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Artificial intelligence by praveen hanchinal


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Presentation for Resource person on “Artificial Intelligence – How it useful to Government Departments” organized by Government of Andra Pradesh, APHRDI (Andhra Pradesh Human Resource Development Institute) at Bapatla, Andra Pradesh, India on Jan 18-20, 2018.

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Artificial intelligence by praveen hanchinal

  1. 1. Artificial Intelligence How it is useful for Govt. departments Pravin Hanchinal INWHIZZ IT Innovations
  2. 2. About Me Educator, Entrepreneur, Innovator, Cloud, Big Data, IoT, AI Evangelist
  3. 3. Disclaimer All the images are used for educational purposes only. All the images in the presentation are obtained from internet with “free to use license” search. Some of them are from free stock photos like pexels website. If you are owner of any images with copyright. Kindly report. Will remove the images with all respect to your creative work.
  4. 4. What is AI? The science of intelligent programs
  5. 5. The Brain of AI | Neural Networks
  6. 6. Let’s See in Action:
  7. 7. What Defines Us? Creativity and Intelligence
  8. 8. Why Now?
  9. 9. Image source: rning-ai/
  10. 10. What AI Deals with?
  11. 11. Common Complaints “We don’t have enough people to keep up.” “We have to go through miles of case law on this one.” “The paperwork is killing our productivity.” “We don’t know because we can’t track events and incidents like that.”
  12. 12. Why AI Important? 1. Reasoning: the ability to solve problems 2. Knowledge: the ability to represent knowledge about the world 3. Planning: the ability to set and achieve goals 4. Communication: the ability to understand written and spoken language. 5. Perception: the ability to deduce things from images, sounds, etc
  13. 13. What We Need for AI? Resources Tools Information
  14. 14. What We Have? Resources Enough Computing Power | Cheap Hardware Human Brains | Build AI Models Tools Cloud Open Source Tools Information All Govt Data Open Govt Data
  15. 15. What can be done now? Make Govt. Officials to embrace Technology Train Existing Officials Token Systems in all Govt Offices Use Google Maps to monitor traffic Remove Duplicates in an instant Start Training AI on Existing Data
  16. 16. Agriculture Make AI learn based on our crop references, to predict pricing Classification of products using AI
  17. 17. Working AI: Self Driving Cars
  18. 18. In Future Drones Monitoring Farms and Harvesting Law Enforcement: Self Driving Cars Text Summarization in Law Automated RTI Toilet Doctors | Medical Insurance Office Less Services: Documents Movement Automated Citizen Care Prisoners monitoring
  19. 19. In Future Defence / Military Behavioural Analysis Predicting Poverty Guided Schooling
  20. 20. You Name it, We can apply it
  21. 21. Things Everywhere
  22. 22. All our world is made of Things. Things when connected, form IoT IoT Won't Work Without Artificial Intelligence!
  23. 23. IoT-> AI | How It Works?
  24. 24. Sample Model : X-ROAD
  25. 25. Humans in the loop...
  26. 26. The electric light did not come from the continuous improvement of candles. -Oren Harani
  27. 27. In a Nutshell Go through presentation again Explore resources provided Get Started Build Small Models and Scale up Learn From Failures
  28. 28. Finally to the tip of iceberg...
  29. 29. Enough! Source:
  30. 30. ధన ా ల You gave me your time, the thoughtful gift of all...
  31. 31. more presentation at
  32. 32. Stay connected +919740861099
  33. 33. References AI Playgrounds:
  34. 34. References IoT MQTT: The Matrix:
  35. 35. Videos to Watch
  36. 36. Research References AI Self Driving Cars: 10:38
  37. 37. EXTRAS
  38. 38. Auto Draw ue=103&v=VwRbvVrUXTc
  39. 39. AI to Play Cam Draw AI Duet
  40. 40. Best Research Paper in IoT* Uses Machine Learning Synthetic Sensors:
  41. 41. Not a COMPUTER The interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data. What is IoT?