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  1. 1. Subject: Retail & Social ManagementMMM : 2ND YR – IV SEMPrashant Mahamulkar – Roll no 19Rajendra Sagare – Roll no 30Avinash Ansurakar – Roll no 04Pravin D’Souza – Roll no 11Sriram Mane – Roll no
  2. 2.  “The earth, the air, the land and the water arenot an inheritance from our forefathers buton loan from our children. So we have tohandover to them at least as it was handedover to us” : - Mhatma Gandhi
  3. 3.  A plantation is a long, artificially-establishedforest, farm or estate, where crops are grownfor sale, often in distant markets rather thanfor local on-site consumption. Is informal and not precisely defined.
  4. 4.  To produce a high volume of wood in a shortperiod of time.
  5. 5.  Production of timber and fire wood for homeuse and sometimes for sale Management may be less intensive than withIndustrial plantations E.g.Teak and bamboo plantations
  6. 6.  To established for watershed or soilprotection To established for erosion control, landslidestabilization and windbreaks To foster native species To promote forest regeneration
  7. 7. This is the way forward
  8. 8.  Scientists and Healthadvisers all around theworld have agreed, thatgoing plant-based is theway to a healthier andgreener lifestyle. The plant-based diet hasearned the approval andrecommendation ofdoctors all around theworld, and has found tobe of immenseimportance to our healthand well being.
  9. 9.  Dieticians say that plant-based diets arehealthful, nutritionally adequate, and providehealth benefits in the prevention andtreatment of certain diseases. Vegetariansalso have lower rates of the following healthproblems: death from heart disease blood cholesterol levels blood pressure hypertension type 2 (adult-onset) diabetes prostate cancer colon cancer
  10. 10.  By going plant-based, you not only benefit yourown health, but also benefit Mother Earth’shealth. Plants help in the production of Oxygen, and takeup Carbon Dioxide from thesurroundings, hence, purifying the air webreathe. Plant-based foods are also less prone to carrydiseases, as compared to meat foods. A greener cover on our planet ensures timelyrainfalls, balances the eco system, and alsoprovides a healthy life and diet to all theHerbivorous animals, which are inturn, extremely useful to us too.
  11. 11. Plants are our life.
  12. 12.  Going plant based, willessentially lead us toplanting more trees andplants, which is theneed of the hour. Going plant-based isthe most importantprerequisite to goinggreen. Alwaysremember, that theterm ‘Green’, hasoriginated from plantsand trees itself.
  13. 13.  Love plants andtrees. Respectthem. Plant them.Care for them. Andsee for yourself, thepositive effect youcan create, for theenvironment, andfor yourself.