thakur pratiksha praju's praju prajus chemistry chemical science pratiksha thakur structure pharmacy students csir chem net set gate acid life drug methyl pet pharma ugc pharmaceutical aspirants medical clinical benzene drugs classification 1 alcohol pharmacology bromo phytochemistry pharmacognosy 2 chloro cell aldehyde reaction pharm preparation one propane technology medicinal types butane protein patient 2-methyl alkyl disease study halide cyclo dimethyl phenyl amine anti general pharmaceutics oic dna interaction treatment phenol bpharm propan membrane source population symptoms reactions computer system medicine bsc aldehydes ethane plant methane hydrogen blood preparations 12th 11th analysis msc hexane constituent model medium aptitude parameters glucose type storage agents exam carboxylic hydroxy 3 ayurvedic natural between pyruvate function host science and technology standard test base methods health butan 4 1-chloro formulations difference sex bacteria cycle factor parasite human sugar method water numerical ph factors it effect titration dioic pentan ethyl diol benzene-1 family program species embryonic membranes extraembryonic growth enzyme toluene energy adr b synthesis plasma material definition death causes equation information notes analytical spectra patients basic propanal 2-dimethyl nitro 4-methyl adverse compliance biological extra di use formulation language programming complex extraction pathway gene starch malate photosynthesis site micro amino development primary form response competition unit non number therapeutic b pharmacy gpat environment part marathi biosynthesis mode skin cosmetics theory hypothesis action relationship tests process packaging alpha cream paste practical pharmacological acting ion spectroscopy biology ethan carboxylic acid butanoic propanoic 2-one pentane butanal 2-bromo 2-methyl propan propane-1 1-bromo 3-methyl trial prepared herbal mode of action mesoderm control food genetic uses size chloride hormone endonuclease restriction concentration light stomata polymerase plasmid age tissue formation acetic solution buffer area island polypeptide receptor vector rate enzymes activation lipid interactions pathogen cells interspecific electrostatic weak nuclear molecule potential metal monitoring tdm particle temperature organic concepts mass vidnyan ssc competitive glycoside hcl naoh rbc heart characteristics hair application nqt tcs absorption parameter activity emulsion labelling suspension ketone oils oil iodine suppositories mechanism mechanisms sodium histamine gi solvent effects product eye ethanamine pentanoic ethanoic ethanoic acid phenone 1-phenyl hexan -2-one carbaldehyde prop enal methan 1-ol propan-1-ol 6 2-hydroxy 2-diol 5 dibromo trials dose role education who ayurveda colour fine fermented decoction ayurved n double studies sterile therapy table code coding chain soluble keratin long benzaldehyde example reduction refining smelting roasting rdna open guard close stomatal signal syndrome rna proton curve aba iaa abscisic auxin séquence red mitochondrial indicator ageing series artificial culture transfer origin equilibrium globular expression clone limit amnion sac yolk bacterial phase glycolysis co2 prey succession embryo chromosome magnetic parasitism hydrophobic ionic properties strong derivation simple diatomic aromatic compounds rule effective bonding elements opening electron spectrum rotational inversion antibiotics physics fertilization ecology analyzers stabilizing data 10th exams cardiac bp pressure cosmeticology evaluation foam transport active of tablet fatty potassium manufacturing powder volatile indirect beta suppository applications antagonist plasmodium mosquito diseases ga serotonin autacoids analgesics git student ndds delivery law diamine ethylene edta agent solubility uv electronic pharmacist counselling n-dimethyl benzenamine 1-amine methanamine 2-phenyl ethanoic dicarboxylic cyclohex