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  1. 1. Summary Highlights Accomplishments Experience PRASHOBH PAUL Maliyekal Nambadan House, Chittilappilly P.O.,, Thrissur, Kerala 680551 | H: 04872305987 | C: 9895757827 | Developer in the field of Artificial Intelligence offering more than a year in the IT industry with a focus on software design and development. Extensive knowledge of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. Data Analysis Neural Network Architectures Natural Language Processing Machine Learning NLTK OpenNLP Stanford Libraries Library design(Have done editing of urllib of Python 3.4) Analytical Requirements analysis and design phases Agile development methodologies Implemented Date Tagging Model for identifying the date or time related phrases within a text document that got reused in 3 different projects dealing with Text Analytics. Was awarded "On the Sport Award" by TCS on 22nd August 2015 for the fast and successful completion of a critical client project. 100% in Artificial Intelligence for university exam during M.Tech. College funded R & D project on Smart Plane Climate Analyzer (during B.Tech which was carried out for research during M.Tech). Virtual Assistant System:- A personal assistant system which helps the IT employes to handle all their requirements from time-sheet entries, leave planner to even the raising complaints and concerns via chat based conversational system. This is an ongoing project which is expected to go live within a year. Technologies: Python 3.4.3, NLTK, SKLearn, Bottle Services, uWSGI server, Cloud Based Deployment. Automatic Ticket Classification:- A conversational system to support industry related ticket management system. The system handles problem descriptions and helps assign the ticket to the right technical pool for the supprt team to act on it on a minimal time-frame. The project reduced the system-user interaction time by about 300 times. Technologies: Python 3.4.3, Java 7, Lucene Indexing, OpenNLP, NLP Pipelines, HBase, NLTK,
  2. 2. Education SKLearn, Bottle Services. Natural Language Query Engine:- The system provides an interface to the user for querying his needs in natural language. The system is capable of identifying the relevant information and populate structured formats such as JSON structure, SQL etc. Basically conversion of a unstructured data into a structured format. The layer can be used in converting current form filled and drop-down based user interface to a human friendly one with changing the underlining system. Technologies: Java 7, Lucene Indexing, OpenNLP, NLP Pipelines, HBase, MySQL. 2014Knowledge Engg. with Spec. in AI. SRM University - Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India 88% 2012B.Tech, Computer Science and Engineering Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad - Hyderabad, Telangana, India 67% 2008 All India Senior School Certificate Examination, Science Group with Computer Science Kendriya Vidyalaya - Thrissur, Kerala, India 62.4% 2006All India Secondary School Examination, (CBSE, 10th) Kendriya Vidyalaya - Thrissur, Kerala, India 76%