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Bamboo Prefabricated Housing


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Bamboo Prefabricated Housing

  1. 1. Bamboo Prefabricated Housing
  2. 2. The technology inputs by the Department of Science of Technology have resulted in benchmarking engineered bamboo boards as alternative to existing wood based ply boards
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  4. 4. The technology, design and standards have been optimized so as to meet the durability and user norms, conforming to all the BIS standards.
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  6. 6. Bamboo prefab houses are fully made out of bamboo, without use of any other raw material The pre-fab houses are designed on modular basis and can be erected in a very short span of time using minimum labor skills.
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  8. 8. The Pre-Fabricated bamboo houses are not only best suited for hilly areas, disaster zones like tsunami, earth quake zones where the weather and geographical conditions are extreme but they can be also be used for farm houses, guest houses, etc where the construction time is less.
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  10. 10. Engineered Bamboo Structures are a replacement of steel, timber and cement, creates a low energy consumption regime which is not only eco friendly but also minimizes use of non renewable material used in manufacture of steel, cement, bricks. It has already gained a major acceptability as a temporary shelters and in certain terrain as an alternative to permanent structures because of many reasons.
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  12. 12. Features of Bamboo Pre Fab Housing Structures • Speed of erection (2 per day of size 12 ft x 10 ft by a single team) • Bamboo roofing, flooring & cladding provide natural insulation • Shelters easily removable and can be relocated • Easy to transport by road, air and man pack which suits the terrain • Light weight and in modules which can be handled easily • Can be modified for local conditions • Once trained further construction can be taken up locally • Do not occupy much space compared to permanent construction. • Cost-effective, typically 20-25% less than conventional pre-fab shelters • The same modules can be used for public buildings like schools, and dispensaries • Durable, weather resistant, fire retardant • Withstand earthquake, winds, rainfall. • Good thermal and acoustic properties. • Quality standards as per International practice. • Energy saving during manufacture/usage
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  14. 14. Bamboo is durable, sturdy and strong - harder than Red Oak and Maple. Tensile strength of 16mm bamboo ply is: • In direction parallel to grain ; 318 kn/m2 • At right angles to the grain : at least 220 kn/m2 • Total tensile strength in both direction: at least 588 kn/m2
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  16. 16. • Raw bamboo is cut by a machine in required sections. • A machine removes outer knot of bamboo. • The bamboo after removing the outer knot is split by a machine. • The split bamboo is cooked in boiling vat for 4 hours to soften the same. • The inner knot after cooking is removed in a machine. • The bamboo splints are flattened in a press. • Planning by Planner machine to effect uniform thickness in bamboo splints. • The bamboo splint is dried in a hot press. • Dried bamboo splint is dipped in a resin tank. • The glued bamboo splint is assembled in layers depending on required thickness of board. • The assembled bamboo boards are pressed in a press. • After pressing bamboo boards are side cut. • The bamboo board manufactured is cut into different sizes and shapes and beams, columns, trusses, windows, doors etc, are made of bamboo boards. Bamboo boards are also used as flooring and walling. As such bamboo boards are captively consumed in making prefab structures. Bamboo Prefab Houses – Building Process
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  18. 18. Bamboo Prefab Houses - Advantages • The Pre-Fab houses are extremely durable and has minimum life span of 40 years and has the following added advantages: • Can withstands high speed winds (150 kmph) and are earthquake resistant. • They are Aesthetic, functional and fire retardant (IS-5509/IS 476). • Are easy to construct requiring minimum skilled labor. • The houses are light weight, modular and inter changeable. • Have good thermal and acoustic properties. • Use of high value bamboo products leads to greater rural employment and enhanced income generation. • Raw material bamboo being a renewable resource the houses are eco-friendly and involves energy saving manufacturing and usage. • Light weight, Modular Easy to construct • Easy to Transport and re-erect. • Quality standards as per International practice. Designed as per BIS- 4990- 1981 read with IS-13958.
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  20. 20. Production & Erection, Procedure & Systems • 16’x16’ prefabricated unit based on bamboo frame work with whole bamboo and used of bamboo ply board of 16 mm and 9mm thickness. The roof trusses are based on 2 x 19 mm layers of bamboo ply with depth of 125 mm. The doors and frames are made out of Bamboo-Ply. The roof panels consist of glass reinforced bamboo panels 8’ x 4’ x 2.5 mm. • It is most economical to have dimensions of the shelters in sizes of 8 feet. Since the Bamboo-Ply panels are of size 8ft x 4ft. The breadth is also kept around 16ft which does not entail a very heavy design of the truss member. The present structure is of 16ft x 16ft.
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  22. 22. Foundation and Flooring • The foundation and flooring are both made of Bamboo-Ply can be anchored to the ground with J-bolts. The foundation and flooring can be made of brick work with PCC flooring. Cladding and Side Wall. • 8ft x 4ft Bamboo Sandwich Ply 16 mm thick panels are used for cladding and 19mm Bamboo Sandwich Ply is used for the flooring. • 8ft x 4ft bamboo sandwich ply 6 mm thick is used for various partitions (If needed). Thermal Efficiency This is highly thermal efficient structure which gives good insulation and sound resistance.
