Stability Report prepared by the IMF’sMonetary and Capital Markets Department in Market 3|Page ECO TRADE AND INVESTMENT LTD Contact person: Ms Asta Pravilonyte
  4. 4. Global Economy Trends, Cooperation on Sustainable Development, Climate Change, November, 2012 Partnerships on WaterDevelopments and Issues, and presented at the IMF-WorldBank 2012 Annual Meeting in Tokyo on 9 October, 2012, alsoindicated the main concerns regarding the global financialsystem related to the euro area crisis. The IMF encouragedpolicymakers to restore confidence, reverse capital flight, andreintegrate the euro zone. The medium-term fiscal adjustmentswere also advised to both Japan and the United States.Additionally, some considerations and assessments wereraised on how the regulatory reforms and financial structureaffect financial stability and contribute to better economic The Millenniumoutcomes. DeclarationCooperation on Sustainable Development The UN MillenniumThe Millennium Development Goals were adopted by the 189 Campaign andworld leaders and signed in 2002 as a part of the Millennium the MillenniumDeclaration. Since 2002, once the UN Millennium Campaign Developmentwas established by the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, the GoalsUN partners, civil society, parliamentarians, faith groups andyouth from around the world to work together towards The Unitederadication of poverty and hunger, achieving universal primary Nationseducation, promoting gender equality and empowerment of Conference onwomen, reducing child mortality, improving maternal health, Sustainablecombating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases, ensuring Development orenvironmental sustainability and developing a global Rio+20 in Rio departnership for development. Janeiro, Brazil on 20-22 JuneThe main topics about jobs, energy, cities, food, water, oceans 2012and disasters during the United Nations Conference on The Issue BriefSustainable Development - or Rio+20 – which took place in No 16 preparedRio de Janeiro, Brazil on 20-22 June, 2012, were focused on by the Unitedinitiatives and challenges to support a green economy in the Nationscontext of sustainable development and poverty eradication. department ofAccording to the Issue Brief No 16 prepared by the United Economic andNations department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN- Social AffairsDECA) a green economy requires major structural and UN-DECAtechnological changes in key sectors such as infrastructure,industry, agriculture and transportation. This Issue Briefidentified major gaps in finance and suggested that the 4|Page ECO TRADE AND INVESTMENT LTD Contact person: Ms Asta Pravilonyte
  5. 5. Global Economy Trends, Cooperation on Sustainable Development, Climate Change, November, 2012 Partnerships on Watertransition will require the identification of new sources, thestreamlining of existing channels and the effective design andutilisation of instruments to leverage private investment.Alongside mentioned initiatives, the United Nations Secretary-General BAN Ki-moon launched a new independent globalnetwork of research centres, universities and technicalinstitutions on 9 August 2012, which aims to help withsustainable development solutions for some of the world’s mostpressing environmental, social and economic problems. TheSustainable Development Solutions Network will work withstakeholders including business, civil society, UN agencies and The Sustainableother international organizations to identify and share the best Developmentpathways to achieve sustainable development. Solutions NetworkHowever, despite the international agreements on globaldevelopment trends, the World Trade Organization (WTO) also World Traderevealed concerns regarding slowing international trade. 2011, ProspectsAccording to the press release of the WTO on 12 April, 2012, for 2012, WTOWorld Trade 2011, Prospects for 2012, the trade was predicted Press/658,to growth to 3.7 percentages in 2012 which is slower compared 12 April 2012to the expected 5.0 percentage in 2011. Moreover, the WorldTrade Report 2012 published on 16 July 2012 was focused on - The World Tradeincreased use of non-tariff measures. Public policies and Report 2012,regulatory standards for health, safety, environmental quality WTO Press/ 667,and other social aspects became increasingly more important in 16 July 2012trade. Considering the slowing economic outlook and declining WTO Publicinternational trade the WTO organized a public forum in Geneva Forum 2012: Isduring 24-26 September, 2012 to discuss whether raising Multilateralisminternational trade frictions could cause the crisis in in Crisis?, 24-26multilateralism. Taking into account the increased importance of September,domestic economic policies and global initiatives in economic 2012, Genevaand financial cooperation for sustainable development as well aschallenges related to stability of financial systems, the WTO may Understandingcontribute to negotiations of multilateral commitments and the WTO: Thesolving international investment disputes by bringing back Doha Agendainternational investment to the Doha agenda. 5|Page ECO TRADE AND INVESTMENT LTD Contact person: Ms Asta Pravilonyte