methanone diphenyl diphenyl methanone pent benzophenone 3-one 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prokaryotic eukaryotic mutation fat bond shape collagen fibrous trans specific linkage dry carbon oxidation hydrolysis separation extraction of furnace ore night oaa phosphate pga calvin pepa pgal tca caspase intrinsic indole oxidase organism group care line exponential capacity carrying biotic digestion steps influx efflux malic closing wilson macarthur predictions falsifiable biogeography negative fructose end oligosaccharide disaccharide carbohydrates recognition monosomy translocation fungi increase cytokinin gibberellin pcr categories phenotype damage apoptosis nutrient house green root shoot callus ch3cooh hydro hydroxide hasselbalch henderson recolonization large migration mainland patchy metapopulation subunit regulators proteins recombination lambda loss chorion protective waste metabolic allantois nutrition generation dead kreb dehydrogenase phosphorylation precursor inactive inhibition key fermentation alcoholic pyruvic predator lotka habitat community ecological ovary egg sperm handed left helix stable database c a fission binary division lack limiting overton bilayer danielli davson sandwich lipo mosaic fluid models quadrapole tof maldi infection virulence kill signaling predation mutualism commensalism force waal vander movement dispersion catalyst density solid crystalline molecules gravity moment multiplication addition quantum cyclic boron donor shielding atomic principle copper iron ring capsule aspirant science and technology subject tantradnyan chemical science hamiltonian behavior wave radiation production determination vibrational molecular helium experiment error deviation biotechnology 9th circulatory gametogenesis immunity ecosystem handwritten part 2 tantrdnyan english paper question definitions part 1 preparing general aptitude opp salkowaski burchard libermann glycosides zinc flavonoids nmr based problem problems ir heredity autosome disorders disorder aorta semi born haemolytic artery renal kidney cold packing importance viscosity supply requirements require disadvantage advantages service aspirin tablets pka delayed sar ether examples polymer salt ointment bases pastes creams gel gels procedure administration suspensions coriander fennel terpene guanethidine sympatholytic sympatholytics phenytoin practicals barbiturates antagonists malaria diarrhoea diarrhea diarrhoel precipitation demasking masking antiseptic amoebiasis amoeba gas anaesthetic acetylcholine ach cholinergic interleukin prostaglandin autacoid morphine analgesic opioid adrenergic gi tract tract gastrointestinal act single mdds liposome cns tdds common fluorescence pharmacovigilance visible cpdi back titrations botany distance doctor b pharm 2-phenyl ethan-1- 2-phenyl ethan-1 phenyl ethan-1-amine -phenyl ethan-1-amine 2-phenyl ethan-1-amine 4-diamine dimethyl benzenamine n-dimethyl benzenamine n -methyl n -ethyl n-ethyl-n-methyl n-ethyl-n-methyl ethanamine dimethyl ethanamine n-dimethyl ethanamine phenyl methan phenyl methanamine hexanamine cyclohexanamine amino toluene 2-amino 2-amino toluene en-1-amine -en-1-amine 2-en-1-amine -2-en-1-amine prop-2-en prop-2-en- prop-2-en-1 prop-2-en-1- prop-2-en-1-amine 2-diamine -2-amine 2-amine propan-2 propan-2- propan-2-amine -amine -1-amine propan- propan-1- propan-1-amine en-4-ynoic acid -en-4-ynoic acid 2-en-4-ynoic acid -2-en-4-ynoic acid hex-2-en-4- hex-2-en-4-ynoic ynoic hex-2-en-4-ynoic acid (nitrophenyl) nitrophenyl 3-(4-nitrophenyl) 3-(4-nitrophenyl) butanoic 3-bromo-4 3-bromo-4-phenyl 3-bromo-4-phenyl pentanoic 3-bromo-4-phenyl pentanoic aci cyclopentene dicarboxylic 4-cyclopentene cyclopentene 4-cyclopentene dicarboxylic octane octanoic octanoic acid -3-en carboxylic acid cyclohex-3-en carboxylic cyclohex-3-en cyclohex-3-en carboxylic acid 2-hydroxy-2-phenyl 2-hydroxy-2-phenyl ethanoic 2-hydroxy-2-phenyl