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Estimation of market potential for a Kant PVC pipe


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MBA marketing report on Estimation of market potential for a Kant PVC pipe

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Estimation of market potential for a Kant PVC pipe

  1. 1. A PROJECT REPORT ON “Estimation of Market Potential for Kant PVC Pipe” Submitted to Gujarat Technological University IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROGRAM (SIP) UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF Ms. Dhara Ranpura (Asst. Professor) GROW MORE FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT Submitted by Prashant Jayswal Enrollment No.: 167130592021 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GROW MORE FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT MBA PROGRAMME Affiliated to Gujarat Technological University Ahmadabad June-July, 2017 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Batch : 2016-18
  2. 2. Kant Pipe Industries 2 CERTIFICATE This is to certify that MR. PRASHANT JAYSWAL student of MBA Enrollment no. is no.167130592021, has satisfactorily conducted industrial training in "KANT PIPE, IDAR." and submitted his project report to GROWMORE FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES, HIMATNAGAR affiliated to Gujarat technological University, Ahmadabad for the partial fulfillment of the requirement of the practical studies in MBA program. Place: HIMATNAGAR Project Coordinator Date: ------------------------------
  3. 3. Kant Pipe Industries 3 Preface The objective of the project was "Estimation of Market Potential for a PVC Pipe" for Kant Plastic IND., for that we have to understand the customer needs, pricing constraints, response and beliefs regarding the product, so that they can contribute their valuable inputs for the "Market Potential of PVC Pipe" in India for the company. The objective of this study was to analyze the Market of the available PVC Pipe in India. The project was started on 19th of June after knowing all the relevant information regarding the project, under the guidance of Mr. Babubhai Khant (General Product Manager). The first part of my project involves the study of the Present Market Position and Expected Future Demand, Market Size, Market growth drivers, Factors limiting market growth, Current market trends, Market structure. For this I used Internet as a primary source of information for study, also attended a day with Mr. Anilbhai Jayswal discussing the topics. Along with the detailed study of Agriculture Pipe category the study was more focused on PVC Pipe market.
  4. 4. Kant Pipe Industries 4 Acknowledgements First of all I would like to thank the Management at Kant Plastic Industries for giving me the opportunity to do my one month project training in their esteemed organization. I am highly obliged to the marketing manager at Kant Plastic IND. I would like to express my gratitude to the area Sales Manager, who has provided me with guidance, inspiration, perspective and stimulating discussion, throughout the writing of this report. His constant review and excellent suggestions throughout the project are highly commendable. A study like this cannot be completed without the help of other persons. And therefore I would like to express my gratitude to provide me crucial guidance in the analytical part of this Project. My heartfelt thanks go to Mr. Babubhai Khant (sales manager) and to all the executives who helped me gain knowledge about the actual working and the processes involved in various departments. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the director of Grow More Group of Institutions, Dr. H.B. Patel. I would like to express my gratitude towards our H.O.D. Mr. Chetan Patel, who had helped me a lot in preparing this project report. I would like to forward my gratitude to my internal guide Ms. Dhara Ranpura & to all the marketing faculties of the Grow More Faculty of Management, Himmatnagar. Finally, I would like to convey my gratitude to my friends & family members &other faculty members who always endured me and stood with me and without whom I could not have envisaged the completion of my project.
  5. 5. Kant Pipe Industries 5 Executive Summary The Market Research study was conducted for Kant Plastic IND, Idar, Gujarat. The objective of the study is  To study the Market Research for PVC Pipe.  Get Estimation of Market Potential for a PVC Pipe The organization is into HDPE pipes, PVC pipes and Kisan pipes role manufacturing. PVC is an organochlorine, which was first patterned in 1913 by Fritz Klatte. However, its development for hindered by pure PVC’s chemical instability and its low workability. During the 1930’s, German experiments with various stabilizers and softeners lead to the first useable forms of PVC. By the early 1950’s PVC was second only to polythene, as the most important synthetic product in Germany. It is now the single largest use for chlorine today, using about 1/3 of all global production. About 40 million tons of chlorine is produced by the chemical industry every year. PVC development was part of the huge expansion of the chlorine industry after the Second World War. PVC, Dichloro Diphenyl Trichloroethane (DDT) and Chloro FluoroCarbons (CFC’s) are all products of post war boom in the chlorine industry. Currently there are over 11,000 oregano chlorines now in commercial use. Organo chlorines are useful to industry because they tend to be very stable and the resist natural breakdown process. Kant Plastics have two functional departments and it’s the leader in HDPE pipes & Fittings in Middle India. Kant Plastics is Established in 1988 and Registered with ISO 9001:2008 certification. While globalization and economic slowdown in the world markets threw up new challenges the Kant group is busy chalking out plans to translate these challenges in to opportunity.
