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NewStar NIMS Profile


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NewStar NIMS Profile

  1. 1. NewStar Software Services We Do Whatever IT Takes NIMS – Network and Infrastructure Management System Hyderabad | Toronto | New Jersey Copyright ©2004, NewStar Software Services
  2. 2. Introduction NewStar Software Services is a leader in information technology solutions. We drive business value through advanced and modern framework based technical solutions. We offer cost efficient and well managed offshore application delivery services to end users and clients. We are a team of qualified consultants, engineers and subject matter experts (sme’s) to quickly and efficiently complete your IT projects through NewStar managed and client managed services. We are Head quartered in Hyderabad, India, with overseas offices in Toronto, Canada and New Jersey, USA. NewStar continues to grow and build its solid reputation for quality work.  We've been in business over 4 years. We have many client success stories based upon proven methodologies.  We guarantee our services.  We integrate well into your existing IT organization. We provide project management and technical consulting to do the job right the FIRST time.  We offer competitively priced services without mind numbing contractual issues.  We have highly qualified engineers, project managers and consultants who are well qualified in their areas of expertise through hands-on experience, classroom education, and vendor certifications. We take personal responsibility in the services we deliver. Service descriptions are provided explaining the services we've provided. We're a technology company in the people business. That means we bring you experienced, professional consultants, engineers, project managers, and technical specialists for most any kind of information technology project. Copyright ©2004, NewStar Software Services
  3. 3. Service Offerings Network and Infrastructure Management System (NIMS) This speaks about End to End Architectural Layout of an Enterprise which compiles:  LAN/WAN/WIFI connectivity across Business areas  High end Manageable Switches for connection  High bandwidth ISP’s as per necessity for packet transfer  High end Routers for data flow for user to user  Wireless Modem setup as per necessity  NAS/SAN Setup for Data storage  Firewall with multiple configurations as per necessity for Data security from not authorized access, virus detection  Multiple LAN connectivity setup as per data flow requirement eg.. VLAN, VPN Setup, WAN, Campus Area Networks (CANs), or Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs) which are usually limited to a room, building, campus or specific metropolitan area (e.g., a city) respectively. The largest and most well-known example of a WAN is the Internet. Copyright ©2004, NewStar Software Services
  4. 4. Network Showcase Copyright ©2004, NewStar Software Services
  5. 5. Case Study 1 The above diagram describes of a network setup for a multinational Organization where NewStar had played its major role in connectivity a of all the organization branches with its head quarter. The connectivity was laid among 15 users in a single branch and 15 branches across the city and state. The concept of this project was to create an interface between the Clients HQ and its branches which are located across the city and state so that all data can be saved at one single server which is laid at the Head Quarter. This helps the user to view and retrieved the data as and when required. Manageable Switches are used in this project for systems connectivity. These switches also help user authorization and unauthorized access declination. Leased Lines are used for branch connectivity with its Head quarter and ISDN lines are also used as a back up line. This makes the process faster and highly secured as once the data is saved in the HQ main server, except the Admin or authorized person the data cannot be retrieved or edited by any one else and the backup ISND lines play a vital role a security agent in case the main line is down. VLAN (Virtual LAN) connectivity is laid among the users and among the branches for authorised user access only. Back up Server is deployed in case of necessity and SAN/NAS setup is implemented for data storage. Copyright ©2004, NewStar Software Services
  6. 6. Case Study 2 The above diagram is a case study of Network Implementation of NewStar for its esteemed Client (Leading Real Estate and Infrastructure Company). The project is designed, implemented keeping in mind the clients growing business and its business expansion (in terms of multiple branches). This client has their Branches across the State and Country and they wanted to have Business connectivity among all its branches. The challenge in the project was, not only their branches had to be connected but also each work location has different work groups and these groups should have different setup of access to their respective local server and the same should be deployed to the main server placed at the HQ such as voice connectivity should have a different line and data line should be different. All users should have assigned access only. In every branch they have a server which needs to be directly connected to the HQ main server. The next challenge was, the management should have access to all the servers which are placed in all the branches and to the main server too where as the users should have access only to the local server and not to the main server. NewStar had successful connected all their branches with its HQ by using:  Internet based leased lines of high bandwidth  Backup line of lower bandwidth  High end firewall  Manageable Switches for group sharing and user connectivity Copyright ©2004, NewStar Software Services
  7. 7.  High end Modems and routers for point to point business connectivity  VLAN concept was used for user access limitation We work with BSNL DAX Networks SIFY Broad Band CISCO Reliance Communication D-Link Airtel Communication Netgear Tata Broadband Cyberoam Hathway We Serve NewStar Software Services is a leading provider of Business Integration services, IT Infrastructure and Consulting works to industry expertise such as:  Automotive  Retail  Manufacturing  Warehouse  Healthcare  Insurance  Telecommunications  Financial services  Aviation Copyright ©2004, NewStar Software Services
  8. 8. Why corporate require NIMS Threat from Result Internet Threat No data availability Loss of important data Business Loss Spamming Client Abuse Slow work Heavy Maintenance Phishing Low work Data damage High cost Low Bandwidth Time consuming Heavy paper work Unwanted data System damage System crash NewStar benefits High technical analysis Functional Expertise Round the clock Project/Program Management Frequent meetings with Client management and project status report Connectivity with most leading ISP’s and Hardware Manufacturing Companies NewStar dedicated resource 365 days support and maintenance Low cost on consulting Regular education to employees upon new and supportive technologies Copyright ©2004, NewStar Software Services