ethanoic ac 1-ene cyclopent cyclopent-1- cyclopent-1-ene cyclopent-1-ene carboxylic 4-methyl cyclohexane benzene carboxylic acid methyl benzene carboxylic acid 2-methyl benzene carboxylic 2-methyl benzene carboxylic ac phenyl ethanoic acid 2-phenyl ethanoic acid -dicarboxylic acid 2-dicarboxylic 2-dicarboxylic acid benzoic acid 4-dioic 4-dioic aci 2-hydroxy butane-1 6-dioic acid hexane-1 5-dioic 5-dioic acid pentane-1 chemical chemistry hydroxy propanoic acid 2-hydroxy propanoic 2-hydroxy propanoic acid 4-dioic acid butane-1 propen propenoic propenoic acid 3-dioic 3-dioic acid ethanedioic ethanedioic acid -methyl pentanoic aci 3-ethyl-2-methyl 3-ethyl-2-methyl pentanoic 3-ethyl-2-methyl pentanoic aci 2-dimethyl propanoic 2-dimethyl propanoic acid 3-dimethyl butanoic 3-dimethyl butanoic acid hexanoic hexanoic acid 3-methyl butanoic 3-methyl butanoic acid pentanoic acid 2-methyl propanoic 2-methyl propanoic acid butanoic acid propanoic acid methanoic methanoic acid dihydroxy benzophenone p'-dihydroxy p' p'-dihydroxy benzophenone p cyclohex-2-en-1- -2-en-1-one hex cyclohex-2-en-1-one ethanone 1-phenyl ethanone cyclohexanone hexanone 2-methyl cyclohexanone 4-methyl pent 4-methyl pent-3 4-methyl pent-3-en 4-methyl pent-3-en-2 pent-3-en-2-one 4-methyl pent-3-en-2-one propio propiophenone 4-chloro 4-chloro propiophenone 3-nitro 3-nitro benzophenone 4-methyl-3-nitro 4-methyl-3-nitro benzophenone fluoro -fluoro acetophenone fluoro acetophenone 4-fluoro acetophenone 4-fluoro acetophenone -phenyl butan-2-one phenyl butan-2-one 1-phenyl butan-2 1-phenyl butan-2-one phenyl propan-1-one 1-phenyl propan-1 propan-1-one 1-phenyl propan-1-one 4-dimethyl pentan 4-dimethyl pentan-3 4-dimethyl pentan-3-one -methyl pentan-3-one 2-methyl pentan- 2-methyl pentan-3 2-methyl pentan-3-one heptan heptan- heptan-2 heptan-2- heptan-2-one -3-one hexan-3- hexan-3 hexan-3-one pentan- pentan-2- pentan-2 pentan-2-one pentan-3- pentan-3 pentan-3-one butan-2 propanone 3-methyl butanal -dimethyl propanal dimethyl propanal 2-dimethyl propanal 3-hydroxy 3-hydroxy butanal 2-chloro propanal -1 dicarbaldehyde 2-dicarbaldehyde butane dial 2-methyl butane dial 2-methyl butane dial -2-carbaldehyde 2-carbaldehyde napthalene napthalene- napthalene-2- napthalene-2 napthalene-2-carbaldehyde cyclopentane cyclopentane carbaldehyde phenyl prop-2-enal 3-phenyl 3-phenyl prop 3-phenyl prop-2 3-phenyl prop-2-enal 2-phenyl ethanal but-2 but-2-enal prop-2 3-dihydroxy 3-dihydroxy propanal 2-methyl butanal pentanal 2-methyl propanal methanal bromo-2 1-bromo-2 2-iodo-2 2-iodo-2-methyl 2-iodo-2-methyl propane 2-chloro butane 2-dimethyl butane 1-chloro-2 propene 3-bromo propene chloro ethene ethene 1-chloro ethene 1-iodo-2 1-chloro-2-methyl 1-chloro-2-methyl propane 2-bromo butane 1-chloro butane 2-bromo propane 1-bromo propane chloroethane bromomethane 2-methyl propane 1-bromo-2-methyl 1-bromo-2-methyl propane 2-bromo-2-methyl butane 2-bromo-2-methyl propane -chlorbut-3-en-2 -3-en-2-ol chlorbut-3-en-2-ol 3-chlorbut 3-chlorbut-3 3-chlorbut-3-en 3-chlorbut-3-en-2 3-chlorbut-3-en-2-ol 4-diol cyclohexane-1 1-ethyl cyclo ethyl cyclohexanol 1-ethyl 1-ethyl cyclohexanol cyclohex-2- cyclohex-2 en-1-ol -2-en-1-ol cyclohex-2-en-1-ol methan-1-ol cyclohexyl cyclohexyl methan-1 hexyl cyclohexyl methan-1-ol methyl cyclopentan-1 methyl cyclopentan-1-ol cyclopentan-1-ol 2-methyl cyclopentan-1 2-methyl cyclopentan 2-methyl cyclopentan-1-ol hexanol cyclobutanol butanol methyl propan-2 methyl propan-2-ol 2-methyl propan-2 2-methyl propan-2-ol methyl propan-1 methyl propan-1-ol 2-methyl propan-1 2-methyl propan-1-ol butan-2-ol butan-1-ol 2-ol 3-triol dimethyl propan dimethyl propan-1-ol 2-dimethyl propan-1 2-dimethyl propan 2-dimethyl propan-1-ol prapan ethanol methanol 6- 6-dimethyl 6-dimethyl phenol 2-ethyl 2-ethyl phenol 3-ethyl 3-ethyl phenol 4-ethyl 4-ethyl phenol 5-dimethyl 5-dimethyl phenol 4-dimethyl 4-dimethyl phenol 3-dimethyl 3-dimethyl