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  1. 1. Applect Learning Systems Pvt. Ltd. Meritnation
  2. 2. Table of Contents Applect Learning Systems Applect & Meritnation Meritnation – School Made Easy Team Partners Complete Product Profile Star Ratings Competitor Analysis Customer Feedbacks Employee Survey Prashant Jain
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  4. 4. Besides the learning and assessment solutions, also provides students the opportunity to gather interesting insights in to their personalities. Students can take Meritnation's online personality, aptitude & interest tests and obtain insights about their strengths and weaknesses. The Stream Selector is yet another recent addition to's list of value -adding features for students. Using the valuable recommendations of this scientifically designed tool, students studying in classes IX & X can make an informed choice while deciding on the subject/ stream in class XI. Company Description Applect Learning Systems, a group venture, is a leading education company that is promoted and led by alumni of IIM Bangalore.  is the division of Applect Learning Systems that caters to the learning needs of students for classes 1st - 12th from CBSE, ICSE and leading state boards. offers online and correspondence learning resources for Maths, Science, English, Hindi, Sanskrit & Social Science. The learning resources by range from high-quality study material & tests to Proficiency Tests & Olympiad Packs for specific exam requirements. In addition, Meritnation also offers a BBA Sample Question, CPT Test Question Papers, GK & AIEEE Test Question Pack for entrance exam preparation. Customized learning solutions by, complete with detailed feedback reports, a variety of tests, study material enriched with videos, interactive curriculum-based puzzles and more, help take the 'weight' off studies and make studies fun and enjoyable. Contents Prashant Jain
  5. 5. Our objective is to impact the lives of students in the country through our quality learning resources and make a difference in the way they study. With over 10 lakh happy users, the process has already started, says Pavan Chauhan, Director- Applect Learning Systems. Students can sample study content by going through the free NCERT solutions and free study material for first chapters of every subject. To know more about and its product offerings log on to Applect & Meritnation is an educational initiative of Applect Learning Systems Pvt. Ltd., a leading education and technology company it provides online and offline (correspondence courses) solutions to school students. Meritnation's online & correspondence courses cater to students from classes 1st to 12th in subjects such as Math's, Science and English for CBSE, ICSE and other leading State Boards. The website provides content for Social Studies, Economics, Political Science, Hindi and Sanskrit for CBSE classes 6th to 12th and online test packs for leading entrance exams such as AIEEE, IIM-Indore IPM, BBA & CPT. Customized learning solutions, complete with detailed feedback reports, a variety of tests, study material Contents Prashant Jain
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  25. 25. Caters to the learning needs of students for classes IV-XII from CBSE, ICSE & leading state boards.  offers online and correspondence learning resources for Maths, Science, English, Hindi, Sanskrit & Social Science. The learning resources by range from high-quality study material & tests to Proficiency Tests & Olympiad Packs for specific exam requirements. In addition, Meritnation also offers an AIEEE Test Pack for entrance exam preparation. Customized learning solutions by, complete with detailed feedback reports, a variety of tests, study material enriched with videos, interactive curriculum-based puzzles and more, help take the ‘weight’ off studies and make studies fun and enjoyable. Contents Prashant Jain
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  32. 32. Good Bad Probably the Most Efficient in India I have conducted quite a thorough research on my past while looking for a good site for my nephew's studies. While most websites seem to be offering really competent content, I was really impressed with how much Meritnation is providing for its students. The website has a happy feel to it. All the chapters in the course are so well illustrated and explained. I feel like going back to school again! It's been a good experience, in all. Thanks to the Team at Meritnation, if you're reading this! Bad First Impression I just took a subscription of 8990, but my computer is showing that I have subscribed class 8 and 9 online course till APR 2015. And it is showing that merit nation live for class 10 is till 2016 but it is showing that all inclusive course for 10 is valid only till 2015. but I am now in 9th and I would need that course after this time period. Please help me. Very Good Site & Study Material I was looking for a good education site for my child . While I came across meritnation, the experience was wonderful, you get a full Q & A, videos and interactive materials . I got so many ideas to teach my kid and so I finally purchased the paid subscription. Till now, I am fully satisfied with thequality and their customer support. Education Well meritnation was good, it was helpful for self-learning and sharing educational resources but nowadays technology is increasing day by day coming up with new innovations, learners demand which is convenient to abstract the learning resource easily. I found one portal known by flinnt which I think its suits to our generation. May be this video can give us better overview Good Online Material & Great Offline Sessions The offline material I saw at their center was excellent. Prerna at Gurgaon center helped me go through the process of learning - basically demonstrated how each topic is assessed and trouble areas are taken care of. The ubuntu based offline system was impressive. Excellent stuff. People generally provide reviews when they are pissed