Social rights


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Social rights are rights made by a group of people to maintain social order within a society

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Social rights

  1. 1. Social rights Social rights are rights made by a group ofpeople to maintain social order within a society By- Praveen Sidola
  2. 2. Gender Parity• Designed to measure the relative access to education of males and females.• 0.72. India
  3. 3. Healthy childhood• Healthy Child Healthy World• Nearly 22 million children under the age of five are estimated to be overweight worldwide.• “CHETNA” [Children Health Education throughNutrition and Health Awareness program]• Sudies from India show that females have more obesity and the metabolic syndrome as compared to males.
  4. 4. Rights Against Regionalism
  5. 5. Holistic Secularism• Secularism means respecting the beliefs of each other.• It entails respect of various religions and their respected religious beliefs• An ideal nation will be fully secular with mutual respect between religions.• However, such ideals cannot be fully implemented in a developing nation such as ours.• Ideals like liberalism and secularism should be modified to suit regional tastes and ground realities.
  6. 6. Public Interest Litigation• In Indian law, PIL means litigation for the protection of the public interest.• It is litigation introduced in a court of law, not by the aggrieved party but by the court itself or by any other private party.• Such cases may occur when the victim does not have the necessary resources to commence litigation or his freedom to move court has been suppressed or encroached upon. The court can itself take cognisance of the matter and proceed suo motu or cases can commence on the petition of any public-spirited individual.• Filing a PIL is not as cumbersome as any other legal case and there have been instances when even letters and telegrams addressed to the court have been taken up as PILs and heard by the court
  7. 7. Ethnic marginalization• In sociology, marginalization, or marginalisation (British), is the social process of becoming or being made marginal (to relegate or confine to a lower social standing or outer limit or edge, as of social standing);• Ethnic marginalization is classifying people into lower social standing on basis of ones ethnicity.• In its most extreme form, marginalization can exterminate groups
  8. 8. Women Power• 15% of all senior management held by women• 14/30 BSE - one woman director• 7/30 BSE - one woman independent director.• 775 Organization - one woman director• 247 org. - one woman independent director• 5.3% of 1112 directorship of BSE 100 companies held by women.• 2.5% executive directorship of BSE 100 companies held by women.
  9. 9. Women Power•15% of all senior management held by women•14/30 BSE - one woman director•7/30 BSE - one woman independent director.•775 Organization - one woman director•247 org. - one woman independent director•5.3% of 1112 directorship of BSE 100 companiesheld by women.•2.5% executive directorship of BSE 100companies held by women.
  10. 10. • Out of 175 survey• 80% women are unaware of Sexual harassment policy of organization.• 90% women think policies are not enforced.