phenol 4-hydroxy benzoic 4-hydroxy benzoic acid 6-trinitro trinitro 6-trinitro phenol mhset 3-amino 3-amino phenol 4-bromo 4-bromo phenol 4-methyl phenol 3-methyl phenol 2-methyl phenol 2-hydroxy benzaldehyde 4-triol 2-dichloro dichloro 2-dichloro benzene 4-nitro benzene 1-chloro-4-nitro 4-nitro 1-chloro-4-nitro benzene 2-nitro benzene 1-chloro-2-nitro 2-nitro 1-chloro-2-nitro benzene 2-methyl benzene 4-secbutyl butyl sec 1-bromo -4-secbutyl phenyl methane bromo phenyl bromo phenyl methane 5-tetra 5-tetrabromo 5-tetrabromo benzene tribromo benzene 5-tri 5-tribromo 5-tribromo benzene tribromo bromobenzene 3-chloro 3-chloro benzene 1-bromo-3-chloro 1-bromo-3-chloro benzene 4-dibromo 4-dibromo benzene 3-dibromo 3-dibromo benzene 2-dibromo 2-dibromo benzene 4-chlorotoluene 1-chloro-4-methyl 1-chloro-4-methyl benzene 3-methyl benzene 1-chloro-3-methyl 1-chloro-3-methyl benzene 3-chlorotoluene 1-chloro-2-methyl benzene 2-chlorotoluene chlorobenzene ai integrated circuit ic fifth fourth third second first generations station work palmtop pda pc cpu super mini feature mainframe deligency accuracy speed output logic arithmetic input transition ortho phenonthroline ferroin reduced oxidized compound weight detection dosage loopholes aware participant blind period carry bias design antacid laxative self counter the otc need healthcare satisfy medicines essential malignant porphyria acute aberrant bizarre impaired hepatic predisposing prophylaxis unintended noxious supportive prevention screening exploratory surveillance marketing post safe iii causing allergy antibacterial sulfonyl ureas diuretics sulphonamide allergic anaemia bioavailability detecting potent term indications direction route knowledge improve metabolism catecholamine tetracycline milk cheese inhibitor mao polypharmacy avoid non linear identify poisons pharmacokinetics narrow valid assessment counting residual markers interrogation research programs educational hospitals scope drug food drug drug smoke suppressant immuno bronchodilators psychiatric antiepileptics anticancer requiring continuous bizzare augmented inappropriate delibrate poor practice good schedule t t schedule space asu premises factory purity identity microscopic guideline guidelines safety qc quality percolation fractional phytonic distillation steam artemisinic artemisin astraceae artemisia annua annua herb artemisia lanatoside digoxin gitoxin digitoxin cardenolide cardenolides purpurea digitalis charas ganja bhang narcotic cultivation sativa cannabis vats sadhana odour arjun ashok siddha wooden pots soaking count status microbial microorganisms name lithium symbol names thyroglobulin tendon ketose aldose saccharide sugars oligo poly aconite poisonous poison swedana gunja objective sodhana omus sweet sweetener bones binder haldi peel halad skincare umbelliferae flavour flavourant lemongrass grass rose fragrant thea tea lawsone mehendi henna colourant maize zea sinensis rosa disintegrant modifier lactose diluent sapindus reetha surfactant conditioner alfatoxin sudarshan triphala powders churna dissolution khadiradi lasunadi pills pill gutika bhrinraj anu mahanarayan medicated taila value pippalyadi nirgundi ghee boiled ghrita reducing jeshtamadha chyawanprash semisolid avaleha arjunarishta dashmulasrishta germination srp ribosome er across lichen oldfield successional tolerance facilitation hydrophilic thymine sea bird epiphyte harm benefit pump calcium oxygen ahp cre amylase inactivation della surface arf aux pai positive tapeworm maturation sexual paratenic intermediate definitive blindness phylloquinone tocopherol cholecalciferol retinol nutrients vitamins kinase hypodermis larval hermaphrodite fertilize anchor elegans caenorhabditis vulva voltera shift spin nitrogen rough dolichol residue linked n- linked glycosylation extinction immigration pool hypoxia extreme oxidants envelope shock heat initial stress stressors dynamics levins classic