off. They assessed my child and provided me with the assessment and the areas my child needs to improve on. As a complementary gift they provided me with some tests - EVS and maths that would help in the upcoming Olympiads. I will definitely try one of their systems - online or offline one day. Meritnation Sucks I had worked with this company and am very upset with this. and my boss sucks . cold calling and nothing else . I just want to advise u dont waste ur time in this company. people join this for training period only and after that they do kick the job. they are hiring on bulk. and people are very upset with this job Meritnation is an Awesome Resource to Study Anytime Anyplace. It has all the study material for my cousin's class 9 Maharashtra Board. In addition to textual content they have really nice animated videos to explain concepts & build foundations.They also have sample papers & practice questions which are very helpful in prepping for exams. My cousin uses them on his laptop as well as his android phone using their app. He says Meritnation has replaced his entire bag full of books with one simple application on the phone:) Quality is Not Great I did not find meritnation great. They answer questions but the quality of answers for higher standards are not up to mark. They are too simple and the answers given in English or Social Studies are suitable for lower standards even if it was meant for 11th or 12th. They need to improve a lot for the amount they charge. Prashant Jain
  33. 33. Good Bad Amazing Customer Service, Website is Pretty Good I used meritnation only for one year in 12th but my younger brother has been using it for 2 years. I must say more than anything, it has made our homework sessions so exciting. That we used to fight over who would use the lappy! haha! I usually used it 4 d ncert solutions while my bro sees the videos and animations for learning. He seems very happy to use a computer to study, I can say one more thing, I was happy with how quickly I was able to start using my account, only 1 or 2 calls with the meritnation people was enuf! Meritnation - Cheating the Parents I inquired about the Meritnation in World Book Fair 2014 in February for my son for 11th Standard. Thereafter, I got repeated calls from Meritnmation to get the subscription as soon as possible. Every time I got a call, I replied firmly that we are waiting for his 10th results to come. Still Ms. Priya kept on calling us mentioning the benefits and discounts being offered. I repeatedly told her that we are not sure if he would opt for Medical, Non-Medical or Commerce stream. After an assurance from her that if we register even before the declarations of the results they would provide the solutions for all the subjects he may choose. He can at any given point of time may change his stream and Meritnation will provide the solution for 11 standard.Whereas now, when he is trying to open Biology it is found to be blocked. Even after repeated calls to Meritnation executives we are unable to found the solution. We have been cheated.Now they are asking us to pay extra amount to get the biology section. Made Studying So Much More Fun For Me! I have used for Maths and Science only, but the kind of help I got from the website impressed me very much. My friend had told me about this website and that it provides lot of free notes and stuff, so I went and checked myself. The NCERT solutions I saw were too good and I became a paid member. Nowadays, homework, and even revision for exam has become interesting. Plus I made a lot of chatting friends on the website too. Good fun after a tiring study session. There are lots of sample papers, exactly like sample paper books. And the chapters have audio too, which I prefer for studying. Beware of Interacting With Meritnat Telemarketers My son is in the ICSE VIII std, and we had reviewed the site and content. Have not used the service/product - we stopped before that. The offer from the marketing guys at Meritnation were content upgrade on request, if required and Encyclopedia. But the calls were too frequent and Vikas or someone who had kept asking us for time kept pressing asking for a confirmation as this is a limited period offer, as he said. He began to sound desperate and aggressive and we doubt the orientation and model of this product. Based on just their promises that it has the capability and parent professionalism of the Naukri business house. We looked up Mouthshut and found some similar negative reviews and experiences and let the marketing person (Sr. educational consultant) know, and he could only laugh it off. So here is the review -ask them to take a walk back to Delhi/Noida. There are surely better people and options available. Despite their silly ads. Prashant Jain
  34. 34. Good Bad My Maths Has Really Improved with Meritnation!! My maths had always been so-so, but in the last class, my marks were very low. I had to practice a lot to make my maths better, and this is where came to my rescue. For maths, and also some science subjects, meritnation is the best option. Just enter the site and you will see so many features. there are sample questions, and online quizzes also. when you have doubts, you can open the explanation notes as well. The special part is the videos which have made mylife easier. Advanced way to study Long term offers from meritnation -A big NO NO.... Meritnation had called up the day I posted on mouth shut and extended the course till class IX. I won't say I am a loser for the money I had spent but it ended up as a breach of trust. I did not request them for any extension to class X although I know it was my right as a customer. I will be cautious in future. I had taken a three year course for my daughter(ICSE Class VIII, IX and X) under a offer from meritnation. It was started in 2013 and was supposed to be valid till 2016 and renewed every year. When I made the payment I just received a mail that the payment has been received and your course is active. the duration of validity was not confirmed