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  24. 24. Doors & Windows The frame and shutter are made of Bamboo-Ply. The door & window panels are done with cross braces, steel and aluminum can also be substituted. Roof Material The roof shall have minimum projection of 0.4mm from the eaves wall, in case of no verandah in front of 0.3m from the gable walls. Purlins will also be provided on the roof at the eaves and at gable roof extension (outside the structure) made form three 19mm layers of bamboo boards of 15mm thickness. Erection time The structure can be erected in 24 hrs by trained manpower and 48 hrs by untrained manpower. An average of 1 skilled carpenter with 4 helpers is required. The time for dismantling is 6 hrs.
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  26. 26. Bamboo Prefab Houses - Technical Specifications • The structures will be suitably designed to meet climatic condition and structural stability for intended conditions. • The structure will be made out of pre fabricated engineered bamboo board as per specification given in IS4990 & IS13958. • All dimension stipulated are nominal and subject to tolerances as per IS Specifications. • Panels will be painted, internal wall panel will be painted with two coats of synthetic paints & external panels will have two coats of externals paints . The colors shade of paint shall be indicated in the supply order , paints / primer should be of ICI./ Asian Paints/ Berger Paints or other reputed make only shall be used. • The column, beams, trusses, false ceiling, door windows etc will have exposed bamboo mat finish. • The supplier will furnish detailed foundation drawing to the indenter.
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  28. 28. Design Principle The entire unit is made of a combination bamboo ply- board of 16mm/19mm thickness. Columns and beams are built using multiple layers of bamboo ply glued together and bolted. The columns, beams and trusses use 3 layers of bamboo ply. The unit is a rigid monolithic structure. It is Installed on a hard standing (rammed earth/ cement floor/ concrete) floor. No foundation is required. The unit can be anchored to the floor with J- bolts. The bamboo veneers are treated against borers and fungus by soaking in a solution of boric acid at temperatures between 65-90degrees centigrade. Glue line is also treated with CLP to prevent borers & fungus. The Bamboo boards are boiling water resistant (IS-4990) and fire retardant is as per (IS-5509). All the trusses and rafters are fixed to the column using steel saddles.
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  30. 30. Roof The roof shall be made of slope 1:2 (approx). The roof shall be done with galvanized, corrugated sheet of 0.63mm/50mm/UPVC SHEETS. GI sheets conforming to IS:277: 1992 with amdt.2 having min 220gsm galvanized. These corrugated GI sheets is laid over a frame work of trusses, columns and purlins fixed using suitable fasteners like J- hooks with bitumen washers, nut/ bolts etc. A GI Ridge cover of size 225x225x0.63mm made from GI steel sheet/ coil conforming to IS 277: 1992 with amdt.2, having min 120gsm galvanizing is to be fixed on top junction of the roof using suitable fasteners.
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  32. 32. Roof Structural Framework The roof shall be laid over a framework of trusses: purlins and columns, fixed using suitable fasteners like J-hooks with bitumen washers, nuts, bolts etc The main member of the truss are 125mm deep with two 19mm layer of bamboo board. Secondary members are 100mm deep with two layers of 19mm. The two end trusses supporting the gable ends have all members that are 100mm deep, with two layers attached to the top panel beam. The sides are covered with 9mm ply nailed to the truss. All members are suitably bolted at the joints with 10mm nuts& bolts. The purlins shall be made using three 19mm layers of bamboo boards with thickness of 50mm.
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  34. 34. Roof Projection The roof shall have minimum projection of 0.4mm from the eaves wall, in case of no verandah in front of 0.3m from the gable walls. Purlins will also be provided on the roof at the eaves and at gable roof extension (outside the structure) made form three l9mm layers of bamboo boards of 15mm thickness Verandah Verandah shall be of 4 feet width applicable. The GI roof over the verandah shall be a continuous provided along the roof of the structure. The purlins provided in verandah are made of the same dimensions as for the roof.
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  36. 36.     Columns and Beams The columns and beams are of different sizes, each 100mm deep made with three layers of bamboo board (2x19mm+1x16mm) Door and Windows The frames and shutters are made of bamboo ply. The doors and windows panels are made with cross braces. Glazed windows can be provided as per requirement. The door shutter shall be fixed with the door frame with 4 nos. MS oxidized hinges of 100mm length. The door shutter shall be provided with 2 nos. MS oxidized aldrops of 300 mm length, MS oxidized tower bolts of size 200mm at the top and 100mm at the bottom on each shutter and two nos. 150mm long handles. Each of the Glass shutter will have 1nos MS oxidized handle of 150mm thickness, 2 nos. MS oxidized tower bolt of 100mm and 1 nos. of stay hook Glass sheet of 4mm thick shall be fixed using glass putty.
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  38. 38. Foundation The supplier shall furnish the general lay out of foundation drawing to the indenter indicating preparation of the foundation well in advance of the delivery. Suitable pockets shall be left in the foundation as per the drawing for fixing foundation bolts and grouting the same for the placement of the vertical columns. The indenter will also be responsible for filling of these pockets with concrete, once the foundation bolts are placed in position at the time of erection. The scope of contract does not include provision of flooring for the structures Ceiling Would be of polynum reflective insulation, put along the slope of the of the roof, on the under side of the roof.
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  40. 40. Thank You Bamboo House India Hyderabad