  6. 6. Global Economy Trends, Cooperation on Sustainable Development, Climate Change, November, 2012 Partnerships on WaterClimate ChangeThe international cooperation in protection of the environmentand prevention of the human negative interference in climatesystem through the The United Nations Framework Conventionon Climate Change entered into force on 21 March 1994.According to the Conventions the ultimate objective is stabilizegreenhouse gas concentrations at a level that would preventdangerous anthropogenic (human induced) interference withthe climate system. It also states that such a level should beachieved within a time-frame sufficient to allow ecosystems toadapt naturally to climate change, to ensure that foodproduction is not threatened, and to enable economicdevelopment to proceed in a sustainable manner.According to the Fact Sheet of the IPCC Special Report onManaging the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters toAdvance Climate Change Adaptation prepared by theIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on 28 The UnitedNovember 2011, observations since 1950 show changes in Nationssome extreme events. It is very likely that heat waves will Frameworkincrease in length, frequency and/or intensity over the most Convention onland areas throughout the 21st century. The average maximum Climate Change,wind speed of tropical cyclones (also known as typhoons or 21 March 1994hurricanes) will increase, the droughts will intensify, theaverage sea level will rise and temperature changes will imply IPCC Specialchanges in floods. Additionally, the trends in disaster losses Report onshowed that economic losses from natural disasters are higher Managing thein developed countries; however, once expressed as a Risks ofproportion of GDP, the losses are higher in developing Extreme Eventscountries. Deaths from natural disasters occur more in and Disasters todeveloping countries. Advance Climate ChangeThe IPCC highly agreed that many measures for managing Adaptation,current and future risks have additional benefits, such as 28 Novemberimproving peoples’ livelihoods, conserving biodiversity, and 2011improving human well-being. Moreover, it was declared thatmany measures, when implemented effectively, made senseunder a range of future climates. The “law regret” measures 6|Page ECO TRADE AND INVESTMENT LTD Contact person: Ms Asta Pravilonyte
  7. 7. Global Economy Trends, Cooperation on Sustainable Development, Climate Change, November, 2012 Partnerships on Waterinclude systems those warn people of impending disasters,change in land use planning, sustainable land management,ecosystem management, improvements in healthsurveillance, water supplies, and drainage systems,development and enforcement of building codes, and bettereducation and awareness. The 17th sessionAs long as the commitments according to the Kyoto Protocol, of thethe document which legally bound developed countries to Conference ofemission reduction targets, ends in 2012, governments of the the Parties (COPParties to the Kyoto Protocol decided at the 17 th session of 17) to the Unitedthe Conference of the Parties (COP 17) to the United Nations NationsFramework Convention on Climate Change in Durban, 9 FrameworkDecember 2011, that a second commitment period will start Convention onfrom 2013 following the end of the first commitment period. Climate ChangeMoreover, during the 16th session of the Conference of the in Durban,Parties (COP 16) to the United Nations Framework 9 DecemberConvention on Climate Change held in Cancun, November 20112010, the governments agreed to establish a Green ClimateFund, an international long-term fund management The 16th sessionorganization to support developing countries, a Technology of theMechanism to find and get clean technologies; an Adaptation Conference ofFramework to boost international cooperation and a Registry the Parties (COPof voluntary plans of developing countries to limit greenhouse 16) to the Unitedgas emissions and the support needed to achieve them. Nations FrameworkPartnerships on Water Convention on Climate ChangeEstablished World Water Council in 1996 promotes in Cancun,awareness, builds political commitment and triggers action on November 2010critical water issues. It performs on the highest decision- World Watermaking level to facilitate efficient water management and Councilutilization of water resources in environmentally sustainableway. The 6th World Water Forum organized in Marseille The 6th Worldduring 12-17 March, 2012, brought representatives from Water Forum inAfrica, Asia-Pacific, Americas, Europe, Cross-Continental Marseille,Mediterranean and Cross-Continental Arabic Countries to 2-17 March,provide solutions required to ensure everyone’s well-being, 2012actions needed to contribute to economic development and 7|Page ECO TRADE AND INVESTMENT LTD Contact person: Ms Asta Pravilonyte
  8. 8. Global Economy Trends, Cooperation on Sustainable Development, Climate Change, November, 2012 Partnerships on Watermeasures for keeping the planet blue. The MinisterialDeclaration of the 6th World Water Forum was adapted on 13 The MinisterialMarch, 2012, which showed the international consensus on the Declaration of theright to water and sanitation, and governments’ commitments to 6th World Wateraccelerating the access to safe and clean drinking water and Forum ,sanitation in line with United Nations resolutions and the 13 March, 2012Millennium Development Goals. During the MinisterialConference the importance of the necessity of building sound Thefinancing, governance and cooperation framework was Parliamentarian Conference,acknowledged, and support of promotion of successful a Manifesto andexperiences and integrated solutions was expressed. At the a road toParliamentarial Conference a Manifesto and a road map was support theaddopted which commited to support the