  6. 6. Kant Pipe Industries 6 INDEX Sr. No. Contents Pg. No. 1 Introduction 7 2 Company profile 9 3 SWOT analysis 12 4 Literature Review 13 5 Research Methodology 14 6 Data Analysis & Finding /Result 17 7 Finding Analysis /Result of The Study 35 8 Suggestions 36 9 Conclusion 37 10 Bibliography 38 11 Annexure 39
  7. 7. Kant Pipe Industries 7 CH-1 Introduction Plastics, in the modern meaning of the word, are synthetic materials that are capable of being formed into usable products by heating, milling, molding and similar processes. The term is derived from the Greek plastic, to form in simplest terms; plastics can be described as resins in their molded form. The wonders of plastics cut across all sectors of society. It is a material of choice due to its versatility, its physical strength, its economic viability; it's easy process ability and also its attractiveness and durability of all weather conditions. With the globalization of Indian economy and television entering into homes and tiniest villages and communications demand for the materials for suitable functional use more economic packing, durable all weather products has meant increasing demand for plastics. Packing of cement bags, the end user is demanding plastics instead of conventional jute, because it prevent transits loses and wastages. The hilly regions of East India or drought prone districts of Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Tamil Nadu demand auto molded tanks in thousands each day. The agriculturists of Himachal Pradesh insist on plastic pipes for irrigation to their farms, the floriculturists of Karnataka and Maharashtra cannot thrive without ultraviolet stabilized polythene wide width films for huge tunnels and green polymers consumption and import. The Plastic industry in India has made significant achievements ever since it made a modest but promising start by commencing production of polystyrene in 1957. The potential market has motivated Indian entrepreneurs to acquire technical expertise. Achieve high quality standards and build capacities in various facts of the booming plastic industry. Phenomenal development in the plastic machinery sector coupled with matching development in petrochemical sectors, both of which supports the plastic processing sectors, have facilitated the plastic processors to build capacities to service both the domestic market and overseas.
  8. 8. Kant Pipe Industries 8 The chronology of manufacture of polymers in India is summarized as under. The economic reforms launched in India since 1991, joint ventures, foreign investments, easier across to technology from developed countries etc. have opened up new vistas to further Indian plastic industry are exported to over 150 countries round the globe with major trading partners being USA,UAE, Italy, UK, Russia, Honkong, Germany etc. The plastic processing sector comprises of over 30000 units involved in producing a variety of items through injections molding, blow molding, extrusion and calendaring. The capacities built in most of this industry coupled with inherent capabilities have made us capable of servicing the overseas markets. The development of plastics took place in 1920’s with the introduction of cellulose acetate, polyvinylchloride and nylon. Polyethylene evolved out of the need for a superior insulating material could be used for such applications as radar during World War II. The decade of the 1950’s saw the introduction of poly propylene and the development of acetyl and polycarbonate. In 1960’s and 1970’s a sub group of plastic family started to emerge ,called high temperature plastics, which includes polyamides, aromatic polyesters, polyether siphoned etc. 1957 : poly styrene 1959 : LDPE 1961 : PVC 1968 : HDPE 1978 : polypropylene
  9. 9. Kant Pipe Industries 9 Ch-2 Company profile Name : Kant Pipe Industries Manufacturing Unit : 18 GIDC Estate, Idar Products : HDPE 20ft Pipe, HDPE 100ft-300ft pipe role, HDPE Kisan Pipe role, LDPE Kiasn Pipe role a) History The Kant Pipe IND. is started with PVC Pipe, HDPE Pipe, LDPE Pipe production at Idar, Gujarat, India In 1988. Kant Plastic started By four family partners whom has vision to take indian plastic industries one level up. In 1989, Kant became the reputed PVC pipe and PVC pipe fitting manufacture in Gujarat it has received good response from customers and set a benchmark for quality. In 1994 kant began the production and marketing of HDPE pipe. In 1998 taking advantage of the wings of globalization Kant plastic started Kisan Pipe role into the local market. Growth being as the key strategy the visionary Mr. Rohitkumar Jayswal nurtured Kant plastics into a corporate level. Kant Pipe IND. has grown dynamically over the past decade. Its current production capacity is 100 tons. The Company has two integrated Pipe manufacturing plant and one raw materials production units at the Idar, Gujarat. It has also plastic recycle plant and plastic sorting unit to get different plastic by it's materials, cost effective and environmentally cleaner shipments of bulk Adaptor to its customers. b) Kant which means:  Provider of basic requirement of all PVC related fittings, pipes, and allied products.  Unstinted and continued supply and service since last 2 decades.  Believer and Promoter of quality products than giving simple propaganda.  The best PVC pipe fittings manufacturer in India who is operational and reaching newer heights year after year.  The best PVC pipe fittings manufacturer in India to have received ISI mark.  The best PVC pipe fittings manufacturer in India to have received ISO mark.  An entity who gave to its customer’s qualitative products & value added services.  To have received the best appreciation from its people.
