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Family care v2


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Family care v2

  1. 1. Improves Family Reduce Errors Integrated withHealth • Patients can enter their own Healthfinder• Single place to collect , store and information reliably • Shows health information manage health data • Intelligence can detect topics• Information can be easily shared inconsistent readings with doctors • Provides information about the • Electronic records reduce Doctors , dentists and Health• Ability to track and manage yours likelihood of transcription organisation and your family prescriptions problems and chronic conditions • Shows the latest news of healthcare world
  2. 2. Following is taken care in design for making the usage ofapplication as simple as possible • Consistency is applied to the visual presentation of information, placement of user interface elements, and format, capitalization, and punctuation of user interface text. • Information appears in logical order and communicated using words ,concepts that familiar to user. • Appropriate feedback is provided to a user within a reasonable time. • Whenever possible, the application design prevents errors from occurring.
  3. 3. Following feedback for enhancements were received andimplemented: • Option for getting informationnew on particular health topic [Update] One more search option is add to the search feature for pulling the required information • Option for get the current location of the userdevice automatically in search features [Update] When the user will open any search i.e. Doctor , Dentist , Health Organisation then the application will show the current location as the default value. • Option for sharing the dashboards [Update] User can email the information of the dashboard using the email button on the screen.Other Feedbacks • 10 testers reviewed the application • Dashboards , Family Profiling and Search were the features liked most by the reviewers • Reviewers were comfortable on security of patient data and information.
  4. 4. Health News • On accessing the application pulls the latest news of Health Care world and displays to the user. • News are pulled through the RSS feed of websiteHealth Advice • Health advice button is present on both weight and Blood pressure dashboard for getting health information based on their weightBP stat. • Intelligence in the application creates a search criteria based on the user weightBP trend and searches for appropriate information which gets displayed as Health advice to the user.Health Information • On tapping allergies or current condition values the application pulls the latest health information related to Allergies , Current condition from
  5. 5. User Profile • Application pulls the following user data from Microsoft Health Vault after successful login  Name with Profile Image  Age, Weight  Allergies  Current Condition  Current Medication • User gets options to switch to associated member’s profile • On changing the profile the application pull the details of the selected member from MS HealthVault.Search Feature • User can perform following searches on the application  Find a doctor  Find a dentist  Find health organisation • Application pulls the search results from website.
  6. 6. Dashboards • Application provides users two dashboards  Weight Dashboard This shows graphically how the weight of the user is been over the last 90 days.  Blood Pressure Dashboard This shows graphically how the blood pressure of the user is been over the last six months. • Trends are calculated from the data stored in HealthVault account. • Contains option to update weight BP • Updated information gets stored in the user profile on HealthVault
  7. 7. • Application will be built for iOS devices • iPhone 4 ,4s and 5• Application Life Cycle • Application will remain residing in memory by default after they quit • Application will support the following state transitions • Not running: The application has not been launched. • Inactive: The application is running in background but not receiving events. • Active: The application is running in foreground and is receiving events. • Background: Application will enter this state before being suspended.. • Suspended: The application is in the background but is not executing code.