Digital Marketing Strategy for Publishing Houses


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This Power Point Presentation has been prepared by Prashant Kumar and presented to a Publishing House for its Online Marketing Campaign. The strategy explained in the PPT can be used for promotional strategy of Big Publishing Houses.

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Digital Marketing Strategy for Publishing Houses

  2. 2. OBJECTIVETo create a social and corporate identity through internet/online advertising and other related activities.
  3. 3. Designing, Developing and Online Advertising ofWebsites that enhance the Corporate and Socialreputation of “Publishing House-XYZ” in generaland the Name “XYZ” in particular. For this, twowebsites need to be developed, one Dynamic CMSwebsite for promoting “XYZ Books” and second aStatic Website to promote “XYZ”.
  4. 4. WEBPAGES FOR SCHOOLS PURCHASING BOOKSThere will be separate page for each school thatpurchases XYZ’s books. The page will be createdthrough admin panel / database. It will help schoolson checking their book purchases, sending newrequirements, etc. This feature will help you inremaining constant touch with schools.
  5. 5. DISTRIBUTOR’S ZONEDistributors can register in this zone. They can makeorder of new book requirements. They can see theirdelivery status. This zone will help you in updatingyour distributors of new arrivals, concessions, offersetc. This feature will help you in remaining constanttouch with your distributors.
  6. 6. XYZ FORUMThis forum will be for general public, especially forParents and Children. Parents can raise and discussvarious educational issues and queries, and find answersas well from other forum members. Students can alsoparticipate and discuss about XYZ books, national andinternational issues. This will help XYZ in enhancingtheir social presence and in turn commercial profits aswell.
  7. 7. XYZ BLOGThere will be a well designed blog, integrated into the website where from you will update your currentactivities and visitors can post comments on that. Youcan post about your publishing house, its achievements,new book arrivals and many other topics. This blog willhelp you in updating your target audience be it schools,distributors, parents, teachers or students.
  8. 8. Online Quiz Competition will arouse interest inChildren / students to participate in quizzes whilevisiting the website. This will help you in attractingattention of students. In this way, they will visit thewebsite and go through different books. It will alsoAttract parents and they will definitely inspire theirchildren to participate in quiz. This way, socialdignity of XYZ will increase immensely.
  9. 9. OFFLINE QUIZ COMPETITIONOffline Quiz Competition can be conducted Quarterlyor Half Yearly in XYZ Premises and then a video ofthe same will be uploaded on the website. Schools canbe invited to send their students to participate. Thiscompetition can be broadcasted on local area TV.Press can also be invited so that next day, it can bepublished in newspapers.
  10. 10. BOOK REVIEW AND RATING BY TEACHERSIn this zone, teachers can write their views and rate anyparticular book. The best review can be shown in thissection. Here, XYZ can ask teachers of famous schoolsto send their views on new arrivals or books that itwants to promote. It will help in advertising anywriter’s book. Visitors can get attracted towards theviews of famous teachers.
  11. 11. REVIEW BOOKS AND WIN PRIZESIn this section, anyone (teachers/students/parents) cansend his view about any book and the best review will beawarded any prize. The prize may be some books orconcession in books or some other offers. Best review canbe displayed on the website. Here, XYZ can display thereview of those books it wants to advertise.
  12. 12. PROMOTING YOUNG WRITERSIn this section, any Young Writers will be promoted whilegiving due respect to their achievements. XYZ willinspire young writers to write and if found any such workto be publishable, it should publish their books. A genuinesocial work reflects through this effort and it will enhancesocial image of XYZ publishing House.
  13. 13. XYZ SCHOLARSHIPSXYZ Scholarship can really increase the social andcorporate image of XYZ. Every year any numberof students (1, 2 or 5) will be selected based on theirintelligence and their needs and will be awarded thisscholarship.Scholarship can be one year school fee, all books for oneyear etc. For this, XYZ needs to collaborate with schoolsand convince school authorities them to give these childrenfree schooling etc for one year. This social effort fromXYZ can work wonder in getting social distinction.
  14. 14. SEARCH ENGINE PROMOTIONThe XYZ websites must be promoted through severalkeywords like Book Publisher in Delhi/India,CBSE and ICSE Books, Kids Books, Online QuizCompetition. In the city/state, Young Writers,Scholarship for Poor Students, and many others.This will increase traffic on the websites, generatebusiness leads and enhances the credibility to thecorporate existence of XYZ.
  15. 15. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGAs present is the age of online social networking and itreally helps companies in generating business andestablishing online reputation. Facebook and Twitterwill be used to familiarize general public with XYZ.Facebook Fan Page will be created and integrated withthe XYZ website. The aim will be to increase numberof fans on Facebook Fan Page and followers on Twitter.
  16. 16. Schools, teachers and students will be targeted on thesenetworking sites to update them with regular Jiwanactivities and create with them a relation of mutual trustand reliance. This will automatically generate businessleads.
  17. 17. YOUTUBE PROMOTIONVideos of quiz competition, book fair and other XYZactivities will be uploaded on YouTube and will bepromoted with an aim to create a visual impact onvisitors and aware them with XYZ corporate and socialachievements. This kind of video promotion can alsoinduce and turn them into prospective clients.
  18. 18. ARTICLE MARKETINGAs people all over world including India prefer to getinformation and knowledge from online sources, in thisscenario authentic articles serve as reliable source ofinformation. Teacher, parents, students and others visitarticle websites in search of their queries. Articles onXYZ books, kids’ books, new arrivals, achievements ofXYZ etc will help increase social and corporate imageand enhance search engine rankings as well.
  19. 19. XYZ BOOK FAIRAs XYZ has been publishing various school books andkids’ books, and also participating in local and nationalBook Fairs regularly, but organizing a Book Fair especiallyfor XYZ books in XYZ premises will create a good impactin education arena. This can be once or twice in a year.Its proper advertisement, arrangement and accomplishmentcan increase credibility of XYZ books among schools,distributors, teachers and students.
  20. 20. CONCLUDING NOTESThis Project Plan has been prepared by InternetMarketing Division of ABC Company. The planis only a brief of the works that the ABC Teamwill do for XYZ. The team will make best possibleefforts to accomplish the overall project successfullyand to stand perfect to not only meet but exceedwhat XYZ expects to achieve.
  21. 21. Project Plan Prepared by Prashant Kumar Digital Marketing SpecialistE-mail: New Delhi-110009