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  1. 1. Geniron
  2. 2. Genetic Immunization Genbody Antibody Purification Serum services Monoclonal Antibody Mono “Y” Polyclonal Antibody Poly “Y” Geniron CustomAntibodyServices
  3. 3. With Expertise in Immunotechnology, Geniron provides customized and high added value se rvices in the field of antibodies Geniron has developed a unique expertise and a large pan el of cutting edge proprietary technologies. Accreditations Applications WE PROVIDE OUR SERVICES TO RESEARCH INSTITUTES INVITRO DIAGNOSTICS COMPANIES BIOPHARMA COMPANIES FACS WESTREN BLOTS LFA ELISA IHC (1810/PO/RcBiBt/S/15/CPCSEA) IBSC
  4. 4. Geniron has acquired a strong experience in the production of custom polyclonal antibodies, proposing quality and exclusive services. Launching an immunization program is an important experimental step that needs care. • Skilled veterinarians and technicians • Large and modern animal facility • Full range of animal hosts, exclusive immunization protocols • Low background sera • Ethical treatment of animals • Scaling up for the customer need CustomPolyclonalAntibodyProduction Services
  5. 5. 1 Goat 75 days Protocol 1+ 4 IMMUNIZATIONS 2 TEST BLEEDS 700-900 ML SERUM DELIVERY 5 mg ANTIGEN REQURIMENT 1 Elisa Report 6 Mice 60 days Protocol 1+3 IMUNIZATIONS 2 TEST BLEEDS 5-8 ML SERUM DELIVERY 1 ELISA REPORT 2 mg of antigen requirement 5 Guinea Pig 75 days Protocol 1+ 3 IMMUNIZATIONS 2 TEST BLEEDS 30-40 ML SERUM DELIVERY 4 mg ANTIGEN REQURIMENT 1 Elisa Report 2 Chicken 60 days protocol 1+ 3 IMMUNIZATIONS 2 TEST BLEEDS 20-30 Yolks 5 mg ANTIGEN REQURIMENT 1 Elisa Report 2 RABBITS 60 DAYS PROTOCOL 1+3 IMUNIZATIONS 2 TEST BLEEDS 60 ML SERUM DELIVERY 1 ELISA REPORT 5mg of antigen requirement 2 RABBITS 90 days protocol 1+ 5 IMMUNIZATIONS 2 TEST BLEEDS 90 ML SERUM DELIVERY 7 mg ANTIGEN REQURIMENT 1 ELISA REPORT 2 RABBITS 120 days protocol 1+ 7 IMMUNIZATIONS 3TEST BLEEDS 120 ML SERUM DELIVERY 10 mg ANTIGEN REQURIMENT 1 Elisa Report
  6. 6. A reliable immunological assay demands reliable antibodies. Geniron provides one-stop solutions to match our customers’ diverse antibody needs. Clients are able to customize their own packages with choices including phospho-specific and anti-idiotype antibodies. • Antigen range: conjugated Peptides, phospho-specific, Glycoproteins,anti- idiotype antibodies • Well established cell culture facilities • Scaling up possible with both roller bottle and Ascites monoclonal • Cost effective services with minimum turn around time MonoclonalAntibodyProduction Services
  7. 7. Phase 3 Hybridoma sub cloning and stabilisation 35 - 45 days Selection and sub cloning of positive clones we guarantee three hybridoma through Western blot or IHC Phase 4 Ascites Monoclonal Production 30 days Positive hybridoma clones injected to ascites mouse model Ascites fluid delivery 3 ml per mouse Phase 5 Roller bottle Monoclonal production 30 days Scaling up monoclonal antibody production in roller bottle Phase 1 Immunization 90- 120 days 5 Bablc/c Immunisation ELISA titre check every 10 days Immunisations till very titre Supply of Mouse spleen in sterile condition Phase 2 Fusion with Myeloma cells 15-20 days Mouse splenocytes and Meyloma cells fusion to create hybrids
  8. 8. Geniron has developed as GenBody technology to produce custom monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies in Mice , Rabbits and Goats. we use our proprietary immunization vector and DNA delivery system for the encoded protein of interest. The immunized hosts will produce the encoded protein and raise antibodies in vivo. Geniron Technology Competence High protein Expression Vector Improved antigenicity Plasmid DNA delivery device High plasmid DNA yielding strains GeneticImmunization GenBody
  9. 9. Features  Efficient Polyclonal or Monoclonal Antibody Production with A specific booster sequence which presents the antigen to the cell surface  Improved Folding Possible formation of dimers or trimers  Generate high affinity antibodies  Shortened Development and Production Time No need to produce and purify proteins  Membrane Proteins, Large Protein Domains, Insoluble Proteins Toxic Proteins, Post-Translational Modified Proteins • DNA synthesis and cloning into vector containing the booster sequence • DNA sequencing • Small scale plasmid production Gene synthesis and cloning Phase1:GI01 • Transfection of CHO cells and confirmation of antigen expression Antigen expression and plasmid production Phase2:GI02 • Large scale plasmid production and Immunization of animals for monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies production. • Test bleed collection and antibody titre evaluation Immunization and antibody production Phase3:GI03
  10. 10. Geniron purifies antibodies from serum, ascites fluid, culture medium, or yolks using a variety of purification procedures. These procedures include protein A or G, immuno-affinity, or IgY purification. • For monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies • For antigens more than 10kDa size • Affinity chromatography technique • Custom large scale purification can made avaliable AntibodyPurification Services
  11. 11. Protein A affinity Purification 7- 10 days Rabbit/ Mouse/ Goat IgG are purified from antiserum using Protein-A affinity chromatography with yield up to 30-50 mg/15 ml from immune serum Protein G affinity Purification 7- 10 days Rabbit/ Mouse/ Goat IgG are purified from antiserum using Protein- G affinity chromatography with yield up to 30-50 mg /15 ml of Immune serum Ammonium sulphate precipitation 2 days Ig fraction is purified from antiserum using saturated ammonium sulfate with yield up to 500 mg/ 15 ml of immune serum Antigen affinity Purification 7- 10 days Antigen-specific IgG are purified from antiserum using antigen affinity chromatography with yield up to 2-3 mg/15 ml of immune sera A
  12. 12. Geniron offers serum and plasma products from a wide range of animal species. We carry convenient sizes to best serve your research needs. • Heat Inactivated Sera • Gamma Irradiated Sera • Tetracycline Negative Sera • IgG Stripped Sera • Charcoal Stripped Sera • Dialyzed Sera • 0.08% sodium azide as a preservative. Catalog no Product SP01 Newborn Calf Serum or Plasma SP02 Goat Serum and plasma SP03 Sheep Serum and Plasma SP04 Dog Serum and Plasma SP04 Feline Serum and Plasma SP05 Rat serum and plasma SP06 Guinea serum and plasma SP07 Mice Serum and plasma SP08 Rabbit serum and plasma SerumServices
  13. 13. Geniron Biolabs (P) Ltd. R&D lab IBAB campus, Near BHEL Electronic city, Bangalore-560100 +918050518016 (M) +918147449127 (M) Biolabs Geniron Geniron Biolabs (P) Ltd. Lab animal house facility #93, Solur, Anekal- Thally Road, Anekal Tq, Bangalore-562106