India Against Corruption- The Movement In Numbers


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A quick list of numbers and trends of the Indian Against Corruption (IAC) movement's online activity. This analysis the twitter handle @janlokpal 's reach and impact by using twitalyzer tool.

It was prepared to do a quick analysis of reach and impact that Avaaz's online outreach created!

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India Against Corruption- The Movement In Numbers

  1. The Numbers:All About IAC Movement
  2. • Facebook 521,884• @Janlokpal: 153,144 Followers• 3,000 comments were posted and nearly 8,000 people approved of posts made on the movements Facebook page between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m on 8th June, 2011.• On Thursday, 9th June, over 1,600 comments were posted on Facebook, of which 700 related to a video featuring Arvind Kejriwal speaking at the Raj Ghat fast.
  3. Trend Analysis: IAC vs. Janlokpal vs. AnnaHazare IAC : > 10 Mn Hits
  4. Twitter Analysis @janlokpal (latest) Impact, as defined by Twitalyzer, is a combination of the following factors: The number of followers a user has The number of unique references and citations of the user in Twitter The frequency at which the user is uniquely retweeted The frequency at which the user is uniquely retweeting other people The relative frequency at which the user posts updates Engagement provides a measure of the type of interaction the user has in Twitter by examining the ratio of people referenced by the user to the number of people referencing them.
  5. Twitter Analysis @janlokpal (latest) Potential Reach sums a users follower count and the sum of followers for any user retweeting any of their Tweets during the previous seven days to estimate the total potential reach in Twitter at any given time. Effective Reach multiplies a user and each of their retweeting users follower count by their calculated influence (the likelihood that that user will be retweeted or mentioned) to determine a likely and realistic representation of any users reach in Twitter at any given time.
  6. IEC Material (ppt from IAC website) Pamphlets in Hindi आप क्या सोचते हैं ? कृ पया अपनी बात रखिए… …चुप मत बैठिए अपने जनप्रतततनति और स्थानीय अख़बारों को पत्र तऱखिए, रे ठियो Detailed Presentations स्टे शनों और टीवी चैनऱों को बताइए ठक available on web page आप क्या चाहते हैं ??