Smartphone and tablets for future marketing and sales


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Smartphone and tablets for future marketing and sales

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  2. 2. Some Facts  Top level managers already know that Smartphone and Tablets are being purchased in vast numbers by workers, and Gartner (Technology Research Firm) added credence to that trend today, reporting that 1.2 billion of the devices will be purchased in 2013.  In all, Smartphone and Tablets combined make up 70% of all devices sold in 2012. The total is expected to reach 821 million by the end of the year.  Gartner also predicted that 66% of mobile workers will own a Smartphone in coming few years.  Tablet purchases by businesses will reach 13 million in 2012 and triple to 53 million in 2016, Gartner said.  By 2016, mobile data traffic will increase 18-fold. (Source: Cisco Visual Networking Index) 9408493643
  3. 3. Outcome  This shows the significance that the future trend of mobile devices will play a major role among the employees to share the business information.  Employees from various departments like HR, Finance, Production will be benefitted.  But the one who will use the most of this resources will be a marketing and sales 9408493643
  4. 4. Why?  Because marketing and sales persons are the one who is highly mobile in nature there organization wants them to be stay connected with them with all the real time updates.  Seeing the Gartner analysis this seems to be very achievable.  Smartphone and tablets will be the new way of 9408493643
  5. 5. Smartphone and Tablets  Smartphone and tablets wont entirely replace PCs for most businesses, "but the ubiquity of smartphone and the increasing popularity of tablets are changing the way businesses look at their device strategies," said Carolina Milanesi, one of Gartners smart device analysts.  But for many enterprise, mobility is becoming a front-and- center priority as the mobile market continues to expand and employees find the collaboration tools available on their personal smartphone and tablets keep them productive inside and outside the 9408493643
  6. 6. Continue…  For a marketer and sales person smartphone and tablet will be a great tool in terms of:  Able to work from inside/outside office.  Submit daily sales/activity report from anywhere.  Report/Data availability on real time basis.  Forecast your plan  With tablet give product demo to your client on the go.  Product information availability on any time.  Geographical location tracker.  Sales order, Quote and Dispatch detail  Various critical auto reminders so not to loose with any opportunity.  Increased productivity.  Transparency among the employee &organization and many such much needed business 9408493643
  7. 7. How will you achieve? To get this task completed there are various options are available in the market one such is MyLMS. MyLMS is a web based application which will be made available on your device which later on will carry out all your marketing and sales activity from anywhere as and when required. MyLMS will be used on your Android and iOS devices the two most recommended operating system for the smartphone and tablet. But we understand that there are various other operating system are also there in the market and considering the situation, in coming days MyLMS will also have Windows and Blackberry support to cater the business requirement.
  8. 8. Conclusion  MyLMS isn’t just about enabling management – both corporate and field – to better handle their mobile resources; but it truly enables team members to streamline their processes, quickly and easily giving them access to critical business 9408493643
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