anywhere. I had however taken a confirmatory email from the meritnation staff just to ensure that I have a mail saying clearly that the course was valid for three years and will be valid till 2016. In 2014 the course automatchandru021y got renewed for class IX but we got transferred and I requested the change of board to CBSE as my daughter had shifted to CBSE school. That is when the problem started. First the staff could not activate the course for almost a week when my daughter was giving a unit tests and then I got a shocker from their staff that the course that was registered was only valid till class VIII and no further extension was possible. It was also told first meritnation at best offers only 10-15% discount and nothing more than that. I sent them the mails clearly showing the offer( 50% discount) and the confirmatory mail from meritnation staff confirming the three year validity. I even told that the validity in meritnation system also got renewed to 2015 as well and there seemed to be some error in their understanding. The counselor also confirmed that what I said was right but the mail was not from instead it was sent from the personal account of the meritnation staff and hence was not valid. I wrote to the meritnation customer care but instead of going in depth with half an hour received a mechanical reply just confirming that the course was no longer valid. I therefore warn all the users to refrain from choosing any promotional event from meritnation or a long term course as it is likley that their internal systems are not tuned to keep the database and there is a high probability that it may get cancelled without any prior notice or call from meritnantion . Prashant Jain
  35. 35. Good Bad The Colorful Pics & Videos Are Good I have been using as an additional guide for my son, who is studying in class 5. There are so many things one can do on this website! The English part is only grammar, but the Maths and Science subjects notes, videos are great. Plus, I am happy to be paying what I did as the facilities received are much more. Forced to register! The website forces you to register by providing your email. Further you are asked to send a missed call to their number so that your mobile number gets registered with them. And finally when your in, they tell you that you have toPAY to get the sample worksheets n other stuff! This is totally unprofessional. Provide the customer with details of your product/service before you glean information from them. Let the customer decide if they want to register with you after you have given them all relevant information (like in this case, that the worksheets are to be paid for). I hope the website reads this review and does not disturb me on my email or mobile number. Besst 4 Homework If you are looking 4 homework help, go 4 it! Many answers for almost all Science subjects and found some for SST as well. The videos are interesting 2 see. Good pass time too! Lol! But seriously, meritnation English is very simple in all answers, so that students dont struggle in understanding what is written. Thanks 4 makin everyday studying simple. Meritnation - Fraudulent Totally a fraudulent company. I worked in the con company for 12,000 per month. But at the time of salary collection, they deleted my record and did not paid me anything. The sales department is totally pathetic consisting of fake cons. They don't pay extra for stretch timings. 0% growth and the HR vice president Mansi Battacharya don't shows any power or ethical responsibility. HR members Ashwarya, Kundan, Ankita, Kunwar all are culprits. Team incharge Abhiraj Bakshi and Coordinator Churandip don't show any respect to freshers. They flirt with fresher girls and for fresher boys, they make fun of them. Smoking in the office. Adverse environment. Prashant Jain
  36. 36. Good Bad Boosts your morale and builds your confidence Well I have a younger brother in 8th class. he used to score 70% but after subscribing to it he has improved drastically. now he's getting around 85%. and I hope till 10th he clears his concepts and top the board examination. I am very much satisfied with the overall performance of my brother. Its cool and user friendly website. Plus so many extra add-ons are added in this like vedic maths and general knowledge. Questions Answered Well Hi my name is Varun. I'm student of class 7. I was going through the site Meritnation, because I wanted sum guidance in Maths subject. I saw this ask n answer thing and entered it. I was amazed to see so many questions being answered. Some of them were the very questions that I was looking for! Homework jaldi se kar liya. Much Better Than Other Sites For CBSE I have gone and checked other websites for my ward’s class 4 course. Though there are many other sites, on comparing I found out that gives most complete answers. I also tried to make my son sit with me and was happy to see that he was excited to see all the animations. Also, I find mostly all the topics in my son's course being covered. Contents Prashant Jain
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  38. 38. Designation Title Comment Senior Executive (Current Employee), New Delhi, DL – October 4, 2014 About the Company  Personal Improvement  Typical Day Every Day  We Have To Go One Place To Another Place For Event If The Place Is Too Far That Day Is Become Too Hat Tick For Us.  I Learned How Manage And Handle Things.  We Have Seen Almost Place Of Delhi Ncr That Is Very Enjoyable Part. Senior Education Counselor (Former Employee), Noida, Uttar pradesh, India – March 29, 2014 Nice Environment & a Healthy Culture  Our job was to call to the students/parents registered with us and make them convince to study from  Learned like how we can convince to the students and there parents after telling the benefits of the products.  Management is also cooperative.  Co-Workers are very helping, like if you are busy on a call and there at the same time you have to call another student on that time coworkers will help out.  It’s a sales job so hardest and challenging part was closing the deal.  Counseling and giving the demonstration to the students was the most enjoyable part of the job. Tele Sales Executive (International) (Former Employee), okhla phase 1 , delhi – January 5, 2014 Handsome Salary  Pros: handsome salary and as its a sales process gets to learn a lot of things  Cons: no job security and hectic life style  good incentive plan and target based job .as its a sales process gets to learn a lot of things .no job security and hectic life style Prashant Jain