  10. 10. Kant Pipe Industries 10 e) Vision, Mission and Quality Policy: “Company's vision is to maintain the hegemony as the most reliable provider of high quality PVC Pipes, HDPE Pipes, LDPE Pipes to meet the diverse requirements of potable water distribution, domestic plumbing, bore wells and lift irrigation purposes. Kant Pipe aim to make each of our products a paragon of quality and technical excellence. Through their constant Endeavour’s of research and innovation they strive to come up with new products that help farmers, architects and builders keep ahead of the times” Mission: - serve water projects, construction activities and agriculture on global level to ensure customer satisfaction. Quality policy:  To manufacture and market goods, which comply with the consumers requirements.  To achieve customer satisfaction is the basic philosophy of the organization. In the last one decade, unparalleled growth was witnessed in Kant pipe to emerge as a leader in the HDPE Pipe, LDPE Pipe, Kisan Role Pipe, their fittings and to diversify in to the manufacture of suction, drainage fittings. Kant pipe is a company with a turnover of 5 cores per annum and with a manpower strength of 50 employees including 5 high caliber professionals. f) Product/Service profile: Kant Pipe product constitutes agriculture such as PVC Pipes, HDPE pipes, HDPE pipes fittings, LDPE Pipe, Kisan Pipe. Kant pipes is leading names agriculture pipes over all the states. Kant HDPE pipes are manufactured from the finest grade HDPE resin trusted and acclaimed all over the-country for quality. Due to high tensile strength and reliability used in farms, industry, homes etc. Kant Pipes are available in 2" to 8" size and length vary from 20ft to 300ft. These are also available in 3 different colors. Injection modulated Kant pipe confirm to all standard specification and assure totally safe for all agriculture, industry purposes.
  11. 11. Kant Pipe Industries 11 g) Kant Pipe Products: The company concentrates on the manufacturing of a wide range of PVC pipes and HDPE Pipes and LDPE pipes products. Their products are basically categorized as HDPE Pipe 20ft HDPE Pipe Coil 300ft HDPE Pipe 20ft PVC Pipe 20ft h)Production centers:  Kant Pipe, Idar Kant Pipe, the parent company of the group was the incorporated in 1988, and within these 29 years it has grown up as one of the Popular PVC/HDPE agriculture pipe companies in India and it's ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Manufactures the PVC pipe, HDPE Pipes, HDPE pipe coil, Pressure Pipes, LDPE pipe role. Address of the unit 18, GIDC Estate, Idar. 383430 Size of the company 50 Establishment 1988 Shift of the unit In this unit 2 shifts are running 1. 9am to 6pm 2. 8pm to 8pm i) Organization Structure: GM (GENERAL MANAGER) Manager Assistant Manager . Technical Officer Executive Manager Processing Marketing Employee
  12. 12. Kant Pipe Industries 12 Ch-3 SWOT Analysis Strength:- 1) Good market penetration. 2) Motivated channel partner. 3) Well defined supplies. Weakness:- 1) Complaint handling was not up to mark. 2) Supply in certain area is very irregular. 3) Poor signage and display is making the routes week for the sale of kant pipes. 4) Interpersonal relationship with the company officials and the supply agent is not satisfactory Opportunity:-  It is observed that in some newly establishing areas many new dealer are opening their stores, Kant pipe needs to concentrate on these new vendors and stores  Gradually increase their sales in these are large number of mix products can be changed to kant pipe exclusive. Threats:- 1) Finolax, Sabar, Mayfair are the nearest competitor and it is catching up in the market penetration through price skimming and other promotional scheme.
  13. 13. Kant Pipe Industries 13 Ch-4 Review of Literature Perception & exception level of the consumer towards PVC Pipe has become an important area for being explored because this is one section where organizational unit is primarily concerned. The hypothetical assumption of this report is that the consumers have a positive perception & linking towards the branded PVC Pipes "Kant" & this area could be explored further for the purposes of gaining large market share. Hence, this is one section which could be explored & penetrated for purposes of gaining greater mileage. The other assumptions are -: - To study the PVC pipe marketing which are available in the market. - To study the consumers as well as dealers perceptions towards the market. Also, the total study conducted by us is based on assumptionsbeliefs that Kant pipes owners have a strong sense of satisfaction because of various reasons especially from the point of view of PVC pipe marketing of all varieties. My entire study has been designed to test the level of hypothetical assumptions i.e. the concept of user's preference level. Whatever has been explained above indicates in short the pathways which I have adopted for conducting this main project training report & the succeeding chapters in their support would give a clear indication about the study at large & the analysis would give us an idea about the resultant outcome of the study.
