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Sales reports every sales manager should be reviewing


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Sales reports every sales manager should be reviewing

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  2. 2. Sales Reports  A good manager knows that the sales team can make or break their company.  When it comes to the sales team, special attention must be given to ensure that the company achieve its goal.  Sales reports can be key in keeping the sales process and the cash flow moving in order to achieve the organizations objective.  According to Suzanne Paling sales management consultant and author of "The Accidental Sales Manager” “Sales reports enable a manager to track how much time salespeople are spending on different sales activities, if they are meeting their productivity goals, and whether their efforts are translating into real sales”  In other words, the sales reports paint a picture of the sales representatives’ day even when the manager can’t be there to observe 9408493643
  3. 3. Continued...  The information in these reports plays a critical part in helping a manager oversee the success of the sales team and essentially the whole company.  Top level executives must encourages sales managers to incorporate these basic reports into their sales process.  There are various options available in the market which gives facility to monitor and analyze these sales reports like ERPs, CRMs, some are Desktop solutions, some Web based, some powerful and complex that can only be deployed by an expert IT team and supported by them.  MyLMS is a web based solution which comes with all the features to track down your marketing and sales activities with real time report access from any location.  Some of the reports, which every sales manager should be reviewed, you can generate from MyLMS which in turn helps in taking corrective and accurate 9408493643
  4. 4. 1. Activity 9408493643
  5. 5.  You can view activities in Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly format for a specified Date range for a User or Zone.  You can track down there daily sales calls, visit, mail campaign with set target against achieve target  You can compare there activities with past date range for the same date range.  You can even generate the report on excel or similar application.  All reports are customizable so this is just a prototype final report will be as per the client 9408493643
  6. 6. 2. Employee 9408493643
  7. 7.  Now measure your marketing and sales team performance as and when required.  In marketing one of the common way of checking employee’s performance is how much sales he/she has done against total expense.  There are various other options are also available to check your employee’s performance.  By employee performance you will get to know in which direction your marketing and sales team is 9408493643
  8. 8. 3. Opportunity Report With every task performed on your future client maintain all there updates with opportunity 9408493643
  9. 9. Opportunity 9408493643
  10. 10.  Once marketing start on your future prospective opportunity action form note down all the action taken on the contact which helps you to analyze your employee’s daily activities.  From start to closing of the deal keep an eye on every activity perform by your marketing guy.  Similarly you can measure your sales team efforts with keeping track on their sales 9408493643
  11. 11. 4. Target v/s 9408493643
  12. 12.  If your target is set and you want to measure your performance this is the report that you should look into.  This will help you to forecast your sales in the short and long term.  Forecasting helps top level executive in implementing new or improved marketing and sales 9408493643
  13. 13. Customize your report  As we understand no two organization can have similar marketing and sales process therefore MyLMS comes with 200+ marketing and sales report.  MyLMS can be customized to fit with any organization’s marketing and sales process to cater there business 9408493643
  14. 14. Other features of MyLMS  Manage your product list  Sales order, Quote and Dispatch detail  Sales team geographical position tracker  E Mail & SMS Module  Auto reminder for various checkpoints  Integration with third party software and many 9408493643
  15. 15. Outcome  What you will achieve through MyLMS is  More productivity  Visibility into performance  Drive revenue generation by taking the correct decision at a single place and the most important  Being securely hosted online deployment is fast and no IT support is 9408493643
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