matrix cyclotron trap sector spectrometry grant request provisional inventive step utility novelty validity india prosecution patent acidity selectivity titrant alkalimetric substitution displacement direct insect insecticide crop muller paul trichloroethane dichlorodiphenyl ddt ideal ch2cl2 dichloromethane methylene cleaning ccl4 sunlight sun chlorination tetrachloride tetrachloromethane dyes pesticide trichloromethane chloroform standardization marker herbals authentication puva annealing recombinant technique ornithophily entomophily hydrophily anemophily microsporogenesis megasporogenesis parthenocarpy apomixis pollination grafting propagation vegetative plants prajprajus sol flow viscometer rheology dilute strokes velocity sedimentation enlarged eunuchoid tall thin abnormality 47 klinefelter's disjunction 45 neck webbing stature short turner's guanine recon muton cistron pyrimidine purine regulation operon lac chlorophyll peristomium stroma grana chloroplast photo cytochrome pigments r.q. quotient respiratory ets anaerobic aerobic mycoherbicide vam biocontrol pesticides herbicides biogas sewage flocs microbiology welfare microbes totipotency breeding bagging tagging emasculation enhancement biofortification dominance homozygous dihybrid genotype alleles genetics variation bowmans glomerulus filtration secretion tubular reabsorption selective ultrafiltration reflex motor conduction impulse nerve cervical brain canal neural oblongata medulla functions cord spinal productivity abiotic agroforestry deforestation leaching menstrual reproductive zygote pregnancy parturition haplo complete incomplete acro telo sub determine chromosomal adjuvant vaccine genome genomics engineering fingerprinting body remove cosmetic mechanical thermo hplc tensile depilatory depilatories palm comb honey bees paraffin carnauba waxes wax structured mother prime fibonacci learning multiple debug paradigm python purchase round full commerce internet credit repeat settlement after execution presale trade price seller buyer cost supplier var queries http access dbms management cls directory virtual syntax framework provider asp driven event .net visual vb tags markup text hyper html lab iodide litmus blue dichromate congo perchloric acetone acetyl mgedta barfoeds oxine schiffs tollens fehling nano structure nanomaterial disadvantages wet materials nano basepair atp ii pore histone nucleoplasm outform inform signalling pcna main polymerizing repair monocistronic cistronic catalyse difference between mutations heritable inheritable germinal somatic rm rancidity saturated animal segment strand occur nucleotide homologous cortification disulphide covalent metabolite r group threadlike storms regulating capita per j s logistic robertsonian robert reciprocal include break arm centromere pericentric paracentric inversions exonuclease co ordination hydrate ionisation optical geometrical structural stereoisomerism coordination isomerism stannous stannus nitrile stephen's monoxide anhydrous koch gatterman gatterman-koch chromium chromyl etard acyl hydrogenation banzaldehyde benzoyl rosenmund hall's electrolysis white baeyer purification bauxite aluminium floatation froth bessemerization crushing blast pig wrought cast spelter retort volume charle's boyle's osmotic laws avogadro hoff van't bioactive kaurenol kaurenal kaurenoic ko kao copalyl kaurene ggdp gibberellins faster amplication apoptic procaspase initiaton cascade prótese proenzyme pep cam cell.malate mesophyll chroloplast sheath bundle rudp slack hatch c4 nadp rubp rump c3 enolase mutase pgk aldolase isomerase parnas mayerhoff embden emp fumarate oxaloacetate fumarase succinate isocitrate aconitase citric citrate tricarboxylic krebs apoptosome protease granzyme perforin extrinsic ipa tryptophan trp adenosyl methionine sam acc breed parental strategist k r blunt cutter rnase ribonuclease nuclease transferase terminal transcriptase reverse