  14. 14. Kant Pipe Industries 14 Ch-5 Research Methodology Research Problem Kant pipe has lots of competitor in gujarat such as Finolex, sabar, mayfair etc. Thus to satisfy the competitive environment & increase in sale of its products among others competitors lots of purchasing stage are being changed from time to time in order to have max customer satisfaction & hundred percent customer retention. So to increase the buying power of customer & increase in the sales of the PVC pipes & raise as much revenue as possible is the biggest issue that the organization is facing among its competitors. Research Objective The main objective of the study in this project we are going to study the following:  To find the level of sales at the retail dealers in comparison to Other & brand  To investigate Market potential of Kant PVC pipes in Gujarat.  To know the preference of Customer and Retailer towards Kant PVC pipes.  To analyse the popularity and awareness level amongst the Customers and Retailer. Scope of the Study The main scope of this study is to ascertain the effectiveness of Market potential of Kant PVC pipes and various methods to increase the Sales Volume of the concern. The methods include regular information to the buyers creating a brand position in the market and taking measures to make the brand remain in its position. One of the important aspects of this study is also to increase the market segment for the product Research Methodology:  Observation method  Experimental method  Survey method Under Research Methodology there are three types of methods for market potential research. They are as follows: a) The observation method b) The experimental method c) The survey method inclusive of panel method.
  15. 15. Kant Pipe Industries 15 In observation method data are collected on the direct observation. No talks take place. By observing the person the analysis makes the inventory as to product used by him at his home or kept as retailers stocks. In experimental method it is based on the concept that small-scale experiment is useful to indicate the expectations of large-scale experiment The survey method information is gathered directly from individuals three ways: 1. Telephone 2. E-Mail 3. Personal Interview The survey method is also mentioned as the “Questionnaire Technique” they are also segregated by: 1. In factual survey 2. Opinion survey 3. Interpretative survey for my project point of view, the method mainly used are: 1. Survey by route ride 2. Personal interview by questionnaire technique. 1. The survey method by route ride I usually went with Kant van also with salesman. I met the retailers from outlets to outlets. This survey method helps me a lot to Understand about the distribution system and to understand the problem of retailers and other people. 2. In addition to the personal interview by questionnaire technique. In this survey method I saw that the respondent was shown the exhibit and advertisement to give his personal opinion and attitude. In this method the direct interaction of occurred with the retailers and I could collect the reliable information from them it has also cost disadvantage that's why some were difficult to covered. Methodology: Methodology is a systematic way to undertake the study. It may be understood as a science of studying how study is done. In fact, success of the research project depends entirely on the data and therefore the methods employed in the collection of the data.
  16. 16. Kant Pipe Industries 16 Research Design: Research design indicates the methods of research i.e., the methods of gathering information and methods of sampling. Research design in the study is descriptive analytical research. It is designed to describe something, such as demographic characteristics or who use the product. Sampling Technique: The sampling techniques involved in this project are convenience sampling technique. The respondents were interviewed at various places like retailer shop and outlet shop of PVC pipes. SAMPLING PLAN: 1. Sampling unit: sampling unit consist of consumers and retailer, it mainly comprises of consumers and retailers. 2. Sampling method: convenience sampling method. 3. Sample size: It consists of 100 consumers and 100 retailer. Data Collection Methods: 1. Primary Data: In this method the various information are gathered for the very first time or we can say that it is a way of getting first-hand information. Primary data is gathered by interview, questionnaire. This primary data collection was major part of field survey. 2. Secondary Data: Data which are already available and it may provide ready information relevant to the study is called secondary data. The information collection process and methodology which I followed secondary data with the help of Internal source (Life history, Letters, Diaries and Memory), External Sources (Book, Business Journals, Websites etc.) and other such modes of information generation. Questionnaire Description: The questionnaire was prepared consisting of structured and non-disguised. The questions were logically and sequentially arranged in the questionnaire so the proper and authentic information can be obtained from the respondents without any anomalies from the part of the respondents provided corrects response can obtained. Researcher had asked 15 questions from the customers And 16 question from Retailers. In this way Scope of the Study Researcher collect the data which is helpful for company to know about the market Potential.
  17. 17. Kant Pipe Industries 17 Ch-6 Data Analysis & Finding /Result Data Analysis & Interpretation Methods Of Analysis: In order to analysis the data obtained from questionnaire various statistical tools were used like the percentage, charts were used. Data Collection : The available & quality of information is mainly dependent on the sources of information. This study is mainly based on primary & secondary data sources. The primary data has been collected on the basis of a structured schedule drawn up by us on approval from Kant management. The response has been gathered from the dealers & consumers to get more reliable information. The secondary data has been collected from Kant's website, internal files, documents, internal magazines & on the basis of discussion I had. Tools of Representation: The Researcher represents the data analysis using as a tools like Data Table's and Pie Chart.
