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Coal & Petroleum

It's an slide on coal & petroleum

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Coal & Petroleum

  1. 1. By, Prathik H Salian
  2. 2.  Coal is one of the most commonly used by humans today. It is obtained by mining . It is black or brownish-black rock-like substance made up of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and varying amounts of sulphur.
  3. 3.  It is said that million years ago, the forests gradually burried in the layers of the earth and converted into coal due to heat & pressure.  Coal is not only an energy source, but also used in manufacture of insect repellents, explosives, artificial fibre, artificial rubber, plastic, chemical fertilizers etc.  Coal being the important mineral product with multiple uses, it is called “Black Diamond”.  In India, the most important power resource is coal.  India ranks third in the world in production of coal.
  4. 4.  In India coal deposits are widely distributed in Damodar river valley.  Jharkhand & Chattisgarh are the two states producing largest amount coal.  Jharia, Giridhi, Bokaro & Karanpur are the main fidds.  Godavari, Mahanadi & Vardha river valleys have coal deposits.  In India, there is a great demand for coal & hence it is importing superior quality.
  5. 5. It is believed by scientists that petroleum is the product of fossils of ancient living beings. Petroleum pumped out of the earth is a mixture of various materials & is called crude oil. This is purified in refineries to produce gasoline, petrol, diesel, kerosene etc.
  6. 6.  Petrol is not only an energy source but also an important raw material.  A number of industries have flourished using this as a raw material.  Petroleum is a vary important energy resource in agriculture, industries & transportation.  This is very precious in both during peace &war. Hence it is called “Liquid Gold”.
  7. 7.  In India, petroleum was first discovered at Digboi of Assam. Till independence, Digboi was the only region of petroleum products. Today, Lakhimpur, Hugrijin, Moran, Naharkathia & other oil wells of Aslam producing petroleum production.  Gujarat is the another field producing crude oil. The first well was drilled in Ankaleshwar. In the year1974, oil crude was identified about 110kmaway from Bombay in the off share field called Bombay High & the production was started in 1976. This is the biggest oil deposit in India.
  8. 8.  Recently, oil deposits have been discovered in Krishna, Kaveri, Godavari & Mahanadi river basins.  Today, there are about 19 refineries producing petroleum.  The petroleum production is not sufficient in India, Crude oil is being imported from Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia & Russia.