ligase cut cosmid phage isolated amplification ligation construction isolation uptake chlorine present h+ k+ absent colonization zen jan dun graph plotted initiation gram ori yeast circular circle rolling theta replication extrachromosomal sucrose epimers tetrose triose polysaccharide monosaccharide pyranose furanose rich leucine exportin rev hiv nucleus cytoplasm karyopherin signal cargo nls importins targeting turner down trisomy aneuploidy diploidy euploidy duplication deletion alteration aberration animalia plantae protista chronometer kingdom ribosomal 16s woese carl eukarya archaea domain change middle beginning equivalence point induce ripening fruit elongation oligonucleotide kunkel mega inverse overlap extension primer random cassette mutagenesis directed risk critical systemic conservation lion cheetah threatened animals wild vulnerable endangered extinct list iucn proliferation stem chronic epigenetic erosion telomere senescence culprit associated functional gradual integrative antagonistic premature cinnamic dismantling thalakoid mitochondria pcd programmed orchid totipotent gottlieb redifferentiation pollen anther ovule haploid explant small micropropagation galactolipid sphingolipid sphingo glycolipid cholesterol glycerol sterols phospholipid lipids lifw chloric mixture acidic inorganic ammonia soup prebiotic coacervates haldane oparin miller urey sink individuals classical meta transmembrane gamma dimer target cyclase adenylyl coupled g -protein gpcr respirine deprenyl tyrosine prozac monoamine aspartate glycine dopamine epinephrine gaba glutamate neurotransmitter neurotransmitters sheet pleated berzelius heteropolymer salting strength denaturation multisite entry destination clonase att sites lr recombinase invitro cloning gateway store growth rate generation time interval time no. total monad cellular way logarithmic divide stationary log lag connecting decarboxylation oxidative nadh acetyl co-a pa link lungs pancreas liver glucokinase hexose hexokinase catalyze lactate ldh isozyme chymotrypsin chymotrypsinogen trypsinogen trypsin pancreatic zymogen feedback reversible allosteric fit induced lock muscle lactic fate deactivation mimic ser tyr phosphomimetics volterra swamp woodland reed submerged floating phytoplankton stages climax psammosere lithosere halosere hydrarch hydrosere binding acrosome chemoattraction blastula morula thymus ampulla early capacitation region pellucida zona chemotaxis thermotaxis spermatocyte sister seminiferous tubule meiosis oocyte folicle secondary oogonia oogenesis ovum gametes right repeating z e d hepatocytes vein pulse serum platelets wbc strategy fragmentation conidiospore bud budding strategies rensch foster jordon shelford blackman hamilton dollo cope gordu gloger bergmann allen nicolson singer laser icr qit analyzer pathogenicity adaptive innate antibody antigen brownian dispersed coagulation flocculation colloid colloids endpoint conductometric vibration s. h.o. sho oscillator harmonic graft block copolymer syndiotactic atactic isotactic degree polymerization stokes pure rayleigh scattering raman crystal lattice fraction cubic primitive amorphous exclusion pauli's hetero homo inertia microwave subtraction angular momentum hermitian linear laplacian operator fused azulene non benzenoid benzenoid planar orbital hückel antiaromatic non aromatic aromaticity ligand naked clusters cluster acceptor wade's wade trihapto organometallic hapticity ean 18 carbonyl periodicity affecting radius ionization borderline symbiotic soft hard hsab bioinorganic bio trace bulk atom toxicity electrocyclic cycloaddition photochemical alder diels pericyclic toxicology vis adverseffect phyto 7th concept ani topics 8th ict csirnet 3d 2d 1d psi mathematical waves schrÖdinger radio decay unstable nuclei emission radioisotope radioactive radioactivity translational plug porous thomson joule coefficient correlation covariance variance