  18. 18. Kant Pipe Industries 18 Analysis and interpretation for customer 1. Analysis of regular customers of kant pvc pipes Options No. of respondent Percentage Yes 82 82% No 18 18% Interpretation: The above the graph clearly shows 82% respondents are using the Kant pvc pipes and 18% of respondents using other brands 2. Analysis of how many years are you using kant pvc pipes Options No. of respondent Percentage Less than 1 year 34 34% 1 - 5 years 26 26% 5 - 10 years 29 29% More than 10 years 11 11% Interpretation: The above graph clearly shows indicate that 34% of the respondents are using less than1 year, 26% 1- 5 years, 29% 5 - 10 years while 11 % are using more than 10 years. 82% 18% Yes No 34% 26% 29% 11% Less than 1 year 1 - 5 years 5 - 10 years More than 10 years
  19. 19. Kant Pipe Industries 19 3. Analysis of awareness on competitive brands Options No. of respondent Percentage Yes 70 70% No 30 30% Interpretation: The above graph clearly show that results shows that 70% respondents are not aware of competitive brands while 30% are aware of competitive brands. 4. Analysis of how they came to knowing about kant pipes Options No. of respondent Percentage Dealers 23 23% Reference 56 56% Commercial ads 18 18% Others 3 3% Interpretation: The above graph shows that 23% of respondents are reasoned through Dealer and 56% of respondents are reference and 18% of respondent’s commercials and 3% of the respondents are others. 70% 30% Yes No 23% 56% 18% 3% Dealer Reference Commercial ads Others
  20. 20. Kant Pipe Industries 20 5. Analysis of opinion on quality standards of kant pipes compared to other brands. Options No. of respondent Percentage Very much satisfaction 60 60% Satisfied 37 37% Dissatisfaction 7 7% Very much Dissatisfaction 3 3% Interpretation: The above graph shows that 60% of respondents are Very much satisfied, and 37% of respondents are satisfied, and 7% of Respondents are Dis-satisfied and 3% of respondents are the Very much dis-satisfied with the quality & performance of Kant 6. Analysis of opinion on durability of kant pvc pipes. Options No. of respondent Percentage Yes 68 68% No 32 32% Interpretation: The above graph shows that 68% of respondents are YES and 32% of respondents are NO, with the durability of Kanr pvc pipes. 60%37% 7% 3% Very much satisfaction Satisfied Dissatisfaction Very much dissatisfaction 68% 32% Yes No
  21. 21. Kant Pipe Industries 21 7. Analysis of opinion on service of kant pipes Options No. of respondent Percentage Good 55 55% Average 23 23% Excellent 18 18% Poor 4 4% Interpretation: The above graph shows that the 55% of respondents tells that good, 23% of respondents tells that average, 18% of respondents are excellence , 4% of respondents is poor with the service of kant pipes 8. Analysis of opinion on delivery of kant pvc pipes Options No. of respondent Percentage Yes 80 80% No 20 20% Interpretation: The above tabulated result shows that 80% of respondents are satisfied, 20% of respondents are not satisfied with the delivery of kant pvc pipes. 55% 23% 18% 4% Good Average Excellent Poor 80% 20% Yes No
  22. 22. Kant Pipe Industries 22 9. Analysis of opinion on after sales service of kant pvc pipes Options No. of respondent Percentage Can't say 59 59% Satisfied 28 28% Not satisfied 13 13% Interpretation: The above graph shows that 59% of respondents are can’t say, 28% of respondents are satisfied, and 13% of respondents are not satisfied with after sales service of kant pvc pipes. 10. Analysis of the attributes that customer like in kant pvc pipes. Options No. of respondent Percentage Reasonable price 24 24% Durability 10 10% Quality 39 39% Services 27 27% 59% 28% 13% Can't say Satisfied Not satisfied 24% 10% 39% 27% Reasonable price Durability Quality Services
  23. 23. Kant Pipe Industries 23 Interpretation: The above graph shows24% of respondents are Reasonable price 10% of respondents are Durability 39% of respondents are quality 27%of respondents are services. 11. Analysis of opinion on offers and discount of kant pvc pipes? Options No. of respondent Percentage Yes 68 68% No 32 32% Interpretation: The above graph shows that 68% of respondents are satisfied, 32% of respondents are not satisfied with the offers and discounts of kant pipes. 12. Analysis on recommendations of kant pvc pipes? Options No. of respondent Percentage Sure 75 75% Can't Say 22 22% No 3 3% 68% 32% Yes No 75% 22% 3% Sure Can't say No