Water Legislation WaterHelpdesk dedicarted for knowledge and expertise sharing on Legislationgood practices in water governance. Additionally, an inter- Helpdeskministerial council of the Arab League approved an experience The Arabsharing platform, the Pan-African Parliament committed to League,improving water and sanitation in neglected areas and the experienceEuropean Parliament presented a resolution on the 3 Strategic sharing platformDirections and Conditions of Success of the 6th World WaterForum. The resolution was forwarded to the European Council, The Pan-Africanthe European Commission, governments and parliaments and Parliament, Improved waterthe Secretary-General and Member States of the United and sanitation inNations. neglected areasThe other initiatives involve the Declaration of Partnership for EuropeanStrengthening Water Security in Africa. Some African Parliament,governments (Ivory Coast, Republic of Congo, Burkina Faso, a resolution onChad and Niger) together with Switzerland and France pledged the 3 Strategic Directions anda USD 96 million to support partnerships initiatives. Conditions of Success of theSeveral American organisations and companies of the Latin 6th World WaterAmerican Alliance for Water Funds committed to USD 27 Forummillion to create, implement and capitalise at least 32 WaterFunds in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Mexico and other The Declaration ofcountries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Partnership for Strengthening Water Security inThe UN-ESCAP, the UN-HABITAT, the FAO, and the UNESCO Africaendorsed their targets, solutions and messages for the Asia- 8|Page ECO TRADE AND INVESTMENT LTD Contact person: Ms Asta Pravilonyte
  9. 9. Global Economy Trends, Cooperation on Sustainable Development, Climate Change, November, 2012 Partnerships on WaterPacific regional water-related security, those will be forwardedto the 2nd Asia Pacific Water Summit in 2013 in Bangkok, The commitmentThailand. Moreover, Asia Pacific will host the upcoming 7th of Latin AmericanWorld Water Forum in Korea. Alliance for Water FundsEuropean region’s initiative involves cooperation of the DGEnvironment with DG Research and Innovation and other The UN-ESCAP,DGs, launched European Innovation Partnership on Water. the UN-HABITAT,The partnership is based on a broad consultation of the FAO and the UNESCO targetsstakeholders and experts to facilitate development of and solutions forinnovative solutions for water challenges in Europe and the the Asia-Pacificworld, to remove any regulatory and market barriers, promote regionthe integration of various policy and finance instruments andincrease the demand for innovation, across all sectors and The 7th Worldusers of water. Water Forum in KoreaThe initiatives of Mediterranean cross-continental region areimplemented through established the Euromed water Initiatives ofpartnership in 1995. The dialog was strengthened through European Innovationlaunched Euro-Mediterranean Information System on Know- Partnership onHow in Water Sector to share information and experience Water toacquired by the partner countries at local, regional and national promotelevels. The four priorities of the Mediterranean region includes innovationspolicies for water demand management, national waterresources planning which includes the contribution of non- The Euro-conventional resources, improvement of water governance and Mediterraneanurban and industrial sanitation. Information System onThe Arab regions strategy on water security and future Know-How indemand of sustainable development for the period 2010-2030 Water Sectorwas approved by the Arab Water Ministerial Council (AWMC). The Arab regionsThe council was established in 2008 under the League of Arab strategy onstates and coordinates the exchange of experience on water water andshortage challenges. During the 6th World Water Forum the sustainableArab region committed to adopt the convention on Shared development forGround Water Resoiurces before 2015 and to implemt the the period 2010-Integrated Water Resources Management Project aporved by 2030 approvedthe Ministerial Council for Water in partnetrship with the Arab, by the WMCregional and international institutions. 9|Page ECO TRADE AND INVESTMENT LTD Contact person: Ms Asta Pravilonyte
  10. 10. Global Economy Trends, Cooperation on Sustainable Development, Climate Change, November, 2012 Partnerships on WaterMoreover, the World Bank Group is a vital source of financial andtechnical assistance to developing countries around the world.The multi-donor partnership administrated by the World Bankaims to support poor people in obtaining affordable, safe andsustainable access to water and sanitation services acrossAfrica, East Asia-Pacific, South Asia, and Latin America and theCaribbean regions. The World Bank Group which persuadesWater and Sanitation Program (FY11-15 Business Plan) focuseson six intermediation outcomes across Africa, East Asia andPacific, Latin America and Caribbean and South Asia: scaling uprural sanitation and hygiene, creating sustainable servicesthrough domestic private sector participation, supporting poor-inclusive WSS sector reform, targeting the urban poor andimproving services in small towns, mitigating and adopting waterand sanitation service delivery to climate change impacts, anddelivering WSS services in fragile states. Water and Sanitation Program - FY11- 15 Business Plan of the World Bank Group 10 | P a g e ECO TRADE AND INVESTMENT LTD Contact person: Ms Asta Pravilonyte