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  1. 1. Certified Green Buildings & Sustainable InfrastructureBy: Praveen Kumar, Natalia Lushnikova, & Aaron Rodante
  2. 2. OUR TEAM• Team- We are a global team based in USA, Europe, & India.• Capabilities- 10+ years experience in Retail Banking, Information Technology, Value Chain Management, Green Buildings, & the Commercial Airline Industry.• Reputation– through college classes including online courses from Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard University etc.• Attitude- We are a team of enthusiastic, passionate, and committed people who want to change the world by building a global company that makes the world a better place by deploying CleanTech to design-build and manage assets such as Certified Green Buildings & Sustainable Infrastructure.• Organization- We want to build a world class team and we have identified a list of high-quality people we want to recruit.
  3. 3. OPPORTUNITY TARGET MARKETS Certified US – Green building market forecast - Green $135 billion by 2015 Buildings Sustainable India – Market Infrastructure increase to $30 billion in 4-5 years Served Brazilavailable Brazil market China China India UK Total available UAE market Africa = US Mauritius $70 Trillion Singapore
  4. 4. Innovative B2B Business Model Unlike our competitors who are focused on Engineering, Procurement , & Construction (EPC) contracts to Design-Build green buildings, we are building an Infrastructure Asset Management company that does the following:• Architect, Engineer, Arrange Project Finance, Procure Materials & Construct LEED ™ Certified Green Buildings & Envision ™ Rated Sustainable Infrastructure and Fulfil our Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracts.• Operations & Maintenance (O&M) of Infrastructure Assets with intense focus on achieving the best Net and sustained Value-for-Money for our customers.1. LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design was developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).2. Envision™ Sustainability Rating System is the product of a joint collaboration between the Zofnass Program forSustainable Infrastructure at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and the Institute for SustainableInfrastructure.
  5. 5. B2B CONTINUED• Build an Integrated Enterprise by deploying a common Information & Communication Technology (ICT) system from the Cloud/Software as a Service (SAAS). This single system enables Real-Time information flow across our customers, suppliers and partners. They no longer need to allocate resources & run separate IT systems in their companies.• Deploy a B2B e-commerce platform for partner companies from across the world. Our partners will benefit from increased sales opportunities, improved visibility into buying organization’s processes, & an accelerated order-to-cash cycle.• We will build a Demand Driven Supply Chain that enables the smooth flow of goods & services across our Value Chain. This give us the ability to capture Value (profit) at every stage of the Value Chain. All this is based on strong Governance Processes (Finance & Performance, Information Technology, Assets & Personnel, Life-cycle & Change and Rules & Compliance) being in place.
  6. 6. REVENUE STREAMSEngineering, Construction,Project Financing, Facilities A CONTRACTSManagement &Sourcing & Procurement, SERVICESInformation & Communications BTechnology (ICT)Engineering, Procurement & Construction(EPC), Co-Events, B2B Trade Shows, CIndustry Conferences & Seminars etcGreen Buildings & Sustainable InfrastructureOperations, Building Information Modeling (BIM) D& 5D Design
  7. 7. THE DEAL• We are building a Consortium with Global Suppliers & Partners tobid & win EPC contracts across the world.• We give business to our Suppliers & Partners. They then executeparts of the project for our account. We keep Procurement Margins.• Commission & Deliver the Green Buildings & Sustainableinfrastructure to Customers (Profit Taking)• Operations & Maintenance of the Assets (Profit Taking)• Employees receive competitive salaries, stock options, & otherbenefits like medical etc.• Investors will be offered exit opportunities at every stage of thebusiness & through M&A, Corporate Buyout, IPO etc.
  8. 8. STARTUP COSTSEmployee salariesBuilding materials/constructionOffice location/Rent, UtilitiesTravel & accommodations to events/seminarsGBCI fees 3¢–5¢ per sq. ft for new constructionSubmitting LEED documentationResearch & design/running simulations to realize best performanceLEED commissioning & modeling -$0.50–$1.00 or more per sq. ft.Efficiency monitoring systems, Managing cost of construction
  9. 9. THE TECHNOLOGY INNOVATIONWe will deploy high-end, innovative & disruptive technologies like:• Enterprise asset management (EAM) - whole life optimalmanagement of the physical assets of an organization to maximizevalue• Building Information Modeling (BIM) - a process involving thegeneration & management of a digital representation of physical &functional characteristics of a facility• 5D Design - Includes 5 dimensions of length, breadth, width, time& cost• Pre-fabrication & Assembly of the buildings• Software as a Service (SAAS)/Cloud basedProject Management, Whole Building Energy Analysis, Sourcing andProcurement, Contract Lifecycle Management, SupplierManagement, Building Operations Management, FacilitiesManagement, & ERP
  10. 10. GO TO MARKETRaise awareness aboutour company business Participate & make advertisements presentations at Trade Invite senior executives channels, CNBC, Shows, Industry from customer Business Week, CFO Seminars, B2B companies to co-events Economist, Conferences, & & special events Entrepreneur, Fast Conclaves etc. Company, Forbes, Fortune, Inc. Register with relevant Government Help customers Work closely with top Organizations/ evaluate our Leasing/Sales organization’s Valuecompanies in the world Agencies. Become Proposition by making right from Demand member of various presentations to several Creation Stage. Trade Associations & levels of to CEOs, Chambers of CFOs, & COOs etc. Commerce.
  11. 11. GO TO MARKET CONT’D The customers do business with us bySubmit bid documents entering into EPC Deliver our projects on highlighting how we contracts & operations a Build-to-Order (BTO) bring value to the & maintenance services basis customer company. contracts for their green buildings & infrastructure. Deliver Certified Green After sales: After Buildings with delivery of Certified compliance to Green Buildings & International Sustainable Standards like, BSI Infrastructure, we also PAS 55 & upcoming operate & maintain ISO 55000, ISO 20000, them for our LEED Platinum etc. customers.
  12. 12. BUSINESS MODEL / TARGETED MILESTONES Our business model is outlined in our business canvas model Targeted milestones include Establish Bid, Win Conduct a our first and demo &Complete Acquire start- office in Complete Deliver a presentationour final up funding & Siliconacademic for Angel incorporate Valley / the first series of Investors / project projects projects the company San Venture in US and Francisco Capitalists India Bay area