  24. 24. Kant Pipe Industries 24 Interpretation: The above graph shows that 75% of respondents are recommends, 22% respondents are can’t say, and 3% of respondents are not recommends with the using of the Kant pipes. 13. Analysis on better services provided company? Options No. of respondent Percentage Sabar PVC Pipe Ind 31 31% Kant PVC Pipes 42 42% Mayfair Polymers 13 13% Finolax 14 14% Interpretation: Above graph shows that31% of respondents frequently purchase Sabar pipes, 42% of respondents purchase Kant pipes, 13% of respondents purchase of Mayfair pipes, 14% of respondents purchase Finolax pipes. 14. Analysis of opinion on price of kant PVC pipes? Options No. of respondent Percentage Higher 33 33% Reasonable 58 58% Lower 9 9% 31% 42% 13% 14% Sabar Kant Mayfair Astral
  25. 25. Kant Pipe Industries 25 Interpretation: Above graph shows the opinions of 58% 0f respondents are higher and, 33% of respondents are reasonable, 9% of respondents are lower. 15. Analysis of are getting solution for your problems regarding Kant pipes? Options No. of respondent Percentage Yes 69 69% No 31 31% Interpretation: Above graph shows the opinions of 69% 0f respondents are yes and, 31% of respondents are no solution for your problems. 33% 58% 9% Higher Reasonable Lower 69% 31% Yes No
  26. 26. Kant Pipe Industries 26 Analysis & Interpretation for Retailers 1. Analysis of types of unit they have Options No. of respondent Percentage Proprietorship 22 22% Partnership 14 14% Pvt. Ltd. 22 22% Public Ltd. 28 28% H.U.F. 15 15% From the above analysis it is interpreted that most respondent were type Proprietorship with 28%, Partnership 21%, Pvt. Ltd. 22%, Public Ltd. 28 while 15% are H.U.F. 22% 14% 21% 28% 15% Occupation Proprietorship Partnership Pvt. Ltd. Public Ltd. H.U.F.
  27. 27. Kant Pipe Industries 27 2. Analysis of the deal with PVC Pipes Options No. of respondent Percentage Yes 62 62% No 38 38% Above analysis says that 62% of user deals with PVC pipes and find information in this regard valuable while 38% are not. 3. Analysis types of PVC pipes they sold Options No. of respondent Percentage ISI 20 20% Non-ISI 40 40% Both 30 30% Above analysis says that 20% of user deals sold ISI PVC pipes, 40% sold Non-ISI PVC pipes and find information in this regard valuable while 30% are both. 62% 38% Deals with PVC Yes No 20% 40% 30% Sold type of PVC pipes ISI Non-ISI Both
  28. 28. Kant Pipe Industries 28 4. Analysis of Experience do they have in this business(In years) Options No. of respondent Percentage 1-2 30 30% 2-5 40 40% 5-10 20 20% 10 > 10 10% Above analysis says that 30% of user have 1 to 2 years experience, 40% of user have 2 to 5 years experience, 20% of user have 5 to 10 years experience and 30% of user have more then 10 years experience 5. Analysis on deal with other businesses along with pipes Options No. of respondent Percentage Cement 40 40% Paints 5 5% Sanitary 20 20% Hardware 20 20% Other 15 15% 30% 40% 20% 10% Experiance in business 1 to 2 years 2 to 5 years 5 to 10 years 10 > years
  29. 29. Kant Pipe Industries 29 Above analysis says that 40% deals with cements along with pipes , 5% of paint, 20% of Sanitary. 20% of Hardware and 15% of deals other business along with pipes 6. Analysis on purchase for pipes Options No. of respondent Percentage Manufacture 40 40% Dealer 60 60% Above analysis says that 40% purchases from manufactures, while 60% purchases from dealer 40% 5%20% 20% 15% Other business alongs with pipes Cement Paints Sanitary Hardware Other 40% 60% Purchase Manufacture Dealer
  30. 30. Kant Pipe Industries 30 7. Analysis on the major preferences to purchase Options No. of respondent Percentage Brands 30 30% Price 10 10% Quality 40 40% Scheme 20 20% Above analysis says that 30% purchases preferences are brands, 10% prefers price, 40% prefers quality while 20% prefers schemes 8. Analysis on Most popular size and schedule of pipes in market Options No. of respondent Percentage 2" 18 18% 3" 50 50% 4" 20 20% 5" 12 12% Above analysis says that 18% popular is 2" pipes in market, 50% popular is 3" pipes in market, 20% popular is 4" pipes in market while 5" is 12% popular. 30% 10% 40% 20% Purchase Prefereces Brands Price Quality Scheme 18% 50% 20% 12% Purchase Prefereces size 2" size 3" size 4" size 5"