relative absolute mean antimalarial antipyretics discovery zoology life science csir-net solutions social studying bhag 2 tantranyan board state maharashtra solved electricity gravitation csir net formula formulas fenchone pinene borneol npp gpp monoterpene monoterpenes fpp terpenes sesquiterpene sesquiterpenes haemolysis saponin sulphuric vanilin aroma killani keller legal acetate lead dust shinoda flavonoid deshielded shielded deficiency multiplate doublet singlet sums infrared measures measure preventing prevent transmission cause fibrin thrombin clotting clot haemophilia autosomal haemoglobin hb thalassemia pulmonary aortic atrioventricular ventricular atrio av semilunar mitral tricuspid bicuspid valves valve foetalis erythroblastosis erythroblastosis foetalis erythroblast birth baby new newborn level mellitus diabetes chf fail failure congestive hypertension cad coronary chest pain pectoris angina calculi stones stone lymphoma adenoma leukemia sarcoma carcinoma cancer congestion nasal runny sneezing sneeze ill nose oleagenous ointments lipstick face lip hand nail variety background history ability cleansing clean stability shampoo fiedel fridel fellow longe hygrometry gravimetric deodorants deodorant deo antiperspirants antiperspirant building disposal surrounding location brushless men lather shaving shave polarographic maxima polarography mercury dropping electrode ilkovic qualifier national consultancy tata antioxidant cardio zeaxanthine lutein saffron crocin lycopene cucurbita spinach tomato nutraceutical nutraceuticals facilitated ion pair abc diffusion mediated carrier passive symport caffeine influence coated enteric release sustained lipophilicity assumptions assumption partition distribution rapid emptying gastric higher soap saponification saponify detergent detergents sar of bphar alcohols phenols ethers dacron orion polythene teflon polymers lanthanoid lanthanoids reactivity amines aniline diazonium salts nitroalkane nitroalkanes dispensed preparations dispensed conductivity dye dilution emulsifying emulsify emulsions stiff external container pharma bpharm packaged routes andrographis quassia clove liqorice microscopy thymol eugenol anethol citral oxide diphenoxylate loperamide tamoxifen estradiol derivatives derivative estrogen sympathomimetics reserpine labetolol carvediol iminostilbine hydantoin tiagabine vigabatrine benzodiazepines seizures serizur epilepsy epileptic anti-epileptic cetrimide bamzoic liniment calamine lotion diel's rearrangement hoffman cannizaro condensation catalyzed benzilic acid benzil reactant computer lab 2012 2011 bsc it cs dyspnoea emesis pericarditis photophobia insomnia emphysema ataxia terms propofol etomidate ketamine lorazepam diazepam midazolam thiopental promethazine h2 h1 gastrointestinal tract anti-psychotics anti-psychotic psychotic neuroleptic neuroleptics anti - parkinson's anti-parkinson's parkinson parkinson's anti malarials anti-malária malarial vomit vomiting anti-emetic anti-emetics anti emetics emetics emetic anti-diarrhoel diarrhoels bpharmacy alzheimers alzheimer alzheimer's mask black mordant immunosuppressive immune immunosuppressants immunosuppressant dettol septics sepsis antiseptics anti-leprosy anti-leprotic leprotics leprotic leprosy anti-asthmatic breathe theophylline anti asthmatic asthmatics asthmatic asthma anti amoebics amoebics amoebic anaesthetics teaching leukotrine leukotrines interleukins prostaglandins codeine adrenergic system intestinal gastro uv method component spectrophotometric mucoadhesive liposomes structures cns drugs nervous central novel transdermal aprotic solvents aprotic solvents lambert's law beer law beer lambert's law lambert's beer lambert's beer ligands chelating products freshers interview pv pharmachem blockers neuromuscular transitions clinic healthy individual counseling counsel non verbal communication verbal
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