  39. 39. Designation Title Comment Freelancer (Current Employee), At home – August 11, 2013 Creative & Educational Experiences  The organization provides all the training to manage the content and to answer in proper way.  All the top experts and employees are helpful and polite and make the new comers very comfortable while working with the organization.  It is very clear about all the rule and regulations. Marketing executive (Former Employee), UP – November 16, 2013 Meritnation. com is a Good Co But Working Environment is Not Good I would like to say only one thing that I was not satisfy over there was very less job satisfaction Former Employee SME in Okhla (India) Positive Startup Culture  I worked at Applect Learning Systems fulltime (more than 3 years)  Pros Things are action packed and move fast Very down to earth culture people with good backgrounds not a political place  Cons location not great facilities should be better lack of proper training  Advice- spend more on training people Prashant Jain
  40. 40. Designation Title Comment Former Employee Software Engineer in Delhi (India) Good Environment  I worked at Applect Learning Systems fulltime (more than a year)  Pros 1. Good Team 2. Good technologies,  Cons 1. Too much politics 2. Worst location okhla ph. 1 3. Poor convenience 4. No salary hike 5. ok for till 3 years professionals 6. Dummy managers  Advice Please higher new talent and retire some old technical guys Current Employee Senior Software Engineer in New Delhi (India) Work Environment is Good, You Can Share Your Ideas With Seniors. Management is Good.  I have been working at Applect Learning Systems fulltime (more than a year)  Pros They listen to your problems and act accordingly. They pay salary on time.  Cons Some time you have to put extra hours to meet the deadline.  Advice Provide some training program to your employees. Current Employee Sales and Marketing in Pune (India) “Great Company, Bad Working Style ”  I have been working at Applect Learning Systems fulltime (less than a year)  Pros 1. they pay on time. 2. have a great product.  Cons don't listen to new ideas  Advice when a good guy leaves, look to his manager Prashant Jain
  41. 41. Designation Title Comment Former Employee Senior Engineer in New Delhi (India) Friendly Company  I worked at Applect Learning Systems fulltime (more than 3 years)  Pros 1. You learn a lot and are given opportunities 2. Salary is above average 3. Atmosphere is non political  You get new technologies to work on. There is sharing of knowledge  Cons Infra can be better. There can be more benefits. There should be regular get together and offsites  Advice Spend more on training Former Employee Senior Biology Expert in New Delhi (India) Review  I worked at Applect Learning Systems fulltime (more than a year)  Pros 1. Good work environment, got to meet some nice cooperative team mates. 2. Good if you are into typical corporate politics  Cons 1. Do not value the content department or the employers, poor HR, too much work pressure constantly over the year, calls on all Saturdays in February and March for no reason and without extra pay or bonus hours thing. 2. No appreciation of work or motivation, poor salary  Advice Value the people working for you, appreciate the work and offer reasonable salaries atleast Current Employee Anonymous Employee in New Delhi (India) A Great Employer  I have been working at Applect Learning Systems fulltime (more than a year)  Pros Cool Culture, Niche, Domain, Great Intellectuals to work with, Transparent and non hierarchical approach, Nice HR practices  Cons I have not come across a single incident that can change my views about this company.  Advice The Management is quite focused on building a great culture. They bring a lot of knowledge to the table and are quite approachable. It is a great experience working with some of the seasoned leaders in the industry. Prashant Jain
  42. 42. Designation Title Comment Current Employee Middle Management in New Delhi (India) Genuine People To Work With & an Environment That Fosters Innovative Work  I have been working at Applect Learning Systems fulltime  (more than a year)  Pros The company and people provide the environment of a true startup spirit (no politics, meritocratic, and encourage risk taking)  Innovative work in the edtech space  Great product that achieves to make education truly better and best of all, it is genuine sincere people that work really hard to make a difference!  Cons Nothing I can think of now.  Advice Dream even bigger.. Former Employee Anonymous Employee Repetitive work  I worked at Applect Learning Systems  Pros Flexi timings, sat n sun off, good team members, exposure to the elearning in content, availability of canteen and cab facility, annual trips  Cons No learning, very less growth, less compensation and opiniated management, mechanical work, rigid targets, demotivating management and no transparency in decisions  Advice Appreciate and give recognition for good work Current Employee Testing Engineer in New Delhi (India)  I have been working at Applect Learning Systems fulltime (more than 3 years)  Pros It nice to be part of applect , place seems to be like very friendly alongwith people around. Company work on rare domian elearning.  Cons Being a start up , company needs to grow in different aspect .. Although company is growing well , some department to have re imbursement kind of thing.  Advice Going Well, Need to more process oriented Prashant Jain
  43. 43. Prashant Jain