  31. 31. Kant Pipe Industries 31 9. Analysis on most running Plumbing pipe Options No. of respondent Percentage Threaded 56 56% Non- threaded 44 44% Above analysis says that 56% threaded pipe running, while 44% non-threaded running. 10. Analysis on most preferable plumbing pipe color in market. Options No. of respondent Percentage Blue 30 30% White 50 50% Gray 15 15% Other 5 5% Above analysis says that 56% threaded pipe running, while 44% non-threaded running. 56% 44% Running Plumbing Pipe Threaded Non-threaded 30% 50% 15% 5% Running Plumbing Pipe Blue White Gray Other
  32. 32. Kant Pipe Industries 32 11. Analysis on Satisfaction with Offers And Discount of Kant PVC Pipes Options No. of respondent Percentage Yes 76 76% No 24 24% Above analysis says that 76% satisfied with offers and discount by kant, while 24% are not. 12. Analysis on Recommendation of Kant PVC pipe Options No. of respondent Percentage Sure 58 58% Can't say 20 20% No 22 22% Above analysis says that 58% will recommend Kant and 20% can't say, while 24% are not. 76% 24% Yes No 76% 20% 24% Yes Can't say No
  33. 33. Kant Pipe Industries 33 13. Analysis on better services provided company? Options No. of respondent Percentage Sabar PVC Pipe Ind 24 24% Kant PVC Pipes 52 52% Mayfair Polymers 11 11% Finolex 13 13% Above analysis says that 24% of retailer satisfied with sabar, 52% with kant, 11% with Mayfair pipes, while 13% with Finolex pipes. 14. Analysis of opinion on price range of Kant PVC pipes? Options No. of respondent Percentage Higher 22 22% Reasonable 65 65% Lower 13 13% Above graph shows retailer opinions of 22% thinks it's higher and, 65% thinks reasonable, 13% find it lower. 24% 52% 11% 13% Sabar Kant Mayfair Astral 22% 65% 13% Higher Reasonable Lower
  34. 34. Kant Pipe Industries 34 15. Analysis of Satisfaction with margin on Kant PVC pipes ? Options No. of respondent Percentage Yes 70 70% No 30 30% Above analysis shows retailers opinion of satisfaction on margin, 70% said yes while, 30% said no. 16. Analysis of getting solution for problems regarding Kant pipes? Options No. of respondent Percentage Yes 69 69% No 31 31% Above analysis shows retailers opinion,69% of respondents are yes and, 31% of respondents are not getiing solution for problems. 69% 31% Yes No 69% 31% Yes No
  35. 35. Kant Pipe Industries 35 Ch-7 Finding Analysis /Result of The Study Finding: On the basis of survey, based on 100 respondents of customer and 100 retailers there are various findings given below:- Customer:  It was found that first 4 analyses show the potential of Kant Pipe in market.  It was found that analysis 5 to 7 show the customer preference and 8 to 10 show the popularity about Kant pipe. It shows the highly preferred brand is kant and it is most popular among customer.  It was found that analysis 11 to 12 show the customer awareness level about Kant pipe and 13 to 15 show the customer satisfaction about kant. It shows that mostly customer aware the Kant Pipe through retailer.  It was found that that customer came to know of Kant's product highest through retailer 58%, 12% by print media, 14% by electronic and 16% by hoarding. Retailer:  It was found that first 3 and 5 analyses show the market potential of Kant Pipe through customer visit on outlet It also show the popularity of Kant pipe.  It was found that analyses 4 to 8 show preference level retailers about Kant pipe.  It was found that analyses 9 &10 show the retailer's satisfaction level about Kant pipe.
  36. 36. Kant Pipe Industries 36 Ch-8 Suggestions: Kant Pipe should introduce some change in its marketing function and advertising to market more rational. The following factors to be worthy of consideration:- - Company need to maintain the same level services with related to price, quality, quantity, availability etc. - In newly open Kant points advertising though palm plates would be more effective. - Company need to expand - customer network to increase the access of the product to the customers. - If the company provide small incentives to the customers like competitors are distributing the calendar. - They may be a chance to show interest to purchase the pipes. - Most of Kant points located in narrow loans of the street therefore print media of the showing of the address of the Kant points would be better. Limitation: - In our project we were supposed to visit every day in the company but due to some unavoidable circumstances like weekly holiday, occasional holiday, we could not visit in the company. - Lack of proper information and experience also became hurdles for us. Some particular persons are not have sufficient time to talk with us. - Off course, money also played a vital factor in the whole project duration.
