Marketing Research presentation final


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Marketing Research presentation final

  1. 1. SubjectGroup Members Marketing Research MMM : 2ND YR – IVSEM Prashant Mahamulkar –Roll no 19 Rajendra Sagare – Rollno 30 Avinash Ansurakar –Roll no 04 Pravin D’Souza – Rollno 11 Sriram Mane – Roll no
  2. 2.  Estbl in feb 1981 Actual production started in 1983 Maruti 800 was 1st model manufactured & still producing Joint venture with japanese multinational Suzuki MotorCorporation Suzuki motor corporation is no 1 car manufacturer in indiafor hatchback & sedan class segment from last 3 decades
  3. 3.  Maruti suzuki india ltd. has been leader of indian car marketfor over 2 & a half decades It has 2 manufacturing units located at Gurgaon & Manesar Having combined capacity to produce over 1.2 million(1,200,000) vehicles annually Maruti suzuki offers wide ranges of cars across differentsegments & it offers 15 models brands Nearly 75,000 people are employed directly by Maruti Suzukiand its partners
  4. 4.  Attractiveness of the Industry is analyzed through Porters Fiveforces and also Value Chain to get idea about how theoperational activities and production activities are performed Porter Generic strategy to understand about costdifferentiation and focus strategy and added value so thatcustomer can differentiate Maruti product with other players Increasing fuel cost & rate of interest Competition from other manufacturers Decline in market share by 20% Lack of Govt. support Lack of R& D Facilities
  5. 5.  To analyze the overall level of customer satisfaction To find out whether there is a relation between customerservice & customer satisfaction To determine relationship, if any between the variables
  6. 6.  Statement – “To find out the dependency of customer service of MarutiSuzuki lndia Ltd to its customer satisfaction”
  7. 7.  Ho : There is no relation between customer service &customer satisfaction H1 : There is a relation between customer service & customersatisfaction
  8. 8.  Quantitative Research is being conduct Because surveys connected to a large number of respondents Because research demand to find out relationship betweenvariables
  9. 9.  Delivery process Delivery timing Performance of sales person Dealer facility & location Paperwork & deal After sales service
  10. 10.  Methods are basically of these types-observation,experimentation and survey Survey method of data collection because in the Market wecan gather a wide range of valuable information on overbehaviour of consumer for product Sources of information: through Primary & secondary Data
  11. 11.  Primary data: Primary data is that which data collect in new byprimary sources QUESTIONNAIRE These questions are collected from existing as well as newcustomers. It includes pre sales & post sales experience.
  12. 12.  Secondary data: these data already exist inthe companies magazines we collect thesecondary data from:- •auto Magazines &news papers • Journals • Internet •Annual Reports
  13. 13.  Sampling plan is to decide the population for study ofresearch Total sampling for research is 100 for different areas ofMumbai
  14. 14.  We can collect data through the data collection source whichoften contains following activity - Pre collection activity : agree on goals, target data - Collection : data collection - Present findings : form of sorting, analysis
  15. 15.  Report is likely to be discarded well before the end It contains important new knowledge & findings Steps: 1) Title 2) Introduction 3) Objective 4) Materials 5) Result 6) conclusion 7) Recommendation 8) Acknowledgement 9) Reference