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Factories act,safety measures


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Factories act,safety measures

  1. 1. Factories Act 1948: The Safety Measures Presented By: Pallavi Srivastava Snehal Pareira Liju Pillai
  2. 2. Section 21: Fencing of MachineryPrime mover Water turbine Electric generator
  3. 3. Sec 22:Work On Or Near Machinery In Motion Examination shall be carried out only byspecially trained male workers Should wear tight fitting clothes Such worker shall not handle a belt at movingpulley No woman or young person shall be allowedto clean, lubricate or adjust any part of primemover
  4. 4. Sec 23: Employment Of Young Persons OnDangerous Machines  Can work only after they have been fully instructed as to the dangers arising in connection with the machines  Has received sufficient training in work at the machine  Under adequate supervision of a person who has a thorough knowledge and experience of the machine
  5. 5. Sec 24: Striking Gears And Devices To CutOff Power Suitable striking gear or other efficientmechanical appliance shall be provided driving belts when not in use shall not beallowed to rest or ride upon shafting inmotion In every factory suitable devices forcutting off power in emergencies fromrunning machinery shall be provided andmaintained in every work room
  6. 6. Sec 25: Self Acting MachinesNo traversing part of a self-actingmachine in any factory and nomaterial carried thereon shall, ifthe space over which it runs is aspace over which any person isliable to pass, whether in thecourse of his employment orotherwise, be allowed to run on itsoutward or inward traverse withina distance of forty-fivecentimeters from any fixedstructure which is not partof the machine
  7. 7. Section 26: Casing Of A New Machinery Every set screw, bolt or key on any revolvingshaft, spindle, wheel or pinion shall be so sunk,encased or otherwise effectively guarded as toprevent danger All spur, worm and other toothed or frictiongearing which does not require frequentadjustment while in motion shall be completelyencased, unless it is so situated as to be as safeas it would be if it were completely encased
  8. 8. Whoever sells or lets on hire or, as agent of aseller or hirer, causes or procures to be sold or leton hire, for use in a factory any machinery drivenby power which does not comply with theprovisions of shall be punishable withimprisonment for a term which may extend to threemonths or with fine which may extend to fivehundred rupees or with both
  9. 9. Section 27: Prohibition Of Employment OfWomen And Children Near Cotton OpenersNo woman or child shall be employed in any part of afactory for pressing cotton in which a cotton-opener isat work: Provided that if the feed-end of a cotton-opener is in a room separated from the delivery end bya partition extending to the roof or to such height asthe Inspector may in any particular case specify inwriting, women and children may be employed on theside of the partition where the feed-end is situated
  10. 10. Sec: 28 Hoists and Lifts1. Sec 28 (1) – Properly maintained – Examined by a competent person at least once in every period of six months – Maximum load2. Sec 28 (2) – At least two ropes or chains separately – An efficient automatic device shall be provided and maintained to prevent the cage from over-running
  11. 11. Sec: 28 Hoists and Lifts3. Sec 28 (3) – Chief Inspector may permit the continued use of a hoist or lift
  12. 12. Sec 29 :- Lifting machines, chains, ropes and lifting tackles Properly maintained Thoroughly examined by a competent person at least once in every period of twelve months While any person is employed or working on or near the wheel track of a travelling crane in any place where he would be liable to be struck by the crane, effective measures shall be taken to ensure that the crane does not approach within 1*[six months] of that place
  13. 13. Sec 30 :- Revolving machinery Effective measures shall be taken in every factory to ensure that the safe working peripheral speed of every revolving vessel, cage, basket, flywheel, pulley, disc or similar appliance driven by power is not exceeded The speeds indicated shall not be exceeded
  14. 14. Sec : 31 Pressure PlantEffective measures shall be taken toensure that the safe working pressure ofplant or machinery or part is notexceeded
  15. 15. Sec : 32 Floors, Stairs And Means Of Access Sound construction and properly maintained When any person has to work at a height from where he is likely to fall, provision shall be made, so far as is reasonably practicable, by fencing or otherwise, to ensure the safety of the person so working
  16. 16. Sec: 33 Pits, Sumps, Openings In Floors In every factory every fixed vessel, sump, tank, pit or opening in the ground or in a floor which, by reason of its depth, situation, construction or contents, is or may be a source of danger, shall be either securely covered or securely fenced
  17. 17. Sec: 34 Excessive Weights No person shall be employed in any factory to lift, carry or move any load so heavy as to be likely to cause him injury The State Government may make rules prescribing the maximum weights which may be lifted
  18. 18. Section 35: Protection of eyesParticles or fragmentsExposure to excessive lightEffective screensSuitable goggles
  19. 19. Section36 :Precautions Against DangerousFumes, Gases No person shall be required or allowed to enter any chamber, tank unless it is provided with a manhole of adequate size Certificate Suitable breathing apparatus and a belt
  20. 20. Section36a: Precautions Regarding The Use Of Portable Electric Light Portable electric light or any other electric appliance of voltage exceeding twenty-four volts shall not be permitted No lamp or light other than that of flame-proof construction shall be permitted
  21. 21. Section37:Explosive Or Inflammable Dust,GasPREVENTIVE MEASURES: effective enclosure of the plant or machinery used in the process; removal or prevention of the accumulation of such dust, gas, fume or vapour; exclusion or effective enclosure of all possible sources of ignition.
  22. 22. Section37:Explosive or inflammable dust, gas• Inflammable gas or vapour under pressure greater than atmospheric pressure Pipe shall be effectively stopped by a stop- valve Practicable measures shall be taken to reduce the pressure of the gas Effective measures shall be taken to prevent any explosion
  23. 23. Section37: Explosive Or Inflammable Dust, GasNo plant, tank or vessel which containing any explosive or inflammable substance shall be subjected in any factory to any welding, brazing, soldering or cutting operation which involves the application of heat
  24. 24. Section38: Precautions In Case Of Fire(a) Safe means of escape for all persons in the event of a fire(b) Necessary equipment and facilities for extinguishing fireWorkers are familiar with the means of escapeFree passage–way giving accessWorkers should be trained
  25. 25. Section39: Power To Require Specifications Of Defective Parts Or Tests Of Stability Building or part of a building dangerous to human life Inspector of the factory take order in writing before a specified datea) to furnish such drawings, specifications and other particulars to determine whether such building, can be used with safety, or(b) to carry out tests and inform the officer
  26. 26. Section40: Safety Of Buildings AndMachineryAn order may be served prohibiting the use of such building or machinery, until it has been repaired or altered.40A Maintenance of buildings
  27. 27. Section40B: Safety OfficersIn every factory wherein one thousand or more workers are there ;employ such number of Safety Officers The duties, qualifications and conditions of service of Safety Officers
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