  37. 37. Kant Pipe Industries 37 Ch-9 Conclusion Conclusion: After Completing the Study Related to the project, We Draw Following Conclusion Customer: It is found that majority of respondents are preferred quality, quantity, price and availability of Kant pipes.  According to my view it is found that majority of respondents are influenced by mouth publicity, news papers, and G.S.R.T.C Buses and televisions factors in their purchasing of Kant pipes.  It is found that majority of customers are satisfied and few of customers are not satisfied with the delivery of Kant pipes.  Company adopted a common credit policy for all customers to exchange the product.  It is found that majority customers using Kant pipes and few customers are using competitor's pipes (Sabar, Mayfair). Retailer:  Retailers feel good on the profit margin being provided by the organization.  During our project, we find that the distribution channel of Kant is not very good in region.  It was found that 80% retailers satisfied with the care taken by the organization in case of increase in demand while 20% are against it.  Retailers sell kant brand over other brands due High demand.
  38. 38. Kant Pipe Industries 38 Ch-10 Bibliography Book: A. Kotler. Philip, & Armstrong. Gary,(2006), Principals Of Marketing 11thedition.,Publication B. Malhotra .Nareshk. , (2007), Marketing Research- An Applied Orientation, 5th Edition. Websites:   www.indianpipe.Com/Editoria    Kant Wikipedia Search Engines Articles Competitors Attractive Features of The Company
  39. 39. Kant Pipe Industries 39 Ch-11 ANNEXURE Questionnaire For Consumer Name : _________________________________________ Address : _________________________________________ Contact no. : _________________________________________ Occupation : _________________________________________ 1. Regular Customers of Kant PVC Pipes a. Yes b. No 2. How many years are you using Kant Pipes? a. less than year b. 1- 5 years c. 5-10years d.Morethan 10years 3. Do you have Awareness of Competitive Brands ? a. Yes b. No 4. How Do You Came to Knowing About Kant PVC Pipes? a. Dealers b. Reference c. Commercial ads d. Others 5. How is Quality Standards of Kant PVC Pipes Comparer To Other Brands? a. Very much satisfaction b. Satisfied c. Dissatisfaction d. Very much Dissatisfaction 6. Kant PVC Pipes are Durable? a. Yes b. No 7. How is Service of Kant Pipes? a. Good b. Average c. Excellent d. Poor
  40. 40. Kant Pipe Industries 40 8. Satisfied on Delivery of Kant Pipes? a. Yes b. No 9. How is After Sales Service of Kant Pipes? a. Can't say b. Satisfied c. Not satisfied 10. What Are The Attributes That You Like In Kant PVC Pipes? a. Reasonable price b. Durability c. Quality d. Services 11. Are you Satisfied with Offers And Discount of Kant PVC Pipes? a. Yes b. No 12. Will you Recommend Kant Pipes? a. Sure b. Can't Say c. No 13. Which company provided better services? a. Sabar PVC Pipe Ind b. Kant PVC Pipes c. Mayfair Polymers d. Finolax 14. What do you think about Price of Kant PVC Pipes? a. Higher b. Reasonable c. Lower 15. Are you getting solution for your problems regarding Kant pipes? a. Yes b. No
  41. 41. Kant Pipe Industries 41 Questionnaire For Retailer Name : ____________________ Address : ____________________ Contact no. : ____________________ 1. Which types of unit you have? a. Proprietorship b. Partnership c. Pvt. Ltd. d. Public Ltd. e. H.U.F. 2. Are you deal with PVC Pipes? a. Yes b. No 3. Which types of PVC pipes you sold? a. ISI b. Non ISI c. Both 4. How much Experience do you have in this business?(In years) a. 1-2 b. 2-5 c. 5-10 d. More than 10 5. Are you deal with other businesses along with pipes? a. Cement b. Paints c. Sanitary d. Hardware e. Other 6. Where did you purchase from? a. Manufacture b. Dealer 7. Which are the major preferences to purchase? a. Brands b. Price c. Quality d. Scheme Visiting Card
  42. 42. Kant Pipe Industries 42 8. Which are the most popular size and schedule of pipes in the market? a. 2" b. 3" c. 4" d. 5" 9. In Plumbing Pipe, which is most running? a. Threaded b. Non- threaded 10. Which is the most preferable color in the market? a. Blue b. White c. Grey d. Other 11. Are you Satisfied with Offers And Discount of Kant PVC Pipes? a. Yes b. No 12. Will you Recommend Kant Pipes to customers? a. Sure b. Can't Say c. No 13. Which company provided better services? a. Sabar PVC Pipe Ind b. Kant PVC Pipes c. Mayfair Polymers d. Finolax 14. What do you think about Price of Kant PVC Pipes? a. Higher b. Reasonable c. Lower 15. Are you Satisfied with margin on Kant PVC pipes? a. Yes b. No 16. Are you getting solution for your problems regarding Kant pipes? a. Yes b. No