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Custom ERPNext Solutions


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Custom ERPNext Solutions

  1. 1. Custom ERPNext Solutions New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Presents... + Prashant B. Khopkar
  2. 2. Embrace the Change... It becomes a long and costly exercise to develop & build any Standard Software Application for the Web. Developers are bogged down with lot of technical details and conformance to standards is a tough challenge. Developer’s varying coding styles/patterns and pressures emanating from implementing a complex solution from start-to-finish may throw up many difficulties. The process will not only be cumbersome, it would also be prone to serious errors and omissions etc. Further, it is difficult to maintain and manage such application over longer time period.
  3. 3. Opportunity Meets Preparation Frappe Framework: Way back in 2005-6 a young entrepreneur by name Rushabh, started working on a metadata based framework. He aimed to create something using the open source technologies. With his framework he started a movement ERPNext - an open source applications development platform for web that can be moulded into any customisable solution. Web-based application interface was quite uncommon in those days as compared to today, when hosted applications are everywhere. We now know that cloud-based solutions work a whole lot cheaper and they are easier to maintain. The presentation that you are watching, is created using the Google Docs ~ an application based out of the Google cloud.
  4. 4. Under The Hood... Technology Stack: Server side: Python v2.7 Client side: Javascript (Bootstrap Framework) Database : MariaDB (MySQL) Other : NGINX (Web-server), Gunicorn (App Server) Important Salient Features: Hardware: ● 3rd Party Integration ( WebCam, Biometrics, Bar-codes, QR-codes ) ● Device ready ( PC, Laptop, Tablet, Phablet, iPhone ) Software: ● Tally Integration, Legacy Software Support, Multi-Company, Multi-Currency ● Responsive & Minimalist UI Design (Web 2.0), Multi-Lingual Support
  5. 5. What do we do... New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We, at Indictrans bridge the gaps between Client Requirements and ERP Functionalities to achieve best solutions mapping with Business Processes. Vision and Values: Indictrans enables clients to transform their organization and improve the operational performance. By bolstering your ability to harness the right technology, we help you become more flexible, robust and competitive. Our virtues: ● Ownership ● Commitment ● Respect ● Continuous Innovation ● Integrity
  6. 6. ERPNext Platform Business: ● Proven and Time-tested solution ● Duplication of work is avoided and consistency is achieved ● End-to-End solution achieves optimum efficiency in production ● An integrated ERP Solution can save costs up to 50% or exceeding ● Time Bound activities, well-defined workflows supercharge business with transparency and provide a finer controls Technology: ● Built on Open Source technologies ● LAMP* ● TDD* Model Operations: ● Highly Configurable Solution ● Elegant, Intuitive Web 2.0 User Interface ● Integrated Calendar, ToDo, Notes and Messages With ERPNext Solutions platform, building Customised Web-Application has been a giffy!! Well, almost that easy... * LAMP: Linux, Apache, MariaDB, Python * TDD: Test Driven Development Verticals: Health, Retail, eGovernance, Trading, Manufacturing, Logistics
  7. 7. List of ERP Modules (Modules can be added, if required and found feasible) Buying Suppliers, Order placement, Delivery Tracking, Invoicing Stock Tracking of materials/Items in Warehouses as per Sales BOMs Manufacturing Raising indents to Store, Processing/Assembly of parts Selling Leads, Tracking of Opportunity, Converting Sale, Invoicing Accounts Modeling of Financial data, Transaction Entry & Update HR Attendance, Leave Mgmt., Payroll and Appraisals Support Call Logging, Raising Tickets, Issues Mgmt., Issue history Projects Creation/Modifying of Project tasks, Monitoring Status Website Support for Multi-tenancy, Admin panel tasks, Content Mgmt.
  8. 8. Some Usage Data Company Name PowerCap MedSynaptic II Energy Choice Requirement Vehicles Tracking, Trip Mgmt. In-house ERP (Comprehensive) Query Report Integration On Quotations Project Description Tracking of Dispatch Vehicles Inventory Tracking Query Reports Integration, Auto Supplier Quotation & PO creation based on Criterion Go Live Date 16/8/2014 16/8/2014 25/8/2014 Active Sites # 1 2 1 Users/Site # 8 80 7 Favourite Features Maps integration with GIS All Query Reports
  9. 9. Lead Opportunity Quotation Sales Order Selling Customer Customer Issue Production Order Quotation Sales Order Manufacturing Bill of Material Production Order Stock Entry Stock Entry Shipping & Billing Delivery Note Sales Invoice Journal Voucher Payment Material Request Purchase Order Purchase Receipt Purchase Invoice Journal Voucher Buying Payment Note: 1. Not all steps are necessary. 2. You can accept payment as advance before billing. Via Production Planning Tool Material Issue Back Push (Complete) erpnext Workflow Overview
  10. 10. Browser: ERPNext Desktop
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